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Create Transparent Widgets To Move App Icons Anywhere

The universe of iPhone and iPad Home screen customization is something that has truly taken off over the most recent few months since Apple delivered iOS 14. The appearance of widgets has been sufficient to make individuals truly get into making their Home screen their own and it’s those widgets that may take things up a score, too.

Clear Spaces is a gadget app that lets you create clear widgets to make space on your Home screen.

“Clear Spaces allows you to create Transparent Widgets that allow you to move your icons where ever you want.”

Anybody needing to move icons around their Home screen has, as of recently, needed to use something that creates clear app icons all things considered. That can take a ton of time and work however that is all not, at this point fundamental gratitude to Clear Spaces.


The Clear Spaces app at present offers little and medium widgets and it can take a shockingly perplexing backdrop and produce widgets to coordinate. In any case, it merits recalling that you’ll actually observe the “Unmistakable Spaces” text beneath your transparent gadget – in spite of the fact that we hear that the developer behind the app is taking a shot at that.

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Clear Spaces is accessible for download from the App Store at this moment. It’ll interfere with you $1.99, yet it’s ideal for any individual who needs to take their iPhone Home screen customization to the following level.