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Use a Fake Number to Call Someone [ Number Spoofing ]

Everyone relies on the feature of caller ID that is used to tell you who is calling. Whether it’s the call from your bill collector that you don’t want to take, or from someone special whose call you cannot ignore. Calling is a very critical part of your phone. With this important technology have you ever wondered about the number that is calling you is actually the real number or not? There is a technology called Call Spoofing or Number spoofing that let people use the fake number and the ability to spoof fake number becomes very popular nowadays. In simple words, spoofing is that number on caller’s ID that is not the actual or real number.

Use a Fake Number to Call Someone [ Number Spoofing]

Use a Fake Number to Call Someone [ Number Spoofing ]

There are many reasons behind call spoofing. You might want to prank your friend or someone you know. These kinds of pranks are normally harmless but as the advancement in technology, it is quite easy now to track a number down. Now, most of the people ignore unknown calls and save themselves from these kinds of pranks.

Another reason or call spoofing is when calling a creditor or business. You might want to talk without giving your actual phone number. It is very important to practice safety when it is about your identity. Although it is quite difficult to change your number on all registrations and services to a spoofed number. But you can protect your identity by spreading your phone number to as many as services as it is possible. In this way, you can easily receive return calls on that number which is easily disposed of if there is any possibility to go wrong with that specific contact.

So, if you ever needed to call someone but without showing your actual number to the recipient then Call Spoofing can help you out in that.

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Is Spoofing your Phone Number Legal?

The question arises here is that call spoofing is legal or not? In the U.S this process is not illegal. Spoofing can be considered as a door that you are allowed to walk through from. Its legality completely depends on how you use it and what is the purpose behind. If there is no reason for harming other behind call spoofing then it’s legal otherwise if there is purpose harming or defrauding others then it is illegal.

There is a clear difference between spoofing a number to commit any kind of crime or fraud and spoofing your number to hide the identity for safety reasons. So, it all depends on what you do with that spoofed number. You need to thin before using the spoofed number for any reason.

How Does Caller ID Spoofing Work?

Call spoofing works in several ways and the most popular is through Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) that lets you send voice messages over the internet rather than through the phone line. VOIP allows users to configure the number that they want to display on the caller ID from the configuration page on their website.

Caller ID spoofing with VOIP works like this

  • Open the app of spoofing provider
  • Enter the recipient number followed by the number that you want to display
  • Hit send or call and the call will be going to send through VOIP
  • VOIP will change the outbound caller ID and it will connect the number to the desired number.

Choosing a type of Spoof Number

There are various ways to spoof a number.

Suppose you want to buy concert tickets and you have been saving from a long for this music event and the next morning tickets go on sale and you want to purchase tickets through the official website. You created your account by following their instructions and used your card for payment and received a ticket at your house. As you account information is saved and if you want to score the front you need to enter your number and there comes the hesitation of giving your number and thinking about getting spam messages or calls after that? What you will do now? In this and other similar types of cases call spoofing can help you out.

Spoof numbers come in two ways and it depends on what purpose you’re looking for. As permanent numbers cannot be changed and you can hold to that number for as long as you want.

Other than the permanent numbers, there come the disposable numbers that are specifically created that can be changed and used for a specific duration of time and this is something completely depends in the scenario in which you are in. Below we are covering both options with some amazing suggestions that you can consider.

Permanent Fake Numbers

There are many advantages of permanent fake numbers but you still need to spend some time to manage your fake numbers as you do for your real numbers and that means you will be secure if your fake number ever leaks as these services offer some call blocking and restriction features as well. in that way you can ensure that your number is always in your grasp and you can place your fake numbers on your important documents. Permanent services are quite cheaper as compared to their temporary counterparts.

Google Voice

Google Voice is an amazing service that you go for permanent service, it is a web-based service that does not cost a cent for most of its amazing features. A web and mobile web clients are offered by Google and dedicated client for Android and iOS as well. This service allows you to assign a secondary call to forward calls. You can also customize your assigned number as well. the number can be contacted like a regular phone number through calls or text messages. It is an amazing free service and if you are looking for a permanent spook number then this is the best choice for you to go with.

If you don’t want to use any service under google then we can go other options as well as Google Voice is not the only secondary number service and there comes Talkatone.


Talkatone is another service that provides alternative numbers to call or text in the U.S for free and if you want to make call or text outside the U.S then you need to pay for the service to use. This service also lets you change your number if you want to which is an amazing feature and it is not allowed in Google Voice as of writing. The drawback of Talkatone is the ads that run in the background.


Textfree lets you grab a number and for that, you need to sign up first from its official website or through a mobile application. You can easily choose your area code and number pattern s that you can easily remember during the process of signing up. You can save this number as long as you want although you need to use this number in 30 days. So, you can recycle your number and grab a new one if you’re getting too many spam calls or messages.


Flyp allows you to get multiple secondary numbers that you can use for both texting and calling. But to use this service you need to pay an amount of $7.99 every month or $79.99 annually and that makes it less appealing as compared to other free service providers such as Google Voice, Talkatone, Textfree.


Hushed offers services through a $29.99 annual plan. It lets you get a secondary number but the voice minutes and texting time is quite limited.


TextNow gives you a free number and it lets you easily upgrade to its premium version for more advanced features through a $2.99 plan per month.


Sideline is another amazing app that lets you get a new secondary number and it uses the normal minutes instead of VOIP that will save your data when you are not using Wifi. Sideline is available on both iOS and Android.

Disposable Fake Numbers

You might need a number for a single time before you want to start from a brand-new number. With disposable numbers you can call an individual or business, hang up the phone during the conversation, toss the number away, etc. this idea is also known as burner numbers which are named after the practice of prepaid phone purchasing and throwing them to get free from that number. But the unfortunate thing here is disposable numbers rarely come for free so you need to pay to use the services of disposable numbers.


Burner an amazing app that will automatically assign you a new number. This number is real and can be used to text and call within the app and the Caller Id will not display your actual information instead it will display your burner information.


Flyp allows you to get multiple secondary numbers that you can use for both texting and calling. But to use this service you need to pay an amount of $7.99 every month or $79.99 annually and that makes it less appealing as compared to other free service providers such as Google Voice, Talkatone, Textfree.


Hushed is an amazing app that offers services through a $29.99 annual plan. It lets you get a secondary number but the voice minutes and texting time is quite limited. The end to end encryption makes it a secure app on this list. No credit card is required to sign up for this app. You can use this app to send and receive call and messages to any number. Monthly plan starts with $1.99 and it is up to $4.99 for unlimited texts and calls.

How to Call Using Your Spoofed Number

After deciding and installing the app that you wanted on your Android device or iPhone then you are all set to go. Each app in this list has something unique to offer and their own way to place a call. If you choose to go with Google Voice then you will place a call using your typical calling interface and the app will ask you to use which number to place a call. If you decide to go with Burner, then you will need to use the calling interface of the Burner app to place calls by selecting the disposable number. So, every app has their own way that you need to follow to place a call you just need to pay attention at the time of placing a call and carefully follow the instructions that the app is displaying to you.

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Final Words

Call spoofing can benefit you a lot. Through this service, you can protect your identity and stop your number from getting out to the world. Other than identity protection, there is a lot of fun that you can get with spoofed numbers as well by prank calls to your friends. But you need to make sure about the security concerns before using the spoofed numbers.

Till then enjoy pranks through spoofed calls as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.