Top 12 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows 2018

Top 12 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows 2018

When thinking about a Video Call Program, the first name that emerges is Skype. This service, which was born in 2003, is the most widely used application for video conferencing on the Internet. Regardless of the device used, be it a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, or where you are, this application allows you to establish contact with other users of the application. To make video calls you need, in addition to a terminal with camera and microphone, free Skype software and an Internet connection.

However, there are other free applications for IP telephony (also called Voice over IP or VoIP) that also enable video transmission between interlocutors. Most of these alternatives to Skype are available for free. In addition, some even stand out for their benefits and their measures in terms of data protection, unknown in the case of the veteran application. What are the alternatives to Skype that are really worth it? Below we inform you about the strengths and weaknesses of both Skype and the other 13 applications for video conferencing.

Top 12 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows 2018


SkypeWith more than 300 million registered users, this platform allows you to make video calls and voice calls without having to pay a peso.

Through a free app for iOS and Android, the user can have a voice conversation in real time and can speak the hours you want. Although the fundamental characteristic of Skype lies in the possibility of working with voice signals using an IP protocol, the truth is that the service offers its customers a wide variety of features, such as sending instant text messages at a minimum cost, among others. things.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


FaceTimeThis application was created by Apple to make video calls between Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Users can access FaceTime through their Apple ID, free of charge. The service allows you to talk to people registered in a contact list with only Wi-Fi connection or a data plan.

Best of all, video calls are made with high definition video with a quality of up to 720 p.

If your Mac does not have it pre-installed, you can download FaceTime for 13 pesos on this link.


TangoThis free tool works in a similar way to WeChat or WhatsApp but, instead of sending messages, what you can do is video calls or calls through your Internet connection, either by 3G, 4G or WiFi.

To start using the service you must install the app, register your data and the application itself will identify your contacts to see which of them also have the application installed, and immediately it will be possible to start talking to them.

The quality of the call is good in Wi-Fi, but when using the 3G or 4G connection, the quality varies.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


FringThis app allows you to make free voice calls and video calls using Wi-Fi or a data plan. It also offers the possibility of group video chats with up to four people on the same screen, and the quality is quite good.

Once the platform has been downloaded and the account created, Fringe recognizes your contacts who also have it. If they are online you should only touch them to start a video call. In addition, it can be used to chat as we do with WhatsApp and send images or audios.

Available for iOS and Android.


ooVooThis tool, which has more than 80 million users, is ideal for conversing with up to 12 people at the same time in 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Among its main features is the Tap-Tap-GO! Video chain, with which users can establish a group call; In addition, you can place your five favorite contacts in the fast pop-up marker. The app has colorful filters for ongoing video calls and also offers the instant messaging service of video and photos.

Available for Android and iOS.

Google Duo

Google DuoThe operation is very simple since Google Duo automatically identifies who from your contact list have installed Duo, highlighting its transmission quality. You only have to enter Duo and click on the name of the contact. At the moment the Toc-toc function is activated that allows your contact to see a live video before answering the call.

Simple interface

Just select a contact to call. The interface is so simple that you can make video calls with a single touch.

Using higher quality video calls *

More reliable video calls with excellent video quality, both Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

For Android and iOS devices.

Duo works on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS, so you can stay in touch with your friends and family with a single application.


In the preview of the video you can see who is calling before you continue.

video News

Can not your friend answer your call? Okay, leave a video message for the callback. With video messages you can record everything you want to tell them.

voice calls

If you can not connect to your friends by video, use voice calls.

Download Link For Android.

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger The Messenger application, now separated from Facebook, allows video calls between users of the social network with great ease. Among its main advantages are its speed and simplicity, since you only have to press a button to quickly start a video call with that person, without having to open any other application.

Additional functions:
  • Find out when other people saw your messages.
  • Forward messages or photos to people who were not in the conversation.
  • Search for people and groups to quickly communicate with them.
  • Activate the location to inform people in your area.
  • See who’s available in Messenger and who’s active on Facebook.
  • Create shortcuts to access any conversation right from the home screen.
  • Disable notifications when you are working, sleeping or just need a break.
  • Keep the session upright so you do not miss a message.

Download Link For Android.


LineLine has always been a great alternative to WhatsApp and in a matter of video calls, the Japanese app takes some advantage. As strong points of this application highlight the fun emojis and stickers with funny touch anime. Video calls have a lot of quality and the sound is positive.

