Call of Duty Mobile battle

There have been rumors going around for some time that call of duty mobile will get a royale mode, and the flames were stoked further this week. That’s thanks to a bunch of images that detailed new maps, six seater vehicles including a boat and pickup truck, and a bag. While it’s far from conclusive proof, we think it’s close enough.

Call of duty is a shooter game series of first-person view angle (FPS) which has been known as PC then extend it to different platforms. This game also has a lot of mobile versions, but they have not achieved many prominent achievements in recent years such as call of duty: strike team, call of duty: back ops zombies and call of duty: heroes. King developers decided to revive this game again named “CALL OF DUTY MOBILE”. It is also their first step into other game genres to expand their market of a mobile game.

For those who do not know, call of duty is a world war II game, which was first released in October 2003. It was developed by Infinity Ward and released by Activision. This game simulates the land battles of world war II. After that, there is a lot of different version running on many different platforms as well.

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Call of duty mobile will launch soon on android

Call of duty mobile is an upcoming mobile version of the smash hit shooter, which brings together classic maps and weapons from the franchise in a single package.

It’s not available in the west yet but will launch soon enough. It’s currently under development over a Tencent, who also brought PUBG to mobile.