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Top 10 Car Racing Games for Android

Top 10 Car Racing Games for Android. Nowadays, more and more mobile devices capable of playing games on Android, well, thanks to the 1.4 million applications available in the Google Play Store, it becomes difficult to find the best applications to download. If you are like us and have a need for speed, we offer you the best races for Android.

Hundreds of racing simulators are available on the Google Play Store, and more and more new applications are available for download, which sometimes creates problems. In this review, we want to draw your attention to some of the most promising games, most of which are free (some applications are paid), while others are worth the money.

If you are looking for ultra-realistic racing for Android, casual arcade-style racing, or you want to fly the water on a turbocharged jet ski waiting for a big springboard, you’ll find everything in this list. Some of them will require to pay, others are free, but all these races should be tried at least once.

Air supercharger, racing tires and twisted turns, all these games, no doubt, will take you more than one hour. To begin, we’re going to highlight Asphalt 8: Airborne, as this is still our favorite racing simulator for Android, but, of course, not the only one.

Top 10 Car Racing Games for Android:

As we said above, unfortunately, the Google app store is packed with hundreds and hundreds of games. And although some of them are decent, most others are not worth the time spent, even on download. Thus, instead of spending time and traffic to download, check out our list of the most popular races for Android.


Our first challenger comes from Gameloft, which has already released eight editions of the flagship series of racing simulators Asphalt. Asphalt 8: Airborne offers all the subtleties of a realistic simulator at the highest speeds. Feel like racing the most realistic streets. All this is performed by the best graphics available on Android.

Car Racing Games for Android

In Asphalt 8 everything is as in life, cars are damaged and fail. Available arcade, multiplayer and, of course, career mode, which invites you to become the best racer in the city and unlock tons of cars. This is the favorite simulator of the whole edition, and Asphalt 7 was before it. You should start with this game to see how far mobile games have gone. We believe that Asphalt should be on every Android tablet.


We understand that almost everyone has heard about the first two races for Android, but we are going to review other good racing games later. Riptide GP2 is quite an old game, but it still has something to offer. Even tablets in years will be able to reproduce Riptide GP2.

Car Racing Games for Android
Car Racing Games for Android

The game costs $ 0.99, but it’s still one of the best racing games for Android. And again, this is the same game that I have on every device, 20,000 reviews and a 5-star rating speak for Riptide. Sea of water, tremendous speeds in classic arcade mode, levels available for unlocking, boats and more. If you have not tried Riptide GP2, this game should be on every gamer’s mobile device.


From the same developer as Riptide GP2, comes another impressive game called Beach Buggy Blitz. The game has similar graphics, but you have to fly on a variety of beaches, through tunnels, jumps, under bridges and all this on very funny buggies.

Car Racing Games for Android

Chase and break through an incredibly detailed and completely destroyed world, full of strange statues, grass shacks, giant crabs, lava monsters, even yeti! Explore the surface of the beaches, secret caves, foggy marshes, ruined temples and even active volcanoes, real racing chaos.

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It’s enough? Recall that the game comes from one of the best developers. This is another race for Android, which will take your friends or children for more than one hour.


Now, in order to change things a little, we present you a game that is relatively little known, but it will take you a few hours, causing either excitement or disappointment. Slingshot Racing will require a bit of skill and practice before you achieve results. Well, and then you will become the fastest rider in the area.

Car Racing Games for Android

It will be quite difficult to explain the gameplay, you will need to run a car with a slingshot and much more. This racing game is designed for touchscreen devices, so you cannot use the controller, as with the three games mentioned above, however, it is a lot of fun. Paint your car and start the race.

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Returning to the traditional races, we present you the name, an extremely realistic racing simulator called Real Racing 3. This is the third release of this unique mobile racing game that you definitely want to try if you like car racing.

Car Racing Games for Android

Real Racing 3 is a repeatedly awarded franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games, but you must be well-versed in racing to achieve results.

Real Racing 3 relies on an ever-expanding list of officially licensed tracks and over 100 carefully crafted cars from a real fleet, including Ferrari, Porsche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. Add a multiplayer mode in real time, social functions, race for time and training with a ghost. Multiplayer mode is built on the innovative technology TSM, which allows you to join the race anytime, anywhere.

This is a free game and it promises you tons of fun. However, since this is Electronic Arts, you can expect a lot of offers to speed up the process of passing the game.

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Instead of choosing between a simulator and an arcade-style game, try something different, for example, Fast & Furious 6. These are the racing for Android in drag racing that draws inspiration from the popular movie series. Just like Brian O’Connor, players must shift gears in time to achieve maximum acceleration and win these high-octane races. Understand the single game, go to multiplayer mode, where you will find a lot of new.

Car Racing Games for Android

Fast & Furious 6 also includes a whole set of mini-games built inside. The game is designed for touch screens, you have to, for example, clamp and hold at the right time to perform the best drift and score more points. It will take some practice, but this is not surprising, fans of racing will appreciate this game. This is another free game that is just fine.

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The third game on this list from the Vector Unit is called Shine Runner. The game takes several elements from Riptide GP2 and Beach Buggy Blitz, so you can count on excellent jumps, among other things. You will have to drive in the muddy waters of the deafest rivers, along with ruined docks, through river houses and more, in the struggle for first place in the race.


Load the boat with moonshine and rush to the next docks on a muddy river at maximum speed, having laid in the allotted time. This is another great game, like all Vector Unit products. This is another free game that you definitely want to try.

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CSR Racing is another game that could not get around this list. And despite tons of pop-up windows and other ads, it has collected over 100 million downloads, so we recommend that you try it.


This is another titled simulator that will make you forget about time, put pressure on the screen of the tablet and strive for the finish. At least this is what we do regularly. The game includes more than 70 licensed supercars that will provide you with blazing speeds. In-app currency is used to buy more cars, but you can pay real money if you don’t want to work. Be sure to try today.


Race the Traffic combines elements of runners, which we have repeatedly seen on mobile devices. You will have to quickly rebuild left and right without losing sight of the oncoming cars. You can choose from three different game modes, day or night, to try your luck among cars and trucks.


This is not the most standard race for Android, but it’s worth a try for a change, to take a break from other games and pass the time. In the app store you will find 70.000 5 star reviews, so the game is worth a look, at least worth a try.

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From the creators of the hit Angry Birds, the next races come, and although the game is quite old, it is still very fun. Forcing nostalgia for Mario Kart, Angry Birds Go will make you love this game. Some people like it, others don’t, but it’s fun cartoon races for Android that are perfect for kids and adults.


And again these angry birds, but now they are competing in strange racing cars, collected from everything that comes to hand. Nevertheless, all the classic attributes of racing games are present here, including even the modernization of the car. Nothing beats Mario Kart, but the game is very close.

That’s all.