Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

Free Website Builders For Small Business. Website Builder is a specialized online service that allows you to create and integrate web pages into a holistic structure – a website, as well as manage them without possessing special technical knowledge and skills. The files of the site created in the constructor are located in the cloud – a remote server hosting, the safety and performance of which is maintained by the team of administrators of the designer without user intervention.

Constructors are boxed web applications with a clear interface for an unprepared user; nothing extra to install. Editing pages, design appearance, and general setting are done online through the control panel, which can be accessed through any browser. There are a huge number of designers for creating websites, but in our ranking, only those of them that may be of interest from a practical or introductory point of view is shown. To compile this rating, we selected and tested the best systems that occupy strong positions in the market and enjoy stable demand.

Below is an independent rating with a brief description of the most popular designers of the Runet sites, which are suitable for both beginners and pros. Detailed reviews of opportunities and reviews for each of the nominees can be read separately – we all have them.

Best Free Website Builders For Small Business:


uCoz is a good website builder who is ahead of its competitors in many ways. The system is actively developing and does not lose its relevance for 12 years, constantly updating tools. In fact, the engine is able to implement most of the non-standard ideas, which attracts the attention of not only beginners but also professional developers. Obviously not for the prettiness, effects and marketing this designer settled on the first lines of many ratings. What made uCoz the engine that millions of users trusted and chose it for themselves?

Free Website Builders For Small Business
Free Website Builders For Small Business

Power. Yukoz combines the inherent capabilities of a large CMS, the technical functions of classic hosting and site builder. Built on a modular basis, which has great potential. Each of the 24 modules is responsible for the implementation of a specific task. They can be turned on / off in random order. The module is a complete piece of system functionality, the combination of which allows you to expand the site: from a simple home page with a guest book to a large portal with an online hypermarket. They are flexibly configured for any project. Provides access to FTP, the inclusion of php-scripts, API, etc.

A wealth of design options. Here you can create your own template in a special constructor or modify the preset template by editing the source html, css code. For a symbolic price, you can buy a premium template in the company store or order individual design development from the web studios of partners Yukoz, but already more expensive.


Wix is the world’s most popular website builder. It focuses primarily on the needs of novice users with zero knowledge of site building. Ideal for creating bright, memorable in form and content of business cards. If you need a quick and high-quality creation of a business site, but you do not have any special skills, it is best to create it in Weeks. The service comes with a convenient and beautiful visual editor, in which most of the actions on the site are performed using the mouse.

The most delicious thing in Wix is templates. Their quality and quantity pleases. No other constructor can compare with Vix on this basis. All templates are free, divided into thematic categories that simplify the selection and determine the scope of their application. It should be noted that in the process of working on the site to change the design to another will not work – this is a minus. But to customize – as much as necessary.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

The control panel is very pleasant, functionally well thought out, although not the simplest – it affects a large number of available settings. Among the interesting pieces: adding video to the background of the site, wide-format strips a la Landing page, geometric shapes, icons, parallax effects, animation and much more. There is one of the best image editors, such a mini-photoshop. Before publishing directly from a mobile phone, you can process a photo (cropping, stretching, zooming, applying effects, color correction, etc.) and placing it in the right place on the page.

The ability to edit the HTML code is missing, which is most likely for the better. Do not interfere with a high-quality visual designer with tools for geeks. The target audience of the service is newbies. For pros, there are other site builders. All functionality is implemented by adding widgets, components and various settings. In such a system, it will be difficult for an inexperienced person to do something wrong. That’s the calculation.

Wix has a built-in application store that can compensate for the shortcomings of the engine and enhance the existing functionality. True, not all of them are of high quality or useful. So you can attach a forum, connect online payments, install an interactive consultant (live-chat), add billing capabilities, work more fully with SEO settings and much more. The range of applications is large and constantly growing. The frequency of updates is the strength of Wix. A promising designer, with whom you can deal, without fear of remaining with him. The system will continue to grow dynamically.


uKit is the fastest growing designer with a clearly defined niche of use: creating websites for small and medium businesses. That is, business cards, portfolio, small shops, landing pages (single-page sites). The service copes brilliantly with the solution of the problems declared by the developers. The designer is equipped with a visual Drag & Drop editor, in which actions on the design are performed by dragging different content blocks and elements onto the page.

