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Cloud Storages For Android[2020]

People like to keep their memories in their phones, laptops, and PCs. These devices provide storage for data like images, videos, and music. Storage is also used in companies where they keep a track record of everything.  Smartphones and Laptops used in-built storage for this purpose and its space is fixed. What happens when all this space is filled and you cannot add further files in the hard drive.

Well, there is a solution known as cloud storage. What is cloud storage? Cloud storage is data storage in which data is stored in logic pools. Talking in human language, it is a storage that is not visible to eye. The advantage of cloud storage is that it can be upgraded easily not like buying a new hard drive. It reduces the cost of buying new storage solutions again and again. Users can carry the storage easily because cloud storage is online.

Talking about cloud storage for Android, a lot of companies offer this type of storage for phones. These cloud options help a user a lot in keeping their data safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about filling up the capacity of the phone because these services have got your back. In this era cloud storage is not a good option but it is efficient. User doesn’t have to carry a hard drive or USB always with them. It also makes sharing the data between the users easy due to in-built options for sharing. You can get ahead with these cloud storage option for android.

Cloud Storages For Android[2020]:

There are many options for cloud storage for Android. Many companies have released these services and these differ in their packages and prices. Some of the mentioned apps offer free storage and some offer services which are needed to be bought. Below is the list of top Android storage services and solutions.

Amazon Drive:

The first on the list is Amazon drive which is released by Amazon. The service is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface along with many top-notch features. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can 5 GB free storage on this drive. It’s a good deal for Amazon Prime users. These users can get an unlimited backup for images and videos on their phones. Users can upgrade their package to unlimited storage for just $60/year. If you don’t have Amazon Prime membership, the 5GB and unlimited backup will cost you $12/year.

Cloud Storages For Android[2019]


Now let’s talk about the features of this service. Users can upload images, music, documents, and videos directly from their Android devices. You can access all the Amazon data from any device you want and from where it came from. Users can also view doc, PDF and text files directly from this app. They can even download the files from this service to their phones. Other than that you can also share files via email and text messages on this app. The app is available on Google Playstore and is entirely free to download but a subscription is required.


Due to its features and user-friendly interface box comes second on the list. It was released by Box and provides a cloud storage solution option. Box has many options available for their storage services. New users can sign up and they will get 10GB free as a gift and it can be upgraded to 100GB for just $10/month. Their business packages start from $5-$15/month for one user and it includes many features.

Cloud Storages For Android[2019]

With Box, you can easily access your content from PCs, laptops and other android phones. You can also share your documents directly from the service via emails and other apps. Users can view 200+ different types of files. If you download Box for Android you will get free 10 GB for backing up files from phones. Users can also upload files to other Box users and can search withing the PDFs and Doc files. The app for Box is available on PlayStore and can be download for free.


DropBox is the third service on this list which is worthy enough to be here due to its features and packages. Many of the smartphones come with DropBox pre-installed. DropBox is one of the best cloud storage service available because it gives you free 2GB on signup. Users can buy 1TB storage for 9.99/month on this service. Other packages include 19.99 for the same storage but with variety new of features.

Cloud Storages For Android[2019]

One feature of DropBox is that all the files are organized in a manner and the user can search easily between those files. Users can also edit and create Microsoft Word files directly from their smartphones without needing the Word app. If a user has no internet connectivity he can still access files and documents in this service. It also has an in-built document scanner so that your documents can be scanned with perfection. The app for DropBox is available on Google PlayStore and can be downloaded for free.

Google Drive:

We all know what Google is and now it has a cloud service known as Google Drive. To be honest Google Drive is easy to use even a new user can access files from this drive. It comes built-in with all the Android devices and upon signup, you can get 15GB of storage for your images and files. You can upgrade the option to 100GB for 1.99/month and 1TB for 9.99/month. Users can even buy storage 10TB for 99.99/month. These deals offered by Google are one of the cheapest deals available out there.

Cloud Storages For Android[2019]

But what about features? Google offers the ability to share files and documents directly through emails, messages and other apps. The files in the storage are organized according to dates and time so that they can be found easily. Users can upload a file and can create a link of that file for sharing purposes. You can also lock your link by a password so that outsiders cannot access the files. For those who don’t have Google Drive installed on their devices, they can get it from PlayStore for free.

Microsoft OneDrive:

OneDrive is one the most popular storage services because it directly links to Windows products. It is available on many platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android. OneDrive will give you free 5GB when you signup onto their website. You can upgrade this package to 50GB for 1.99/month. You can get a deal of Office 365 and drive for $6.99 a month (1TB, 1 device) and 9.99 a month (5TB, 5 devices). if you have a Samsung device you can get 100 GB free for an entire year.

Cloud Storages For Android[2019]

By using OneDrive you can share images directly from the app and down these images into the phone. The app is easy to use because it includes a feature of sorting the files according to time and date. Users can also password-protect their files so that they can be saved from prying eyes. You can also back up your files so that they can be protected. Users can also scan the documents and images directly from a built-in scanner in this service. You can get these features along with many others by downloading the app from Google PlayStore for free.

Resilio Sync:

Resilio (formerly known as BitTorrent Sync) is a new game in cloud storage battle but don’t take this for granted. The service is released by Resilio Inc and provides amazing alternates for storage devices. The service works exactly like DropBox and Google Drive but the difference is it stores data in your own devices. The devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs work like a storage area and users can store data on these devices. The service is free to use and requires no subscription at all.

Cloud Storages For Android[2019]

The service is on the list because of its features like security and easy data sharing. For the users who are conscious about their privacy, this service is for them because it does not connect to outer servers. Users can share files from PC to PC and from PC to other devices. Because of joint storage, the storage limit depends on your hard drives and SD card. It can automatically backup camera pictures so that they can be recovered in case of any mishap. Resilio is available on Google PlayStore and is entirely free and users can download it from there.


Tresorit is a new storage company released by Tresorit Inc. It provides cloud storage options for its users but it is expensive. Its prices start from $12.50/month for 200GB storage and $30/month for 2TB storage. Users can get free 1GB storage upon signup on this service. There is also a pro plan which includes high-end features, a business and enterprise plan.

Cloud Storages For Android[2019]

The main reason this service is expensive is because of its security features. It provides end-to-end encryption so that its users can stay safe and their data can stay secure. Users can upload images, music, and videos directly from their devices and can also download the files. The interface of the service is easy to use and it comes with a manual guide also. These services can be used by downloading the app from Google PlayStore.


The above-mentioned cloud solutions are for many platforms like Windows and Android. The services are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. These services are used by me and the result is up to standard. Some of these storages are free and some require a membership/subscription.