22 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019

There is no better time and place to get into Android Apps as the way these apps are exploded by Google Play Store in recent times with tons of titles available that can cater to your every need.

But the issue here is that there are a huge number of apps with featured, best selling’s, editor choice. Top paid, free, all these categories there to help you out. You can easily filter, see the list of Google, and even read the reviews of apps as well.  But to find the best quality apps you need someone you can do this job for you and this is the point we come.

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22 Free and Best Android Apps For 2019

22 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019

The number of Apps in Google Play Store is 2.5 million by the recent statistics of December 2018 and there are multiple apps offering the same features as well. so, we saved your time by preparing a list of 22 free and best Android Apps for 2019 that are very essential for you to have them on your Android smartphone.

Note: We prepared this list by considering the App features, popularity, and ratings. You can choose any App from the list as per your liking.

Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2019

1. Nova Launcher

It is considered as one of the best launchers available for Android available in the Google Play Store to download. This is quite smooth, lightweight and fast launcher with a number of customization options. You can easily change its looks as there are various icon packs available in the Google Play Store.

Nova Launcher provides options for the customization of the app drawer. It also has the scrollable dock, badges for notifications, icon and folder customization, numerous gestures for easy and simple navigations. You can download this app for free but for advanced features, you can go for its PRO version as well.

[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher&hl=en]

2. Google Assistant

An AI personal assistant that will allow users to communicate and navigate. You can use this app on your Android and iOS devices to trigger many apps, you can ask questions, make plans and play games etc. and it also includes 30 plus useful voice commands as well.

It works fine on almost all smartphone devices regardless of the manufacturer. You can also unlock the screen in some devices through the feature of Google Voice. When you search you will get personalized resulted if you utilize services of Google such as Search, Chrome etc.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.googleassistant]

3. Swiftkey

Swiftkey app is used by 250 million plus users. it uses the technology of AI that will allow you to learn and predict what the user wants to type. It also features gesture typing and autocorrects to input at a faster speed. It also has an inbuilt search engine for GIF, various themes and an excellent choice for users.

It does not store your sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords. All in all, it is an amazing app that will enhance your typing experience.

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey]

4. Google Duo

The best video calling app for Android with a very simple and easy interface. You just need to log in, verify your number and make calls the way you make regular phone calls. It has a unique feature called Knock Knock that will show you the live preview of the caller before receiving it. You can also leave a video message for the other person as well.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.tachyon]

5. Evernote

Evernote is an amazing app that will let you take notes in various formats that includes photos, text, video, sketches, audio and much more. if you want to organize your tasks and get all things done on time and this is the app you definitely need.

It also has widgets for the home screen to quickly access the notes. The interface of Evernote is very appealing with various useful functions making it one of the essential apps for every user.

[appbox googleplay com.evernote]

6. WPS Office

A free office suite application with all in one functionality. WPS office is compatible with MS Word, PowerPoint, and excel. It also integrates spreadsheets, PDF, presentations Google docs and memos etc.

It also has a PDF converter, editor, reader, and are completely free to use along with the ability to share files. It supports data encryption and mode for multi-window. It is easy to use and quite intuitive. You can save your documents to the cloud as it provides a connection to the cloud automatically.

[appbox googleplay cn.wps.moffice_eng]

7. Google News

An amazing app to deliver latest and relevant news through with the help of AI techniques. Google News offers a tab called For You to show you the personalized news. When you tap on Full Coverage it will you the same news by different publishers which will highlight the various perspectives.

You can also subscribe to various magazines and news resources in the section of Newsstand. The surprising thing about this app is the database of news sources which is quite massive.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.magazines]

8. ES File Explorer

A very knows file manager app for Android, ES File Explorer has all the necessary features that you will need. You can also free up space in your phone through Space Analyzer. Now it is very easy to share media with other users of ES File Explorer over wifi.

There is also an App manager to backup/uninstall apps. There is another amazing feature called Root Explorer which will unlock various functionalities for the devices which are rooted.

[appbox googleplay com.estrongs.android.pop]

9. Google Drive

A cloud storage service to give you a free space to store your data and access it in the cloud platform. You can easily browse, share, download, move, rename and download the data that you have saved in your drive. It also integrates Google Sheets, Docs and slides, to edit documents, forms, spreadsheets, presentation etc. and save in the drive.

You will have the access of 15 GB space across Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. Without any doubt, this is the must-have an app in your device to help you out in keeping all of your valuable data on the cloud.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.docs]

10. WhatsApp

A free app for instant messaging, WhatsApp allows you to communicate with others using the internet. You can send video messages, text messages, photo, make audio and video calls, share links and location etc. it is a completely secure app to use.

