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Find Fast Food near Me with Android Apps [2019]

No one really wants to cook daily; everybody needs to take a break from their daily routine life. There are days when you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy. Either heading towards any nearby restaurant or ordering in a takeaway. But how do you know the best places that you can choose to dine for? You might ask your friends or take the plunge by trying somewhere new but you can do this with more focused help.

Suppose you are out with your family or friends in a place you are not familiar with. Hunger strikes you and the bank account is also running low. So, in that case, fast food restaurants are a pretty good and convenient option to put some calories on your body. 😊

Let’s be honest here, there is some fast food franchise that stinks often literary. If you are happy to go to the same franchise again and again due to any of your reason then it’s ok for you. But there are many people who don’t want to stick to the same food taste and they are eager to try something new every time they get a chance. If you are one of them then you should definitely take a look at this article to find out the apps that can help you to find out the fast food places near you.

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Find Fast Food near Me with Android Apps [2019]

Fast Food near Me Android Apps

As we all know nutrition is one of the basic and important human needs. But in this modern world, an important role is also played by the ability to eat great food quickly to move on to other more important and interesting pursuits. Here all kinds of cafes and restaurants come to help you. And thanks to applications that features geolocation, the search for restaurants, where they prepare tasty food, it becomes even easier. This is an excellent application for tourists as well.

As I said above that you’re out with friends or family in an unfamiliar place, and there’s a terrible noise: it’s your stomach that is nothing but demanding food only.

Where is the problem? You’ve got no idea where to find a decent place that will please everyone. There is an option for you to stalk the streets, scan for the nearest recognizable fast food joint, or you can also get a bit fancy and type ‘restaurant’ into Google Maps.

Unfortunately, neither option works for you and gives you the inside scoop on where’s a place to eat but help is at hand in the form of best apps that you can easily install on your phone to get you out from these kinds of situations.

But there is another problem and that is which one is best that we should choose? App stores are full of such apps with restaurant and street food guides, but much like for the eaters themselves – it is very difficult hard to know which one to go for.

Which one is the best that can really help you to find a good place that serves what and when you want and especially for the price that will surely not cut your pockets?

So without any further a due let’s head towards the list of best apps that can help you to find food places near you. We are about to share you the best 9 apps for Android that you can use to find nearby to eat.

1. Yelp


An amazing application that allows you to find a place on the map that you are interested and you will see results in a matter of seconds. And it does not matter what you are looking for either it is the most fashionable cafe in the city or the nearest gas station.

When you first start the program, you will require to determine your location and it will give you a very solid list of institutions nearby. The term institution is not confined to cafes and restaurants only but also hairdressers, hotels, markets, shops. To clear the confusion, there is an option for you to use the filter and leave the category of interest to the app.

The app will determine what is important for you. Do not want to go far there is the option of sort by distance, there are not so many cash in the wallet (or, on the contrary, there is a desire to spend) – at a price or you want to visit the most popular place in the city in terms of ratings.

Those who use Yelp to search for cafes and restaurants will find it very pleasant with the possibility of reservation using the service of OneTable. Well, after you can register on the site and share your impressions and, possibly, photos as well.

Download for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.yelp.android]

2. Zomato – Restaurant Finder

Zomato Restaurant Finder

Zomato – Restaurant Finder is another good option to go for. With this, you will become the owner of the best app to search restaurants in order to eat or order food at home with ease. The app lets you get acquainted with the menu, see photos of dishes, read customer reviews and on their basis decide where to go. There is a map function, which will directly send to the restaurant.

The program offers a very convenient way to search for bars, restaurants and cafes in the location or in the kitchen – Chinese, Indian, Italian, etc. Go to each cafe that is next to you and turn on filters to find out the institution that you actually like.

With the help of this application, you can browse lists to discover new places where the most delicious burgers are served, you will also find a setting for appointments or a hall for celebrations a well.

Create your own collections, note down the places you would like to visit again, make bookmarks and tell your friends as well. All directly from the program, you can also make a table reservation.

Currently, this utility is available in the UAE, US, Canada, Turkey, Portugal, etc.

Download for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.application.zomato]

3. Foursquare


Foursquare has released a new version of the main application for reviews, recommendations, and search in the county of some high-rated locations.

The program is completely changed with a new navigation bar with four tabs that appear at the bottom. There is a Find a Place section, that can help you to find a suitable café and restaurant nearby not only name but with detailed descriptions and large photos as well.

The “Here” tab will display your information about the place where the person is now, with some recommendations and tips.

TheTips” are the reviews that are left by friends and other users.

And in “Profile” you can comment on visited places, change settings and notifications.

Although Yelp has already won the battle and become the best-known local search-and-discovery service mobile app, Foursquare is just as a relevant option that you can also consider using today as it was when it launched back in 2009. There are many users that first met Foursquare around 2014 when the app was very new in the category of mobile apps.

