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Awesome Ways To Export Chrome Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an amazing feature and widely used in most of the web browsers. You can use them if you want to remember a page that you have found and you might need to visit that page again. You can create a list of pages that you want to read later. In some words, you can create bookmarks for easy access to pages that you often visit.

Whatever the reason you have for keeping bookmarks, it is very important for you to organize your bookmarks if you don’t take your hands off from important pages. So, we have decided to share with you some tips and tricks that can help you to be more productive with your list of bookmarks in a chrome web browser. Do you know what Chrome browser is? I hope its a yes.

Google Chrome gets updated regularly without notifying you or even without your permission. This update ensures that the latest version of Chrome is running on your computer. It is quite good but, it does not display a ‘What’s new’ page that you normally see when you update Firefox.

So, there are many things that get noticed and some go unnoticed as well. Chrome Bookmark Manager is a part of Google Chrome now and even there are many people who don’t know about it and if some people know what bookmarks are then they might don’t know how to exactly use them or what is the purpose of using bookmarks. Unless they have been exploring the tool menu.

Just click the Wrench icon and after that Bookmark Manager to show up. The Bookmark Manager will allow you to perform some functions such as Add, Edit, Delete and properly organize your bookmarks into folders. Other than that, you can also import or export your bookmarks in Chrome by using the Bookmark Manager. It has no tags or keywords as you would find in Firefox’s Bookmark Manager, but we will address this drawback in a moment.

If you want to transfer your Google Chrome bookmarks then you can easily do so and for that, you need to enable the sync feature by using your Google account. However, if you want to back up your Chrome bookmarks to use offline or even to transfer them to another browser, for that you need to export Chrome bookmarks to an HTML file.

Chrome allows its user to sync their bookmarks and some other things across devices by using their Google account.

If you don’t want to enable device sync in Google Chrome for any reason then you can still use Chrome’s inbuilt bookmark export feature. This feature will help you to export bookmarks from Chrome in an HTML file and after that transfer them to Chrome on another device. Sounds simple, right?

How to export Chrome bookmarks?

1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.

2. Open Bookmarks manager and to do that press CTRL+SHIFT+O shortcut. Alternatively, you can also Go to More Options which is three vertical dots, after that click on Bookmarks and then Bookmarks manager.

Chrome Bookmark Sync1


3. In the page of Bookmarks Manager, you need to click on Organize drop-down menu.

Chrome Bookmarks Sync


4. Click on Export bookmarks to HTML file.

5. Choose the name and location for the file and then click on Save.

Note: You can also use this file to export bookmarks from Chrome to any other device that is running on the Chrome browser. If you have saved bookmarks in folders, this file will also retain the folders in which you have saved your divided your bookmarks.

How to import bookmarks to Google Chrome?

To import your bookmarks, you will have to follow the same steps as in the export Chrome bookmarks process but make sure to select Import bookmarks from HTML file option after that choose the file that you created earlier. Unlike Export, the import process is not limited to Chrome. You can export your bookmarks from Chrome to Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser that is having the functionality to add bookmarks through HTML file.

Other than import and export of your bookmarks, you can even transfer your Chrome Bookmarks to Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser that has the functionality to add bookmarks via HTML file.

How to enable sync in Chrome?

The sync option in Google Chrome is still a more convenient option. Many other things like passwords, browsing history, themes, Chrome settings, etc. also go with the bookmarks to other devices that are running on the same Google account.

To enable Chrome sync, you need to sign-in to your Google account in Chrome. It will load your Chrome stuff automatically by setting on Google’s cloud servers.

You can even prevent Chrome from syncing things if you don’t want those across all of your devices. Just do it by going to Settings and click Advanced sync settings. Click Sync everything drop-down on the next window, and click Choose what to sync. After that, you can untick the category if you don’t want Chrome to sync.

Add keywords to bookmarks

Without any doubt, this has to be one of the greatest time savers and an amazing feature of modern browsers. Type ‘mail’ and you will be taken to your preferred email service, type ‘muo’ that is followed by a phrase and you are now being able to search MakeUseOf for that phrase. Awesome! Right? This is an amazing feature and bookmark manager permits you to do that in Firefox, in Google Chrome things are somehow a little different. We use the Manage search engines functionality to get things done the way we want. It is basically intended to customize search engines that Chrome knows of, you can use it to create keywords for your bookmarks, just as well. The only thing that you need to make sure here is that you need to copy and paste the URL yourself if you want to create one from scratch that you need to if not then use the already known search engines.


  1. Click on Tools menu and then click on Options, within the Basic tab click on Manage next to Search Engines.
  2. Click on the Add button and key in the necessary details (I am using Gmail as an example here, this makes more sense for longer URLs)
  3. And lastly, you can simply enter the keyword in the address bar that will let you open the URL.

Use folders to create a quick launch

I like to read some news in the morning and for that, I usually open up a couple of news site, the first time I am at a computer. Then in my spare time, it’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then there is another set when I am researching some stories. Instead of keying in the URLs again and again, or clicking on multiple bookmarks to open them, it will be good option to group them into folders on the bookmarks bar and so I can open them all at once or access anyone individually. I did that and I am sharing with you how you can do that as well to simplify all the things and save your time.

You can create folders by using the Bookmark Manager or right-click on the bookmarks bar and then drag the relevant bookmarks that you want to add into the folder. Once organized, you can right-click on the folder to launch all the bookmarks in the folder with a single click.

Final words

That was the simple guide that you can surely get help from in organizing your bookmarks to save your time and take full advantage of such an amazing feature in Google Chrome.

If there is something that you want to add to this article on exporting Chrome bookmarks and offline sync, then feel free to drop your thoughts and feedback in the comment section.

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