How To Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Ever consider why Google became the tech giant like no one else? Well, the answer is simple, it’s products & services are available for all major operating systems. Take an example of Google Chrome, It’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux & Mac OS. So there’s a pretty good reason why you would like to enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Enabling dark mode is easy, but sometimes a user’s device is compatible with a specific method because no other ways are working properly. Also, if you own a different operating system, which works on different processing principles. That’s why I’ve have drafted a full guide of How To Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome. Stay tuned and don’t forget to try all of the methods, because they won’t bite your device at all.

4 Ways To Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

There are various ways to turn on Dark/Night Mode on Google Chrome. You are allowed to pick any method you want. But if you want, you can test any method because all of them work perfectly on any device. It’s obvious that you are making customizations in a web browser, so it all works the same. However, there’s a specific way for Windows 10 users to imply a dark theme on Google Chrome.

Enabling Dark Mode via Chrome Flags

Chrome flags is the right & best solution to turn on dark mode on Google’s web browser. Because from here, you don’t need to make any sort of customizations. All of the things are done by algorithms installed on Chrome.

Enable Dark Mode via Chrome Flags

To enable this feature, open chrome://flags on Google Chrome. Now type dark in the search bar and press enter. From here, you need to enable the “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” tab. You just need to click on a Default menu button and select the Enabled option. Now the web browser will ask you to relaunch it. After you reboot it, the dark mode on Google Chrome will be enabled.

Dark Mode – Chrome Extension

There is a Chrome extension for dark mode known as Dark Reader. This extension is available inside the Chrome Store and you can install it without paying a penny. After you have enabled it, all your Chrome interface is converted to Night Mode, but you can also make further customizations as well.

Dark Mode - Chrome Extension

If you ask for my opinion, this extension works well for users who do the online reading and use email accounts on Google Chrome. Because it is developed for online readers, who love to gather informative stuff from websites like Wikipedia.

Dark Mode on Windows 10

A good thing about Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS is that you can make tons of customizations in it. For instance, you can enable the Dark theme on Windows 10 and enjoy all the installed apps in the Night mode.

Dark Mode on Windows 10

To enable such services, open your Windows 10 settings from the start menu. Now navigate to the “Personalization” tab and under colors section, “Choose your default app mode”. Here select the dark or Light mode, as you desire.

Google Chrome – Browser Themes

If you are done with performing customizations and want an easy way to enable dark mode on Google Chrome, then you can just decide a theme for your web browser. A good thing is that you don’t have to buy premium web browser services or themes, just click here and select the right them, that meets your desires.

Google Chrome Browser Themes

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