Download Top 5 Best OCR App For Android 2022

Download Top 5 OCR App For Android 2022

OCR App- If you don’t have a scanner, you can still snappily overlook documents with the help of mobile scanningapp.However, you want to start optic character recognition( OCR), If you need to convert the runners to a train that you canedit.However, what you need is a mobile scanning app and OCR, If you need to upload damage images for an expenditure report or convert some runners of a book into textbook that you can edit. While there are multitudinous apps that can overlook documents using only your phone’s camera, the number that can convert them into editable digital documents is small.

Using the smartphone camera to checkup published documents has come a common app for a smartphone moment. While we can download and install numerous apps from the Google Play Store to perform this work, numerous of them will include numerous additions and the quality may not be acceptable for your requirements. Also, some of them warrant some important features like converting media lines to other formats, uploading lines directly to pall storehouse or etc. Some free apps can request plutocrat after certain moments of use or to produce the final train to download.

What Makes An OCR App Great?

The stylish OCR app have a dereliction automatic scanning point that focuses on the textbook and directly detects the edges of documents. All the apps that created this final list have this capability and use it by dereliction. Anyhow of what you put in front of your phone’s camera, the app reviews without having to touch a button( the only exception is Microsoft OfficeLens). Although not tapping on a button might feel trivial, it allows your hands to hold the camera forcefully, producing a sharper image. thus, automatic scanning is a largely desirable point.

We’re looking for apps that offer to digitize and surveying them in a single result. immaculately, you want to be suitable to overlook your document and be suitable to use the textbook incontinently. Four of the apps that made this list meet this criterion. The only bone
that’s not, Microsoft OfficeLens, requires a secondary app to complete the process. Eventually, we included it anyway because the results were veritably good and the apps bring nothing. still, you need a Microsoft account to get the textbook editable.
What you do with your lines after surveying and surveying them is extensively important. The stylish scanning and OCR app allow you to save a PDF of what you digitize and offer fresh options to partake, publish and export your lines. Some indeed have the function Copy all textbook that allows you to snappily collect textbook directly from the app and bury it into the app you want.

Features aren’t everything to look for, but there are some that we like to see in mobile scanning and OCR app. Tools that allow you to manually acclimate the crop are important, for illustration, because occasionally apps are wrong in edge discovery. Apps also bear tools to acclimate brilliance, correct color, and elect grayscale rather than black and white affair when demanded. Having an OCR function that works in different languages is also a big advantage.

Top 5 Best OCR App For Android 

Since there are numerous free and paid OCR app available in the Google Play store, you can get confused when looking for the stylish. After trying several apps of the same type, we’ve listed some of the stylish free OCR app. For us, flashing back a stoner’s requirements is a crucial point on which the prospect chooses the right bone
. Because some OCR app are specifically designed to convert images from handwritten notes into plain textbook, while other apps can do much further. thus, the need is the point that satisfies felicity.

Some of the apps of the professional performances are really worth the price, while others are not. That’s why, along with some free apps, we ’ve also added some high- quality paid apps recommended by professionals. We’ll also do all we can to go with the cheapest payment apps for the convenience of druggies. So, let’s see the 5 stylish OCR app for Android 2019.

1. CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner OCR App is one of the stylish apps for Android document scanners with further than 350 million downloads. The app allows you to snappily overlook any document and have it in your phone’s gallery, be it a damage, an tab, a note, a business card, a blackboard discussion,etc.

also, the app has an internal optimization tool that improves the textbook and plates to insure that they’re clear and clear enough and that it’s possible to use the OCR( Optical Character Recognition) function to prize the textbooks from the images.
It’s an amazing OCR surveying app formulti-purpose phones that can be used to overlook documents, convert images to PDF lines and also convert images into fluently editable textbook. We tested this app on numerous types of papers, handwritten notes and indeed on published paper, similar as the review, substantially due to its OCR capabilities and the result was relatively satisfactory. In some cases, the result wasn’t over to the mark.

CamScanner also lets you partake scrutinized documents as PDF or JPEG and publish them using AirPrint with any near printer.


  • This app comes with a preset cloud storage account that allows the user to store everything in the cloud that can be accessed from other devices.
  • The quality of the support is very good on the part of the developers and the app’s user interface looks good and looks professional.


  • In some cases, you may find less precision and errors. Compared to other apps, it is a clear disadvantage.
  • There is no way to modify any document without paying.
  • This app is not free; however, this app is quite expensive if you opt for the premium edition.

Download CamScanner from the Google Play Store.

Download OCR App CamScanner - PDF Scanner App

2. Google Keep – Notes and List

Google OCR App is likewise inquisitive about imparting its personal model of OCR technology. Google Keep is advertised extra as a whole answer for retaining and organizing notes. You can use the app to seize thoughts, scribbles, and images, then insert it right into a word that may be changed thru the app. From there, you may flip it right into a checklist, a reminder or only a word for destiny reference.

