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Discounted Deals of Google Home Hub Today At Rakuten

The Google Home Hub has dropped in price consistently over the recent few months. However, discounts are usually short-lived. Now you can get a Google’s smart Home Hub display for just $76, thanks to Rakuten’s site-wide sale. At Rakuten’s website now you can get it $73 lower than the original price, and this is one of the best sales we’ve seen yet.


If you’re totally unfamiliar with the Google Home Hub then we will let you know that it’s a mix of an always-on tablet and a smart speaker. It can give the answer questions, play news briefings, stream music from services like Spotify and YouTube Music, and control smart home devices. The Google Home Hub serves as a Chromecast target, so you can watch YouTube videos, Netflix shows, and more on the 7-inch screen.

home-hub-The detail about that what is Good and what is bad in Google Home hub is as follows check the details given below.

The Good Features

Display it has a lower resolution but the display has excellent viewing angles, brightness, and a light sensor that adjusts the color throughout the day.
Form factor The Home Hub is compact and easy to fit in your space.
Smart home integration Home View makes it easy to control your smart home devices, and also the Nest integration is great.
Price The launch price is $150 which is easier to swallow than past smart display pricing.

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Not So Good Features 

Speaker The speaker of Google Home Hub is good enough for spoken words but not for music.
Voice control There’s no button on it to start voice commands so you have to use the hotword every time.
Camera There’s no camera in Google Home Hub, so video chat is out of the question.



You can buy the Home Hub from Rakuten at any time today you just need to make sure to enter code SAVE15 at checkout to get the full discount. The coupon code expires at midnight Pacific Time on April 9th, and a free Rakuten account is required.