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Facebook’s lawsuit against an app developer is quite ironic

“Pot calling the kettle black” Or it would not be wrong to say that man bites the dog. In either way, it accurately symbolizes the news announced on Friday by Facebook (through Ars Technica). The company, which faces a $3 billion to $5 billion fine from the FTC for allegedly using personal information without consent, filed a lawsuit against a company for doing the same. The lawsuit was filed last Friday in the California Superior Court for San Mateo County against Rankware which is a South Korean company.

Facebook's lawsuit

Rankware is an app developer; The company and its developed apps have been suspended by Facebook. Despite the suspension, it seems that the company still has some user data on Facebook. In the lawsuit, Facebook asks the court to demand Rank were to remove the user data and suggests that the defendant may have sold this information to other companies.

The social networking company says that Rankware refuses to tell who delivered the user’s data and does not “provide a complete accounting of the user’s Facebook data”. The file adds that while Rankware has agreed to follow Facebook’s rules contractually, “it failed to comply with Facebook’s requests for proof of Rankwave’s compliance with Facebook’s policies, including an audit.”

Filing Claimed that the defendant generated $9.8 million by selling Facebook user data to advertisers

The filing continues to emphasize that, since 2014, Rankware has “used” the data on the Facebook pages associated with its apps for its own commercial purposes, which include the provision of consulting services to advertisers and marketing companies. “The filing also claims that the defendant generated approximately $9.8 million by selling Facebook user data to advertisers. The social media company sent a termination and withdrawal letter to Rankware earlier this year, and although the developer said it did not violate Facebook’s terms of service and policies and it does not provide any evidence of this.

The suit says that the actions of Rankware damaged Facebook’s reputation, public trust, and goodwill. Seeking a court order that prevents Rankware from accessing the Facebook platform, forces the South Korean developer to show evidence of compliance and removes user information obtained in violation of Facebook rules.

Despite asking the court to give him financial damages and money that Rankware has received “unfairly”, Facebook states that the money is not enough to compensate for the damage caused by Rankware actions.

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