The control panel in Yukit is intuitive, it is ideal for beginners. It works nicely, the interface is easily mastered in 5 minutes. An hour later you will have a ready site. Immediately after selecting a template, you will be asked to fill in the contact and other information. Designs for clarity, have built-in thematic demo content, templates are grouped by popular areas and areas of activity.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

uKit is a quality website builder for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, representatives of various specialties or creative individuals for little money. There are three tariffs: Premium ($ 48 / year), Premium + ($ 64 / year) and Pro ($ 144 / year). In the higher rates added advanced statistics, the ability to use your own code, palettes, open access to premium templates and live chat with support. The first tariff plan will suit the majority of users. Also for $ 50 you can order the creation of a turnkey website directly from the developers. Using the promotional code UGUIDE-25, you additionally receive a guaranteed discount of 25% at any rate. The bonus is valid on a permanent basis.


Webasyst is best for creating huge stores. You will be able to implement a project of any complexity, no restrictions. Although a hypermarket with a million goods. It is possible to create blogs with business cards, but it looks more like an accessory against the background of the engine’s store power.

The platform may be of interest to those involved in the creation of client sites. Starting with tariff 2, it allows you to create up to 5 sites in one price. The cost of 1 project will be highly profitable. Making business cards on Webasyst is a bit more difficult than in other designers of our rating due to the unusual structure of the control panel and a huge number of settings. But the result is varied – you will be able to translate almost any ideas, your own or client ones, without being tied specifically to any particular format.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

There are downsides. Webasyst has just 9 free templates. The rest are purchased at prices ranging from 29 to 150 Dollars. The possibilities for customizing the design are also modest: changes to the site’s fonts and color scheme are obviously not enough to give a unique pattern. Only one way out – use the code editor. Having the skills, you can reshape the designs as you like. Download them to your PC. This is a free CMS, and its price is the need for programming skills for such work.

The control panel is structurally ordered, although it is perceived somewhat unusual. It is unlike any other in such systems. Just a huge amount of settings. In Webasyst, everything is tied to the use of applications. For example, blog, store, business card, support, and even notes are such applications. To simplify the understanding of the essence, we can draw a parallel with the modules in uCoz. There are also plugins, as in most CMS. There are a little more than 400 items. There are very useful and at the same time free copies like a tool for synchronization with “1C: Trade Management”. Although without a couple of paid plug-ins you can not do. The average cost of each is about 11 Dollars.

Yes, Webasyst is far from simple, but it can be quickly mastered thanks to a detailed help section. All the little things there are chewed up to the state of gruel. Technical support around the clock, friendly. The designer is not suitable for everyone. It is better to have experience or desire to understand for its effective use. For the pros, he will not be difficult. A 30-day trial will help you decide whether to use Webasyst. All functionality will be available.


Diafan is a serious and well-balanced service, suitable for creating all types of sites. It is a full-fledged CMS that is automatically installed on the hosting upon registration in the system. In practice, this means the power and availability of FTP access to all files. An interesting compromise for those who want to get the capabilities of a content management system, while avoiding the difficulties of administering a web server, security settings and other things. Pro-tool wrapped in a wrapper for novice users.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

We immediately note the loyalty of technical support: it not only answers the questions, but can, at a simple request, do a simple job for you: glue the site mirrors, set up 301 redirects, attach a new or delegate an existing domain, install metrics counters, connect analytics and everything in this the spirit. It is absolutely free. Ask – get it.

