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Cydia v1.1.32 Update Released To Fix Crashing Problem

Cydia has been the go-to bundle installer for jailbreakers since the very first moment numerous years prior and it remains the default one installed by means of checkra1n and unc0ver. It has quite recently gotten another update taking it to variant 1.1.32, and with that, it additionally jettisoned the beta tag, as well.


That is after checkra1n developer Sam Bingner shared insights regarding the update to Reddit.

They noticed that this update incorporates a fix for the last known bug, which means Cydia is not, at this point a beta discharge.

Pushed a Cydia update that fixes the bug where it could sometimes crash on opening due to a corrupted metadata.cb0
It is no longer marked as a beta because this fixes the last known issue… I’m sure there are more somewhere, but they aren’t known crash-on-open issues. 😀

As indicated by reports that fix implies no more crashes when opening an app if there was debasement found in the metadata.cb0 file. The theory goes that this will make everything decent and stable, however as could be, things aren’t exactly that straightforward.

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That is because that equivalent Reddit string saw individuals announcing that they’re despite everything having issues. Now it isn’t certain whether the accidents that are as yet being experienced are a consequence of a similar bug, or if another one was presented as a major aspect of the update. Either way, it’s bad news.