Free Chats:
  • Chat without limits with your iPhone, your Android devices, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia Asha OS or on your computer, either Windows or Mac.
Video calls and free voice calls
  • International calls and video calls so you do not miss a single one.
  • Call yours with your iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows Phone or on your computer, either Windows or Mac. Oh, and LINE Lite for Android.

Download Link For Android.


HangoutsIt is the heir of the Google Talk antonomasia that in addition to video calls, allows you to send SMS to your contacts in case you do not have an online connection. Hangouts stands out in front of others for months now. With it you can make individual and group video calls, as well as the most basic functions of a messaging service.

New Features:
  • Include all your contacts in group chats for up to 150 people.
  • Share more with status messages, photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs.
  • Turn any conversation into a free group video with up to 10 contacts.
  • Call any number in the world (and all calls to other Hangouts users are free!).
  • Connect your Google Voice account for phone calls, text messages, and voice mail integration.
  • Stay in touch with contacts on Android, iOS, and the Internet, and sync chats across all your devices.
  • Send messages to contacts at any time, even when they are disconnected.

Download Link For Android.


ViberIt is a free application. With Viber, we can write messages, call through VoIP and make video calls. It works perfectly, being one of those that show more quality despite not being as famous as the previous ones.

Why is Viber the best messaging application for you?

💬 Send free messages
Staying connected has never been so easy. Send a free text message, share a photo, a label or a GIF, a video or other file.

🤙Exchange audio and video calls
Make instant audio and video calls with friends and family for free!

👋 Open a group chat
Meet with friends, family and colleagues by opening a group chat for up to 250 members.

🔒 Call and call with 100% privacy
With end-to-end encryption, all the information you share in Viber is always between you and the person you’re talking to. Any message you send is opened from your device to the recipients in the form of an encrypted code that only your device can translate into plain text with an encryption key. Encryption keys are only available on user devices and nowhere else. Therefore no one, not even Viber, can read your messages.

🙈 Hide your chats
Would you like one of your chats to be invisible in the rest of your main chat list? With hidden chats, you can hide and access your conversation from your main chat list if you need it with a PIN.

💣 Destroy your secret chats
Start a secret chat where you can set a self-destruct timer for each message in your conversation. After reading your message, it will automatically be removed from the recipient’s phone.

😉Press GIFs and stickers
Words can only say a lot! Express all your emotions with more than an endless GIF and over 35,000 stickers from the Viber Sticker Market.

Download Link For Android.


WechatWeChat is a messaging and calling application that makes it easy to connect with family and friends in all countries. It is the all-in-one communication application for text messaging (SMS / MMS), voice and video calls, moments, sharing photos and games.

  • MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: Send video, photo, text and voice messages.
  • GROUP CHAT & CALLS: Create group chats for up to 500 people and group video calls for up to 9 people.
  • FREE VOICE AND VIDEO CALLS: Free high quality calls anywhere in the world.
  • DEPARTURE INFORMATION: calls to landlines and mobile networks worldwide at low fares (in certain regions only).
  • STICKER GALLERY: Hundreds of fun, funny, and free stickers to express your feelings about some of your favorite movies and cartoons.
  • MOMENTS: Share the best moments in your personal photo stream.
  • BETTER PRIVACY: WeChat gives you the most control over your privacy. It is the only TRUSTe certified messaging application.
  • KNOW NEW FRIENDS: Use “Friends Radar”, “Close people” and “Shake” to meet others.
  • REAL-TIME POSITION: Instead of having to tell other people where you are, simply use the shared location in real time.
  • LANGUAGE SUPPORT: It is available in 20 different languages and can translate messages into any language.
  • AND MORE: desktop application, personalized wallpaper, personalized notifications and official accounts.

Download Link For Android.


WireThe Wire instant messaging application can only be installed on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices, but this is offset by the possibility of using it through the browser. The wire also presents the typical functions of a messaging service: the offer includes a chat function with file transfer, as well as audio calls (with up to 5 user accounts) and video (only between two users). In addition, you can also share YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Spotify content with other Wire users.

The company responsible for Wire and the software development of the application is domiciled in Sweden and Germany. Apparently, the team attaches great importance to the security of all content that users exchange: any type of data transfer within the application is ensured by end-to-end encryption. On the other hand, it also speaks in favor of security the fact that, according to Wire’s suppliers, all the data of the application is stored on servers hosted in the European Union, although there has been no further information about the placed concrete. In general, the privacy policy of the European Union offers a higher level of protection for user data than in other parts of the world. For all of this, Wire is one of the most secure instant messaging services in the market.

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