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ES File Explorer vs Google Files Go

Today, we will tell you who is the best when it comes to ES File Explorer vs Google Files Go. We have explained both these apps in details. Let’s get started.

ES File Explorer:

Many Android devices come without a decent file manager (or none at all). Whether it is your case or not, you should take a look at ES File Explorer, possibly the most complete file manager on the market and free.

ES File Explorer vs Google Files Go
ES File Explorer vs Google Files Go


In addition to the features expected from this type of applications, ES File Explorer comes with tools that will help you reduce the number of applications installed on your Android: file compressor and decompressor, installed applications manager, image and document viewer, text editor and even include FTP client.

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The list of tools included in ES File Explorer is very long. As a file explorer, we can perform operations on multiple files, copy, paste, move, create new files, delete, rename and send them through different channels. We can also work with ZIP and RAR files, and it has support to compress in ZIP, even in encrypted format with AES 256 bits.

To this is added an application manager, from which we can install, uninstall, create backups and shortcuts, and sort them by categories.

To include includes up to a music player and videos. They are quite basic and there are more complete applications, but if we are limited space in the terminal, they can do the fix.

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File management beyond the terminal:

But with ES File Explorer you can not only manage the files of our Android: we can also access the shared files in our local network (if we are connected by Wi-Fi), or access servers via FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV, as if they were a unit that was connected to the terminal.

This remote access includes native support for Dropbox, Box.net, and SugarSync. We can go through our storage space in the cloud as if we were working locally. From the application, we can create accounts in these services.

And there is not the thing left. In addition, with ES File Explorer we can manage file transfers via Bluetooth, copy and paste files between devices. Supports OBEX FTP to browse the folders of the other device, and transfer the files between them. If you have your rooted device, with ES File Explorer you can go through the entire file and data system, and change access permissions.

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Task manager and other additions:

Despite the fact that it brings a lot of serial options, it is possible to install extras to this Swiss army knife. With the ES Task Manager plugin, you can kill processes with a single touch. Install a widget to auto-delete tasks, which allows you to configure those that you do not want to be deleted.

The second optional component is ES Bookmark Manager, a bookmark manager that allows you to manage shortcuts.

Google Files Go, a file manager that will surprise you:

Do you want to try the file manager that Google is preparing for Android? It is already available in beta form, suitable for mobile phones with Lollipop 5 and higher.

Google does not stop in the development of applications for Android. Usually, have more than one surprise that launches without warning in addition to reserve the expectation for more leisurely developments. The last one to appear by surprise? Files Go, a file manager for Android that is in beta form. And that you can try, of course.

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Google Files Go
ES File Explorer vs Google Files Go

The application came to the Google Play Store secretly this week, but it did not take long to get to know each other publicly. Google withdrew it despite the fact that what had to happen happened: The Apk was available so that anyone could install it. So, why not let everyone try it? This has happened: Files Go is in the Android Apps store for all users.

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Files Go, much more than a simple file manager:

Google could have been limited to developing a basic file manager that allowed access to the device’s folders as well as elementary functions, such as transferring files, creating folders or copying documents. But no:  Files Go is an excellent application that has up to transfer of files between nearby devices.

The design of the application is still quite basic, something logical considering that it is in beta state. The translation into Spanish is half-hearted, so it still maintains traces of English in aspects such as storage information. We will have the main screen with slide cards to Google Photos in which we will see at a glance what is most important about our device and what we can eliminate. Very practical.

Folders with received images that we can eliminate, large files that occupy more space than necessary, we have alerts in case we run out of storage … The functioning of Files Go is the right one for an application of its style since it allows to manage the device in a logical way. We can move files or copy them, as in another administrator. Plus…

Send files to nearby devices with Files Go:

It is undoubtedly one of the functions that most attracts the attention of this Google administrator: just create a user so that the mobile becomes a point of exchange of images, documents, videos … Or whatever you can think of: only active the function giving you the necessary permissions and your friends can connect to send and receive the files. All you need Files Go installed and active, as is logical.

Files Go does not have any type of advertisement or advertising, it is completely free and does not present in-app purchases. We recommend it to you: it is a file management app that goes far beyond administration.