[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp]

11. Google Chrome

A cross-platform browser application, Google Chrome has necessary features which are completely free to use such as HTML5 support, unlimited tabs, desktop synchronization, Google translates and Google search etc. A very convenient and fast app which will provide a secure experience of browsing with various option for customization.

[appbox googleplay com.android.chrome]

12. Xender

Xender is a must have app for your Android. With Xender, you don’t need a USB cable to exchange files with PC and no other software is required to receive and transmit files as well. It is very fast as compared to Bluetooth to transfer files between devices.

There is another app named SHAREit that you can also use to transfer files as well.

[appbox googleplay cn.xender]

13. MX Player

MX player is an amazing media player app and supports almost all type of video and audio formats. It is full of amazing features such as volume control gestures, fast forwarding, subtitles timeframes editing, gestures to zoom in and out and much more. MX Player is free to use and you can also add plugins for extra and advanced features.

[appbox googleplay com.mxtech.videoplayer.ad]

14. Google Maps

A web mapping service with real-time GPS navigation, transit, traffic and details about the millions of people. It offers features of information on real traffic, street map, route planning, and satellite imagery etc.

It covers maps for 200 plus countries and territories accurately. You can easily navigate to an unknown place without any difficulty through this app. It is an essential app that you must have in your Android device. If you face any issue regarding the interface or app speed then you can use another Google app named Android Auto which will automatically cut the distraction during the drive.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.maps]

15. PicsArt

An amazing photo editing app with almost 100 million plus a number of downloads. It is full of amazing features that you can use to customize your photos. You can also share your photos to the social network as well. The features include clone tool, cropping, frames, stickers, collage, perspective changer and much more.

[appbox googleplay com.picsart.studio]

16. Unified Remote

An amazing app to control your PC with your Android device. It uses wifi or Bluetooth to control your PC and it comes with the support of 90 plus programs which are preloaded. It supports Linux, Mac, and Windows as well.

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With the help of Unified Remote, you can you can wake up your PC remotely by using its feature named Wake on LAN. It is full of amazing features such as media player controls, mouse and keyboard, screen mirroring and much more. you can also use it to control an Arduino Yun or Raspberry Pi. It is free to use but for advanced features, you can also go for PRO version as well which includes some other features such as Android Wear functions and custom remotes.

[appbox googleplay com.Relmtech.Remote]

17. Feedly

If you want to organize your information and news in a single place then this is the app for you. Feedly will neatly organize all the data and it is full of blogs, youtube channels and 40 million plus feed in this free RSS reader app.

It is very helpful in analyzing trends and competitors as many people use this amazing app to stay ahead. Powered by RSS and it also integrates with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. so you can share your stories with others.

[appbox googleplay com.devhd.feedly]

18. LastPass

A password manager app that can lock your personal information and passwords. LastPass is amazing that that can autofill logs in apps and browsers. It can also create new and more secure passwords immediately. Instead of remembering a dozen passwords, it will allow you to log in with just one. It also synchronizes your data and passwords across devices.

[appbox googleplay com.lastpass.lpandroid]

19. Shazam

An amazing music recognition app that you can use to identify music playing in the background or in the surroundings. If you love music then this is the app that you must have on your phone.

You just need to hold the device to the song, wait for a few seconds, the app will detect the song without any mistake. Apart from that, you can play songs and easily add them in your playlist as well.

[appbox googleplay com.shazam.android]

20. Automate

Automate provides the ability to automate a number of tasks with the help of easy flowcharts. Automate the system settings to automate various tasks such as GPS, Bluetooth, changing volume etc. You can also trigger location-based tasks, battery level, time, and a lot of other events. You can automate anything on the device through this app. It also supports plugin for automation of App tasker.

[appbox googleplay com.llamalab.automate]

21. Tiny Scanner

A scanner application that has the ability to scan various documents. You can easily scan the files and save them in the form of images or PDF’s. Name and organize all files as you want.  You can also share the files through email, store in Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Tiny Scanner features include such as scanning by date and time, grayscale, edge removal, black and white scans, page size adjustments etc.

[appbox googleplay com.appxy.tinyscanner]

22. Walli

Walli is a wallpaper app and not just a simple wallpaper app it is a whole new creative space for designers and artists from all around the world. This app is quite easy to use as the wallpapers are curated in different categories. When you sign up to this application it will synchronize the apps across different devices as well. there are various apps available in Google Play Store especially for wallpapers but this surely an amazing app for Android that you need to try.

[appbox googleplay com.shanga.walli]


Final Words

That was the list of 22 best apps for your Android. If there is any name which you think needs to be included in the list. You can mention that in the comment section.

Till then enjoy a more good experience of your Android device with the help of these amazing apps as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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