How To Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Issues – Multiple Ways

Based on real facts, Google is never gonna stop producing smartphones. First, they collaborated with other smartphone industries to introduce Nexus devices. But now they have decided to turn the tables on their own. Without anyone’s help, they have started to deliver Pixel Series Smartphones in the market.

Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Issues

Consider by yourself, What’s gonna happen, if a software engineer starts making changes in the hardware, all by himself. That’s what seems to be happening right now. Many users are complaining about the Battery Drain Problems in Google Pixel Phones. So we have come forward to draft a guide of How To Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Issues. Allow us to start the guide with some facts & figures about this error.

Why You Are Facing Battery Drain Issues in Google Pixel?

No doubt, the Pixel series has brought life in Android phones. But what’s more important is that such a mobile’s battery life should last longer than any other smartphone. Because other mobile industries almost spent a decade in solving battery draining problems. So the point is, Google should also consider removing this error in their future products.

If you talk about the Pixel phone’s performance level, they are efficient as compared to other devices. Google Recorder, Camera and some other built-in services are added to make your time worth a while. Also, to be honest, if you have so many good facilities, there is a tiny chance of an error. That’s what, we think is the reason you are facing Battery Drain Issues in Google Pixel.

Battery Drain Issues in Google Pixel

Fixing Google Pixel Battery Life Issues

If you don’t wanna let go of your Pixel smartphone just because of the battery drain issue, here’s a guide for you. But you will have to go through several methods to solve this issue. Try to perform all the operations, because they are only presented for the sake of your Pixel device.

Disable Ambient Display

Ambient Display aka Always-on display can be a source of battery drain issue. You need to disable it if you want to solve this problem. Because whenever you are using a Pixel phone, it seems like it doesn’t affect the device’s battery life. But when you lock your phone, the display isn’t put to sleep and becomes a source of draining battery life.

You might have noticed that this service is enabled by default. So it’s time for you to make some changes for good. For that, open the phone’s settings and under the Battery Usage tab, turn off the Ambient Display.

Enable Dark Mode

Dark Mode always supports well to protect a user’s eyesight as well as a device’s performance level. Especially in Google Pixel, some of the LEDs are turned off and your phone’s battery starts to deliver a better performance. It’s beneficial because the Pixel devices have an AMOLED display and you can’t find a better way to resolve battery life issues.

Enabling Dark Mode on Google Pixel is very simple. Just open the Settings app on your device. Navigate to Display tab and from here, turn-on the dark mode toggle. You can also enable such a mode, from the notification panel.

Turn-off Google Sync

You know all of your data is synchronized in your Gmail account. Not just the media files, but all the contacts, calendar, and even Gdrive works through your phone. So disabling Google Sync comes handy in improving the battery life of your Pixel device. But it’s also necessary that you should have a backup to all your data.

If you want to create a backup and still dont like to waste battery power, then you can always sync to Google manually. For that, you will have to go to your Gmail account settings and tap once on Account Sync. After that, the Gapp will start to see what’s left from the account and it will save the missing pieces.

Disable Optional App Notifications

Google Pixel focuses on delivering all app notifications to you. So if you want to save some battery consumption, it’s time you disable the optional app notifications. Because all of such notifications are set by default and there is nothing you can do about. The only thing you need to do is turn them off while you have the chance.

To disable app notifications, you will have to do it one by one. For that, open the Settings app and go to Notifications. Here, open the app that you don’t want to bother you. Now turn-off the Show Notifications toggle.

Huntdown Battery-draining Apps

A good thing about Google Pixel devices is the doze mode. This mode is developed to reduce battery consumption from the apps while your device is at sleep. But if you have installed some third-party apps from an untrusted source, your device might have a problem in putting such apps to sleep.

So it’s better that you check out the battery usage menu by yourself. For that, navigate into your phone’s settings and go to Battery. Now tap once on the hamburger icon and open Battery Usage. Here, you will see the list of apps that are draining the battery life of your Google Pixel. Disable the apps or just uninstall them for a better future, do as you please.

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