How To Fix App Store Not Downloading Apps

Unlike Android phones, it’s a little complicated to handle an iPhone when it starts to respond laggy. You have limited sources to get what you want on your iOS device. It’s a fact, not everyone is ok with jailbroken iPhones. Because then you have to customize every single bit of detail in your smartphone.

Fix App Store Not Downloading Apps

Lately, we confirmed that many users are facing trouble in downloading apps from the App store. So we have come up with several solutions to get rid of this problem. Here, we have drafted a full guide of How To Fix App Store Not Downloading Apps. Just be patient and try to perform all of the provided steps until this error disappears from your device.

Reasons for App Store Not Downloading Apps Problem

There can be several reasons for the App Store Not Downloading Apps problem. Because the problem is not coming out of the blue. Either your smartphone’s OS is out of date or it’s just responding laggy because your device’s battery level is low. So before moving forward on the guide, you need to check as if that’s not the case.

If you are still facing the same trouble, then you are required to follow the below steps or else you might start considering of jailbreaking iPhone. Because if you don’t get rid of the problem instantly, you can’t install any apps on iOS. It’s a fact, you never want to get bored with your expensive iPhone.

Fixing App Store Not Downloading Apps

There are multiple ways to Fix App Store Not Downloading Apps problem. If you are able to get rid of this issue at any point, you are allowed to stop and start downloading your favorite apps from the App Store. Else, you need to follow our guide till the end to solve the puzzle.

  1. Updating iOS
    Sometimes your iPhone misses an update by mistake. If that’s the case, you can check for iOS updates manually by navigating into the settings. Inside the Settings app, go to general & open Software Update. Here, you need to tap once on the check for updates tab. If there’s an update available, install the update and see how it goes.
  2. Retrying
    There’s a possibility that your App Store is not responding for the moment. You can wait for some time and then retry downloading apps from it. Maybe the problem is just because of the app store’s servers.
  3. Hard Reboot
    A normal reboot is an old story, now you can Hard reset your iPhone anytime you want. For that, press & release the volume up & down button one by one. Now press & hold the power button until you start seeing the Apple logo on your iPhone. This way, you can also free up some extra space from the internal storage.
  4. Check the Apple Servers
    One thing you can do to be sure about Apple Servers’ vulnerability level is by visiting Downdetector. This website tells you about the current situation of Apple Servers. It tells you the exact situation of servers from anywhere you want.
  5. Configure Network Settings
    See if your network is working properly. Because there are so many cases in which the only is on the internet. So try to check your WiFi or mobile data once more. Connect your iPhone with a different network and see if things start to work in your favor.
  6. Pause & Restart
    Here you need to imply a trick. Start to download an app (even if you know the app store is not working) and then pause the downloading instantly. Now restart the downloading and see if the problem is gone.
  7. Clear App Store Data
    You don’t know yet, but you can clear the App Store data if you want to. For that, you are required to tap five times on an icon from the bottom taskbar (today/games/apps/arcade/search).
  8. Check Date & Time
    If you have customized date & time settings recently, it’s time you change them to the default settings. This may be causing the App Store to work laggy. Change the date & time settings as automatically.
  9. See Payment Method
    If you are trying to purchase a product from the App Store, it’s time you check the payment & shipping. This tab is available in the settings app under your name. See if you have provided a credit card with some free balance.
  10. Free-UP Space
    Go to the General settings tab and tap once on the About button. See as if you have enough space left on your iPhone.
  11. Sign Out/In
    May be your Apple account is responding as it is supposed to do so. It can cause trouble with App Store Not Downloading Apps. If that’s the case, you need to sign out and then sign in after a couple of minutes.
  12. Parental Controls
    A restricted mode can cause you a lot of trouble in downloading apps from the App Store. You need to check if it’s not enabled by mistake. In iOS device settings, navigate to Screen time and see App Limits. If it is enabled, you need to disable it instantly.
  13. Reset All Settings
    Resetting things can be helpful in getting rid of the problem of App Store Not Downloading Apps. This way, your iPhone will be set to the default settings. To do so, inside general settings, tap once on the Reset tab. You will be asked to enter your Apple account password to execute this task.
  14. Contact Apple Support
    Still facing trouble in downloading apps/games from the App Store? Then it’s time you go for the Apple Support. Submit the nature of your problem and ask them to provide you a solution as soon as possible.

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