Era of Legends Review – A step in the right direction for mobile MMORPGs

Mobile MMORPGs took a step in the wrong direction the moment that autoplay became the dominant way to play the game. While initially enamored with this mechanic it started to wear thin after a few hours of playing any of the hundred-odd copycat MMORPGs out there.era-of-legends

It’s been even more difficult to play these games since the arrival of Old School RuneScape too because of its flashy graphics but the game offers everything we want from the genre and lets you play the game actually. At the beginning of the game, you weren’t particularly excited because of booted up Era of Legends. It ticked all of the usual boxes like big in Asia, gender-locked classes, flashy graphics, autoplay.


In a few hours while playing, the experience started to grow on you and you’ll experience that the Era of Legends is very selective to play autoplay mechanics.

Era of Legends is very selective about its autoplay mechanics

In the Era of Legends, it is very selective about its autoplay mechanics so that you’ll select from one of eight different classes, which range from standard MMORPG Warrior, Mage, and Priest to the more interesting hybrid classes of Druid, Witch, and Shaman.


These classes are gender-locked and they do each have their own race. This ranges from standard humans, elves, and dwarves to the less common minotaur’s, dark elves, and some kind of goblin. It’s clear that each class has its own well-defined role.

We appreciated them for having eight different classes and adds a lot of variety to the experience and allows for players who like to take up a few of the less standard MMORPG roles.legend But it disappointed that it is lack of customization. You can’t even pick from a few standard faces or hairstyles.

The attack and skill animations are possibly the best we’ve seen in a mobile MMORPG yet

you can move while attacking and it’s a welcoming feature but you can’t dodge attacks. It’s a good feature that powerful enemy attacks get telegraphed with a glowing red marker.4-1

But you don’t need to worry while questing, because the game opts to do so automatically. You’ll watch your character runs, rides, or flies, battling enemies, and picking up items. It a good thing that the Era of Legends plays itself as the questing is really dull. Even on rare occasions where you get to interact with turrets or war robots, the game handles it automatically.

Your whole experience will be incredibly gorgeous and particularly the character models.

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You get so much for free in Era of Legends

In this game, you can’t buy your way to power here you have to earn the best gear from completing dungeons and that’s where the game REALLY comes into its own.


In the start, the autoplay function is completely turned off in dungeons and force you to actually play the game. You have to use your skills at the appropriate moments to move out of the way of enemy attacks, and try not to fall too far behind your party.

You can also create your own party out of friends or guildmates, or simply use matchmaking trick. This system is solid here, as it tries to create a balanced team out of the seven classes.


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We are a pretty big fan of this game and it is the best game for the auto-playing bunch. It also a gorgeous game visually. You will enjoy it while playing.