At one point, the developers weren’t even sure whether Foursquare should keep on pushing social features or it should focus only on local discovery. They chose the latter eventually, and the rest is in front of us.

But for today, Foursquare is a mature local discovery app with a huge fan base and large global community and countless useful features. The app encourages exploration and it also allows you to make convenient lists for any occasion and share them with your friends.

You can also keep a history of places that you’ve visited in that case you can always just take out your smartphone and see with which fast food restaurants you were satisfied the most.

Download for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.joelapenna.foursquared]

4. Foodspotting


All the other apps in the list are based around to help you find specific restaurants, but Foodspotting is all about types of food – so when the app access our phone’s location, it will show you specific dishes rather than eateries.

You can use the application in two ways: by browsing dishes, like Tinder, you will see options according to your taste buds or by searching for specific meals to find out where they’re available right now and how many users loved them.

In a nice touch the app links out to Yelp for reviews and some additional information, so you can find a place and then double-check if it meets your criteria with the help of like-minded munchers.

In Foodspotting, you can also search for specific criteria such as kitchen type, average check size, work after midnight, and even those places that your friends liked. Isn’t it amazing?

Note: Currently not available on the Google Play Store download from any other source.

5. Google maps

google maps

Google Maps is the most accurate mapping service in the world, it is especially known for its 360° panoramic views of streets and accurate real-time traffic information. What is the thing that Google Maps is less known for? Its huge database of points of interest and it includes all of your favorite fast food places. You just need to search for the name of a fast food restaurant nearby and it will show up the place on the map. After that, you can select whether you would like to travel there on foot, by car, or through public transportation.

There is a division into categories in the maps, whether it be restaurants, cafes or anything else. Since the maps are used by a huge number of people, you will find very decent reviews. And Google collects statistics on the workload at different times. But there are few filters, and for this fact, the application loses to its competitors.

Download for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.maps&hl=en]

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6. Restaurant Finder

Restaurant Finder

Another interesting app that will help you find restaurants that are located nearby. To use this app you just need to enter your location address, and the app will show you all the places where you can eat all around the world –UK, USA, Brazil, Ireland, etc. In addition to that, if you are in an unfamiliar place in another city, in that case, you do not have to enter anything. Just use the GPS and the application will automatically determine your localization and it will display you all the restaurants that you can easily visit.

For more accurate information, check out the working time of institutions, with the offered menu and even a phone number so you can also contact the institution for convenience. Other than that, the application will help you find car parks, hotels, nightclubs, gas stations, shops, etc.

Note: Currently not available on the Google Play Store download from any other source.

7. OpenTable – Restaurant Near Me

OpenTable – Restaurant Near Me

There are times when you just want to sit in a nice restaurant and have delicious food. But to find the ideal place is quite difficult.

Thanks to its restaurant search functions, OpenTable helps you plan a perfect lunch or dinner, and you can book a table through the app right away. Track restaurants and cafes on the basis of reviews, real photos, and comments.

Convenient filter on the price policy, menu, kitchen, location can successfully choose a restaurant or café which meets your requirements.

After a delicious meal does not forget to leave your impressions by providing feedback, let other hungry people know about the place where you had your meal.

Download for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.opentable&hl=en]

8. Tasteful


The Tasteful app chooses restaurants with a healthy menu, vegetarian, or diet meals. That is, the program is looking for restaurants that are responsible for the quality of their dishes, and not for the number of parking spaces that are near the restaurant.

There are thousands of cities that are around the world ready to offer you restaurants with delicious as well as healthy food, and the Tasteful application will take care of their search completely. You can use a convenient search, for example, if you are a vegetarian then Tasteful will pick up a restaurant that will match your taste preferences.

Note: Currently not available on the Google Play Store download from any other source.

9. Urbanspoon


An established app with a recent tie-up and the globe-straddling Zomato restaurant recommendation system that means it’s even better at recommending the right places to eat according to your budget.

The collaboration means you’re covered for food choices in the US, Canada and some other major cities of the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Other than that, it also integrates with services such as OpenTable (in the US) and Bookatable (in the UK) so that you can book as well as browse.

Download for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.urbanspoon&hl=en]

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Wrapping Up:

All the above-mentioned apps are not just used as a search engine but these are the real advisory services that can help you by suggesting the best restaurants, cafes, and even bars based on your preferences and tastes.

After a good dinner with your loved ones in a good restaurant, you can relax a bit and play some relaxing music on your smartphone and for that, you can also read Best Lyrics Apps for Android [ Feel the Music ]

I hope the article helps you to find out the best app for you to search for the best places to eat nearby.

We will be very grateful if you find a moment and share your thoughts about the applications in the comments. We are open to suggestions.

That was for today guys. Till then enjoy your favorite food by not getting in the hassle with the help of above-mentioned apps.

We will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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