How to Create A Close Friends List On Instagram

When you share something on social networks, especially on social networking sites like Facebook, you may not share it with the complete list of your friends or with all your followers. Facebook allows you to selectively share posts and Instagram has just obtained a new intimate friend feature that lets you create a group of people to quickly share your Instagram story.

Here’s how you can create a list of close friends on Instagram.

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Close friends list on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile tab.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper right corner and from the navigation pane that opens.
  3. Tap Close friends.
  4. Find the friends you want to add to the list and after selecting all the ones you want to add, tap Done.Close friends list on Instagram

The list of close friends allows you to control the audience of your Instagram story. When you are about to share something with your story, you can quickly tap the Close friend option at the bottom left and share it only with the people in your list of close friends.

When you share a post only with your close friends, they will also see the “Close friends” tag next to them. However, this should technically discourage them from capturing and sharing the post elsewhere, if their post ends up being shared with the wrong person, the Close Friends tag should help determine who could have done it.

Close friend is a useful feature and Instagram should allow users to create more than one quick exchange group. Needless to say, users tend to segregate with those who share certain posts. Some posts are intended for everyone, some for some close friends and others only for the family, while others are intended for everyone except the family. Instagram can replicate the Facebook feature or you can simplify it to better fit the app sharing method.

This feature is available on both Android and iOS; however, it does not seem to have been implemented for all users. The implementation appears to be user-specific and not limited to the regional level. We couldn’t find a way to force the function, so if you don’t see it yet, you’ll have to wait until the distribution is completed. Make sure you are using the updated Instagram app. The changelog for the app may indicate that you will add the new feature, but it will not appear in the app unless Instagram decides to enable it for your profile.


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