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BuildTopia is What Happens When Fortnite and Minecraft Have a Child

With battle royale games seemingly setting down drop roots, developer NetEase reportedly received approval to launch its self-developed battle royale IP (intellectual property). Previously called FortCraft, the game is presently called BuildTopia and is going to a phone near you.

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According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad that From the gameplay video below, it’s not difficult to see BuildTopia’s persuasions. The building components are reminiscent of Minecraft, while the visuals are like to those of Epic Games’ Fortnite. No big surprise why BuildTopia was initially called FortCraft. The game even features elements from Apex Legends.

Based on the video which is published by Ahmad, we can see that BuildTopia features six locales. Similarly, as with other battle royale games, BuildTopia puts you in a guide with 99 other players. Each match is timed, with the map continuously shrinking over time. The last player standing wins the match, with players ready to use a variety of weapons and vehicles to hopefully win.

What’s interesting is that NetEase is no stranger to battle royale games which means the developer previously released Rules of Survival and Knives Out on mobile.  So, NetEase’s acquired in plenty of money from those games. According to investigation firm Sensor Tower, Knives Out earned an expected $465 million on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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It wouldn’t be surprising if BuildTopia gets considerable amounts of money for NetEase. Regardless of whether the game handles the developer in legal trouble, however, is something else like PUBG Corp. recorded a lawsuit against NetEase in April 2018 over alleged similarities among PUBG and NetEase’s battle royale games.