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How To Detect & Remove Keylogger on PC

Considering cybercriminal activities, it seems like, we’ll have to stop using online services. Because it looks like hackers are never going to let users surf the internet in peace. Most of us don’t even know about a fact that the moment they connect their device with the internet, they start to look like prey for the hackers.

Detect & Remove Keylogger on PC

If we talk about some ordinary online malware, then a free VPN or antivirus gets the job done. But if we talk some serious online threats like trojan, Ransomware & Keylogger, then you may wanna consider using premium services for your sake.

Because all of these online threats are developed to make you beg for mercy. To be honest, these viruses know how to get the job done, so you must take precautions for your safety. If you don’t know how to do it, I’m here to help you complete the task. I’ll help you understand How To Detect & Remove Keylogger on PC. So you can bring online security while surfing the internet.

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is not just a virus, but it is a whole system of monitoring a user’s online activities. This facility is mostly used by office administrations for keeping an eye on their employee’s online activities. The deadliest thing about Keylogger is that you can’t be sure if you are bieng monitored or not. But a person who is monitoring you, he can even get the private information as well as secured & saved passwords from your device.

While it was developed for a good purpose, some users use it for a bad purpose. The personas who use it to hack into other people’s computers, they are called hackers aka cybercriminals. So the question is how to stay protected from such online hunters? Should we keep buying new computers or find a way to remove the threat forever? If you want to remove such an online & offline threat from your computer, then I’m here to you.

Types of Keyloggers

There are two types of keyloggers, which you need to know about:

Software Keyloggers: These are the kind of keyloggers that can enter your device, either if you install new software or visit a malicious website controlled by the online hackers.

Hardware Keyloggers: This is sort of an offline virus, that enters a user’s device via USB or other kinds of pen drives. The offline keylogger is a lot easy to detect & remove as compared to the online keylogger threat.

How Keylogger Works?

If you take things seriously, Keylogger is one of the most dangerous computer malware. Because the hackers can see the log activity done on your PC. Even if you are typing a text message or writing code to detect someone, the hackers will always know what you are up to. What’s worst is that if you use online banking services, cybercriminals can find a way to control your bank account by using the same username & passwords.

Detecting & Removing Keylogger on PC

There are multiple ways to Detect & Remove Keylogger on PC. I’ve tested all of them by myself and decided to share them with you. So you must follow all the steps I’ve drafted for your sake.

1) Using Windows Task Manager

  • Press Alt + Ctrl + Del buttons simultaneously from the keyboard.
  • Multiple options will start to appear on the screen, click on Task Manager.
  • Inside the Task Manager Windows, select the Processes tab.
  • Now see if there’s a duplicate of a .exe file. If there is, right-click on it and select end process.

Detect & Remove Keylogger on PC

2) Removing Unkown Software

  1. Open Control Panel with the help of a search bar.
  2. Inside the control panel window, click on the Programs section.
  3. Scroll down and see all the installed programs and if you remember installing them. If you see any suspicious software installed on your PC, right-click on it and select uninstall.

Detect & Remove Keylogger on PC

3) Getting Third-party Programs

If you still feel like it’s time to get premium services to remove Keyloggers from your PC, you can get services of third-party programs. There is a good niche of programs that advertise they can help you protect your computer from online & offline threats. But there’s a few of them which provide services as they advertise.

  1. Malwarebytes
    This antivirus service is well-know for its reputation for removing deadliest viruses like trojan, ransomware & Keylogger. It does a pretty good job of detecting & removing the keylogger from your PC.
  2. Norton Power Eraser
    It detects all the highly encoded malware from your pc and allows you to remove them from it. All you have to do is buy the software and with premium services, take a nap, while the program gets the job done for you.
  3. Kaspersky Security Scan
    It’s a kind of software that’s developed for personas who really care about the data stored on their devices. You can easily use this software to remove all the sorts of malware that no ordinary antivirus can detect. Although, it’s the only 100% working software that provides some of the good services for free.

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