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9 Free Registry Cleaners For Microsoft Windows PC

A registry cleaner software is used to search for unwanted and useless registries throughout the operating system and eventually deletes them. It is very important to keep the windows fast and snappy. However, if you want to clean all registries one by one, it will take you hours or even sometimes days depending on the stack of registries lying. So, in that case, free registry cleaner software can help you to achieve this task in a few minutes of time.

There is a number free registry cleaner Software available on the web which claims to be the best in what they offer. They can improve your PC performance by deleting windows registries file which windows don’t automatically delete. But they won’t transform your ordinary PC into a supercomputer but through a free registry cleaner Software, you will definitely keep your PC snappy enough.

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Why You Need Registry Cleaner?

On every Windows PC, the purpose of Registry is to preserves preferences and setting for the used and downloaded applications as well as for the Windows operating system. In simple words, Registry works as a database.

The Windows system keeps on cleaning registry to a certain extent by default, but the cleaning and filtering process sometimes remain incomplete and plagued by old and useless entries. These redundant files may result in generating error messages and, in many cases, slow down the computer. You should note here that cleaning registry will not speed up Windows computer, but possibly fix some issues.

The good news is that there are various free registry cleaners for Windows PC available. Simultaneously, the bad news is to find the best free registry cleaner that is quite an extensive task. However, we have done the research work for you and have presented the best 9 Free Registry Cleaners for Windows PC.

Another issue needs to be included here is too easy to lose important files if you are not cautious when cleaning registry on Windows PC. Therefore, you should back up your computer, such as creating a restore point. In case if any accident happens and doesn’t hesitate to use a file recovery software to undelete the files as soon as possible.

9 Free Registry Cleaners for Microsoft Windows PC

Free Registry Cleaners For Microsoft Windows PC

A Registry Cleaner is a third-party utility available for Microsoft Windows OS and used for the purpose of cleaning redundant files from the Windows Registry. These programs are not directly supported or endorsed by Microsoft; however, users have claimed that these utilities are quite helpful for keeping your registry clean and avoid system or app glitches. In this tutorial, we are going to share with you the best 9 free registry cleaners for Windows PC.

We have tried several free registry tools and created a list according to their freemium features. Have a look at all of them below.

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Things to keep in mind: Registry Cleaners

Dealing with registry entries is not a child’s play. Therefore, you should back up all your data if you’re regularly involved in these registry cleaning tools. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for your loss.

The creation of new registry entries is a constant process. So, don’t expect any registry cleaner to wipe out all the errors in one attempt. Every time you make a scan there are chances that new errors pop up.

Here is a list of the 9 Free Registry Cleaners for Microsoft Windows PC:

1. CCleaner


CCleaner is one of the most popular tools used to clean your registry. The software itself isn’t specifically made to just clean your registry, but it packs one of the best tools that you can choose to do so. It will back up your registry automatically before doing anything so you can easily restore it in case something bad happens.

CCleaner Professional, the paid version, provides automatic browser cleaning, priority support, and real-time monitoring. It is also available as a portable software so you don’t need to install it if you don’t want to. If you need these options that you can grab the paid version that can monitor your PC for changes in real time.

Get CCleaner

2. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is a 2-in-1 app that you can use to clean the registry and tunes up the performance of your system as well. It’s extremely fast, thorough, and free to use.

If we take into account how many registry issues it found, WRC only did worse than JetClean. I personally like the simplicity of the interface along with the inclusion of a registry defragmenter is a good bonus. If your main concern is the raw PC performance then the System Tuneup feature will help you a lot.

There are two modes in this tool: Fast Scan and Deep Scan. One thing that is very promising about Wise Cleaner is the categorized display of all the detected errors, unlike CCleaner which displays the errors in an excel sheet-like manner. This tool also backs up your registry automatically. You can run the wise registry cleaner from the command line as well. You will also notice a registry defrag option.

You also have the option to upgrade to the Pro version for just $20, plus $15 per year after that. The Pro version has additional features such as adds multi-user cleaning, scheduled registry cleanings automatically, and more advanced options to help you boost your system performance and backing up changes.

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3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

The program will group the detected errors and issues into a file named file associations, history lists, missing software, which is quite convenient. It also shows all the registry errors locations that one can easily open right there.