The app is intuitive and pretty smooth to use. It has a tiled manage panel so that you can without difficulty overview a protracted listing and nevertheless be pretty prepared later. Google Keep is a sturdy competitor to OneNote and Evernote with many features for taking and storing notes. One of those is OCR. Being a Google app, it integrates with Calendar, Documents and different Google services.

The app is loose and with out ads, like every Google things. The manner it really works is a touch exclusive due to the fact Keep is an app for taking minimalist notes. Scan an picture with textual content after which contact the 3 dots at the proper facet of the display screen to “clutch the textual content” withinside the picture.


  • It is a free app and it synchronizes with other Google products by default.
  • Performance and accuracy are impressive.


  • Keep in mind that this is not a standalone OCR app, so the user must manually copy and paste the item into a new document or the user can scan documents with Google Drive from Android to copy them to the clipboard.
  • This app needs Internet access to process images and extracts text from the image. Although we do not see many smartphone users without an Internet connection.

Download Google Keep from the Google Play Store.

Download OCR App Google Keep – Notes and List

3. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner OCR App is a beneficial app in case you are someone grown up with Microsoft applications over the years. This app is a PDF scanner to be able to can help you use your phone’s digital digicam to experiment a record and store it for later use.

The app gives trimming, PDF enhancements, textual content enhancing, and report sharing. One of the matters that makes this app precise is its cappotential to store to OneDrive. Therefore, in case you want to experiment a record, store it to transform it right into a PDF and proportion it with a colleague; Office Lens has you covered.

You also can use this app to proportion files and create backups through OneDrive, however it’s the handiest record scanner app that helps you to store them in OneNote. Moreover, in case you are interested by enhancing files with the Microsoft Office package, this may be your very last choice, because it comes from the enterprise itself.


  • All the files and jobs can be saved by using OneDrive
  • The performance is very good, the response time is quite good
  • Easy to use the app
  • No ads


  • The app is free but the MS Suite package is not.
  • You may find it difficult to use if you do not use Office 365

Download Microsoft Office Lens from the Google Play Store:

Download OCR App Microsoft Lens - PDF Scanner

4. Text Scanner [OCR]

Text scanner OCR App is an excellent app because it claims to guide greater than 50 languages, such as Chinese, French, Japanese and greater. It additionally helps extracting textual content from the handwritten textual content.

The app interface has crucial scanning capabilities like magnification and a brightness slider to seize textual content as truely as possible. In our tests, he had no hassle extracting textual content, despite the fact that the extraction of the textual content from handwritten notes regarded to be its vulnerable point.

But it’s now no longer unexpected in view that writing can range plenty from one character to another. However, it’s miles nonetheless one of the few apps that permit you to extract textual content from handwritten notes, so it’s really well worth a try. In essence, the app has best one important function this is well suited with different fragments. This is to transform pics into textual content.

The guide capabilities of this app are that it has the very best examine speed, the very best accuracy rate, is to be had in greater than fifty languages ​​and may be synchronized with Google Drive and Google Keep. The app could be very clean to apply. You simply need to supply permission to apply the digital digicam at the tool and the entirety may be ready.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Highest Speed & Highest Quality
  • Support more than 50 languages


  • Doesn’t recognize some languages well

Download Text Scanner [OCR] from the Google Play Store:

Download OCR App Text Scanner [OCR]

5. Text Fairy

Text Fairy OCR App is like a lifesaver who comes to the deliverance when it’s necessary to prize the textbook from an image. The Text Fairy app is veritably easy to use. The app allows you to fete the textbook set up in the scrutinized documents and images. You can elect that textbook and save it for editing latterly.

The Text puck control panel is veritably simple and intuitive, which means that it’s relatively easy to use. In addition, it supports further than 50 languages, which means you can use it to communicate and learn another language.
Text Fairy is another emotional image birth tool for Android able of feting textbook from over 50 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French and more. It comes with support for numerous Indian languages, similar as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, etc. You’ll be asked to download the necessary languages in the first run of the app.

We scrutinized our test document without crimes, but we had problems feting the textbook on a runner that included a couple of images. likewise, it’s worth flashing back that there are numerous homemade way involved before surveying a document, which makes it infelicitous for batch scanning. It’s stylish to limit its use to surveying books and magazines with a simple design.


  • Supports many languages, autocorrects viewpoint, and export to PDF.
  • No ads and completely free.
  • There is text to voice feature.


  • No handwriting supports.
  • No cloud or third-party app support.

Download Text Fairy from the Google Play Store:

Download OCR App Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)