How To Enable Dark Mode on Android 10

Millions of smartphone users prefer using a dark mode on their electronic devices. It’s mainly because people are bored by using the same Android interface and want something new on their smartphone. Well, the tech giant knows that, but still, there’s no straight forward way to enable such a facility.

Like enabling dark mode on Chrome, it’s a little complicated to turn on the same facility for the whole Android interface. But thanks to the freedom of tweaks, you can enable dark mode on Android 10, but only if you follow my lead till the end. Here, I’ve drafted a guide about How To Enable Dark Mode on Android 10. Stay tuned and try not to ignore any facts written in this guide.

How Do I Enable Dark Mode on Android 10?

The guide I’ll present to you, it’ll help you enable dark mode on all apps. The whole interface will change its color and whether if you are using WhatsApp or Facebook, you’ll be allowed to use it with the same mode.

What You Need To Enable Dark Mode on Android 10?

There are some requirements that you need to meet before enabling the dark mode. First of all, you need to make sure that you have enabled the developer options. If you don’t know how to enable such options, navigate to Settings > About Device and tap seven times on “Build Number”. After the developer options are enabled, you’ll be notified instantly.

Another thing that you need to acknowledge that Dark mode can only be enabled on smartphones that have Android 10 OS. This same trick can’t be implied on other Android versions. So basically, these are the only two requirements to enable Dark Mode on Android 10. Apart from that, it doesn’t matter if your device is connected with the internet or not. But if you want things to be simpler, try performing the step while your device is not connected with the internet.

Enabling Dark Mode on Android

  • Open the Settings app and navigate to “Developer Options”

Enable Dark Mode on Android 10

  • Swipe down a little and look for the option named “Override force-dark”.If you are unable to find such an option, then write dark mode in the search bar of developer options and the related tab will be delivered on the screen.

Enable Dark Mode on Android 10

  • Now enable the toggle named “Override force-dark” and you are good to go.

Enable Dark Mode on Android 10

  • After the dark mode is enabled, navigate back to the developer options and disable its toggle.

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