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Top Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android 2019

Following are the best Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android. Nothing matches the quality of a desktop scanner of a lifetime, but not everyone has one, or they have it but they are too lazy to turn it on and use it to scan a small, unimportant document. Once again, mobile phones come to the rescue.

In the palm of your hand, you have a powerful scanner, more than valid in most cases. There are many applications that turn your mobile into a scanner making the whole process of digitizing a document a matter of seconds. Not sure what you should use? Then this list may help you choose.

Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android:

Adobe Scan:

Adobe Scan is one of the most popular scanner applications. He has been with us for a few years now and it shows in the final result, although it also means that the developers have had time to add a few extra things that were not necessary.

Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android
Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android

Among its virtues is the correction of a semi-automatic perspective, the automatic enhancement of the resulting image and the export to PDF. The free version is functional and sufficient for most users, but for $ 50 a year, you access other premium features such as OCR recognition, multi-page documents, and space in the cloud.

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If you are a scanner, Scanbot is for you. This application not only detects the edges but when it determines that the image is clear enough, it takes the photo automatically. Add more pages is a matter of a few slides too, making Scanbot one of the most useful applications to scan many documents quickly.

Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android
Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android

Scanbot also has some image editing options, with several filters ready to use (that is, without options) to convert the image to black and white or in a sketch. You can save PDF documents on your device or in almost any cloud storage you can imagine.

The Pro version (single payment of 4.49 euros) includes OCR recognition, themes, renamed automatic captures, although you can also activate these functions for free by activating the ads in the application.

Genius Scan:

Genius Scan is another scanner application capable of detecting and adjusting the perspective automatically, but the truth is that it seems to fail more than in the previous cases. You can also apply basic filters to images, but with hardly any options.

Genius Scan
Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android

Genius Scan can create multi-page PDF documents, although the process is much more complicated and laborious than for example with ScanBot.

Tiny Scanner:

Tiny Scanner is an alternative that will need all your ability to fit the paper in the camera because sometimes it fails to adjust the perspective. The main advantage of Tiny Scanner is its speed, being lighter, as well as allowing you to create multi-page documents easily and quickly, for free.

Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android

Tiny Scanner saves the documents as PDF and allows you to apply a filter that highlights the edges of the text you have captured. With some documents, it works reasonably well. With others, not so much.

Office Lens:

When Microsoft announced it would launch its Office Lens document scanner for Android, the overall reception was good. This scanner detects the edges of the paper in real time before taking the photo and is able to use OCR to extract the text and save it in a Word or PowerPoint document.

Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android

But it is precisely Microsoft’s greed that ruins this application, which tries too hard to sell you the cloud and Microsoft applications. Locally you can only save in PNG format. All other formats, including PDF, are saved in OneDrive. If you are very Microsoft, this application is for you. If not, you probably end up taking mania.

Google Drive:

If you already have Google Drive installed on your mobile, you do not need any other application to scan documents. Google Drive includes a widget to scan documents with the camera and upload them directly to your cloud.

Free Alternatives to CamScanner on Android

To be a widget that goes largely unnoticed, it is surprising that it is more complex than it seems. You can create multi-page PDF documents, enhance the image and adjust the perspective, although the automatic mode fails a lot more than other applications.

It’s pretty fast, although you’re obligated to upload the documents to Google Drive before you can share them with other people.