The installer size of v. is 12.2 MB and it approximately takes 42.0 MB of disk space. One of the benefits is that it’s is freeware. Auslogics works on Windows 10, 8 and 7 (64-bit/32-bit), as well as 32-bit versions of Vista and XP. This utility also covers areas like shortcuts, help files, file extensions, startup apps, fonts, etc. at the time of scanning for problems.

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4. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft Registry Repair

This free registry cleaner from Auslogics offers a categorized view in a list form. You can choose the ones you want to fix. Auslogics registry cleaner’ interface is quite simple and clean, though, not as visually appealing but the software is very powerful in terms of functionality. One interesting feature is that it also shows you the severity of the registry error encountered.

The software automatically backs up registry changes that occur during the repair process. If you don’t want registry backup then click on Settings after that click on Backup Changes. And to revert changes, go to the Rescue Center made by Auslogics registry cleaner.

Get Glarysoft Registry Repair

5. SlimCleaner Free

SlimCleaner Free

A free registry cleaner that provides excellent functionality. It has one stop solution for all the registry and cache issues and can make your pc perform faster than ever before. However, when it comes to registry cleaning, you have to un-check other aspects manually such as cache, temporary files, history, etc. but it remembers these settings and performs the same for next operation.

The setting and customization options can be remembered. The tool usefully works for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/ XP operating systems. Primary features include manual clean and optimize, community ratings for startups, optimize startup items, performance boost mode, etc.

Get SlimCleaner Free

6. EasyCleaner


Toni Helenius developed this tool by keeping in mind the minimal graphics. However, its visual appeal has not been improved much since 2005 when it was launched. Primarily, it will search the duplicate files and clean shortcuts which are broken or invalid.

It is one of the oldest registry cleaners out there even older than CCleaner, and thus one of the most trusted cleaners available to trust. Although the interface isn’t the prettiest and looks quite old, it will surely get the job done.

The tool might take a bit longer to scan your registry unlike some of the new software, but it does a thorough job at it. It is also available as a simple portable tool, so you don’t need to install it if you don’t want to.

Get EasyCleaner

7. Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner features a wizard and it is much like Registry Life – but it might issue that other tools on this list not, just because of how thoroughly it scans your registry.

You will also notice an automatic maintenance mode to run when you start your PC and tell you if there is anything you need to fix. The tool also makes automatic backups of the registry before you do anything and also lets you make a backup manually if you like.

The tool is quite easy to use and you can even undo the changes. It is available in a portable size as well. It works for Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32/64 bits) and as for .NET Framework 4.5.2 version. It is available in multiple languages like English, Dutch, French, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.

Get Argente Registry Cleaner

8. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is another free registry cleaner tool and is as simple as such a program could be. The tool will definitely not speed up the system so well, but it is good to clean out the registry. Eusing is a free registry cleaner that works fine on Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10.

The tool properly scans Windows registry for invalid information and after that provides a list of errors found. There one can view the problem, its registry keys and value for each entry. You will also notice a backup for repaired entries, there is a Startup Manager to view/edit applications that automatically run upon every startup. A menu can be presented in one of there are 33 languages available.

Get Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

9. WinUtilties Registry Cleaner

WinUtilties Registry Cleaner

With WinUtilities tool we found 110 errors. With the help of this tool, you can also choose which areas to scan. You can also make a restore point, and export the log of errors as an HTML file. Other than that, it automatically removes restore points after a number of days and it is quite handy as well – to keep your PC light. Paid License offers 3 devices support, file encryption, disk optimization, 24/7 support. The primary functionalities include Optimization of settings, Improved security, screen personalization, Enhancing PC performance, etc.

This cleaner tool includes more than 20 modules, for example, hard disk backup, registry backup and restore, disk remover, disk analysis and defrag and much more. It has both free and paid versions, simple and convenient interface along with regular automatic upgrades.

Get WinUtilties Registry Cleaner

More Registry tools

That was the list that you can surely consider but if you are still not into these mentioned tools then you can also explore more tools such as AML Registry Cleaner, SlimCleaner, Registry Repair, Argente, nCleaner, Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix, Pointstone, Registry Life, System Mechanic, RegSeeker, ACleaner, EasyCleaner, Kingsoft PC doctor, Registry Distiller.

Final words

These are the best 9 registry cleaner tools that you can use to clean the registry of your PC at free of cost. However, these tools need separate installation formality and appropriate system compatibility. Before choosing a tool, you must check your system compatibility with the tool that you have selected.

If there is any name that you think be in the lost feel free to drop that name in the comment section and keep visiting the site as we will be back soon another interesting topic to share with you.

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