How to Fix Instagram Story Not Posting Problem

It usually happens with every smartphone or Computer user. Downloading is working fine but when we intend to upload a file, the uploading gets failed. Almost every user have faced it once. Well, its common issue and many factors can be involved in it. The uploading on Instagram was quite quick and fine. But, recently some users have reported the Instagram Story Not Posting Problem.

According to them when they try to upload any image or video on the Instagram story they can’t do it. Instagram shows the error with the refresh icon on the black screen. You shouldn’t be worried because it is purely a software or WiFi router issue and you can easily fix it.

Which factors can be a cause of Instagram Story Not Posting Problem?

  • App may not be updated to the latest version.
  • Android or iOS update is in pending.
  • WiFi router problem or damage at the backend of ISP.
  • App Glitch or bug, a universal problem with the Instagram backend.
  • App is not allowed to access media storage or camera.

What to do if Instagram Story Not Posting?

Here we will provide the possible solution to fix the Instagram Story Not Posting problem. Almost all tech experts have recommended these solutions in case of any app issues. You should try all of these, one by one. Hopefully, the problem will be fixed before you reached the last solution.

Restart the app:

That’s the most common solution which we try in case of any app issue. If you are currently using the Instagram app then close it. Press the resent tabs button or icon on your phone. Here you will see all the recent apps which you are/were using. Clear all tabs through the option. Or you can only close the Instagram tab.

Now, wait for a few seconds. Launch the app again. Now try to upload the story again. If you successfully posted the story on Instagram than well and good. Otherwise, keep following the solutions.

Clear the App Cache:

App caches are the one thing that is behind many app issues. These are the junk files and trash which resist the app from operating smoothly. Maybe this is the reason behind the Instagram Story Not Posting problem. App caches can be cleared from the settings. To do so follow these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the Apps or Application Manager option.
  3. Here you will see all stock and installed apps on your phone. Tap on the Instagram app.
  4. Choose the Storage option.
  5. Tap on the Clear Cache, all of you Instagram trash and junk will be cleared.

Now try to post a story on Instagram. There are more chances that your problem will be fixed now. If you are still not fortunate enough than proceed to the next solution.

Restart the WiFi Router:

If you are using the WiFi while running the Instagram app than a router can be possible behind the problem. Switch off the WiFi router and restart it after 5 seconds pause. Let the router completely catch the signal strength

Those users who are using Instagram on Mobile data must have to restart the connection. Drop down the notifications bar and extend the shortcut menu. Tap on the enabled mobile data, it will get turned off. Now tap again on mobile data to enable it.

After restarting the router, again open the Instagram app and try to upload your story. Maybe this time you won’t face the issue. If the bone is still stuck in the throat than follow the potential solutions below.

Update your Instagram app:

Every latest Instagram App update contains the fixes to the previous version’s bugs and errors. Check either the Instagram update is pending or not. Because some users have disabled the automatic update over WiFi.

Open Google PlayStore or Apple App Store or your respective device. Tap on your profile icon, now move towards the installed apps option. Here you will see all updated and pending for update apps on your phone. Lookout the Instagram App update if it is available then update the app quickly. Otherwise, it means that your device is already running the latest Instagram version.

Wait for Instagram to fix this issue:

If all solutions got failed to fix the issue then you need the issue, it means this is a universal problem with Instagram. The Instagram staff is quite huge in quantity. Surely, this corporation is running a massive setup and database. Obviously, they will notice the issue more quickly than you.

You should wait for the repairment by Instagram at their back-end. Hopefully, they will overcome this problem as soon as possible. So, keep patience!