Diafan is not very simple, but difficult to master for beginners cannot be called. Average for this indicator system. Experienced in general in a couple of minutes will figure out what’s what. Best of all, the advantages of the service are manifested when creating stores. This statement is dictated by the presence of convenient / powerful marketing and SEO tools, as well as the outstanding speed of the engine and the ability to withstand huge traffic without a decline in site performance.

The control panel has a modular structure. You can customize it to your taste by adding / removing modules. Suppose, working on a business card, you can safely throw away half of the admin options without harming the cause. To the eyes do not callous.

Diafan fully justifies 5th place in our TOP. An extra spoon of honey is a reasonable cost of tariffs. The main disadvantage is that beginners will have to be attentive and take some time to master the service. Otherwise, everything is fine.


Ucraft is a well-designed designer for creating business cards, portfolios and blogs. In addition, there is a functional for the design of landing pages (landing pages) and shops. This is a platform with a visual design editor, which in itself means convenience and ease of use. The kit includes about 60 templates, the number of which is gradually increasing. The quality of the proposed templates is good.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

The service has a convenient control panel, logically divided into a site editor with a widget panel and a dashboard, where all other features are categorized. Any page consists of blocks formed by adding widgets to it. The list of the latter is sufficient for solving structural tasks of the constructor: text, article, menu, form, map, timer, HTML code, slider, social bar, gallery, video, button, article category, etc. There is also an assortment of blocks with ready-made design and structure for specific tasks: header, gallery, reviews, footer, speakers and others. You can also create pages from scratch without targeting ready-made templates.

In the dashboard, find the section with the integration of the capabilities of third-party services, which will add functionality to the standard widgets. Intercom, Google Analytics, Disqus, HelloBar, Shopify, ZendeskChat, PayPal, Instagram, TypeForm and others are among the integrations. In addition, by inserting the code into the pages, you can add any needed gadgets such as an online consultant, a service calculator, third-party social buttons, and more. That is, 16 built-in integrations are not the limit of Jukraft.

Beginners will like the progress system from Ucraft: the editor is waiting for you on the site creation checklist. It is enough to go on it to achieve a result. Don’t miss anything with him. The cost of the annual rental of the engine – $ 77 . For $ 150, get the opportunity to create a store, although this is a side functionality. The service is pleasant to use and best reveals its merits when working with business sites and blogs. On this and should be guided when choosing Ucraft.


1C-UMI is derived from UMI.CMS, and now Yumi is part of 1C, which is famous for its accounting software packages and the popular store CMS 1C-Bitrix. Quite a powerful tandem of experienced development teams, which has already begun to positively affect the functionality of 1C-UMI. Rarely in the SaaS platform, you will find the possibility of synchronization with “1C: Trade Management”. Here it is. Well, on the whole, the 1C-UMI shop slope is clearly visible, which is not surprising. Although other types of sites here can be created with a similar level of quality. Creating a business card in 1C is a simple matter. Choose a template, create a menu structure, fill the resulting pages with content, and the site is ready. The level of quality is not the best, but quite decent. With templates in 1C-UMI, the situation is not bad: there are many, you can change at any time, the subjects are varied, the quality of most is good. Among other things, standard designs can be modified by editing the CSS code.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

In general, 1C-UMI is a simple and very promising designer, designed to create commercial sites. Its functionality is most pronounced when creating stores, although business cards can also be made. But we still recommend choosing this platform for developing a trading platform. The cost of tariffs is moderate.


Nethouse is a very interesting and accessible designer. It is best used to create stores. But business card sites here are very nice to do. The system is well suited for the role of the first designer in the hands of a beginner who urgently needs to arrange a mini-site for their activities. The result is good and does not require much effort to achieve it.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

The designer is commercial. There are several tariff plans in the system – starting from the free “Start” promotional tariff and ending with the “Business” package for 6 Dollars a month. Theoretically, Nethaus can be used for free, but, as usual, with restrictions. There will be a copyright system in the footer, plus you can add very few products. Domain also cannot connect. As elsewhere, Free is suitable only for familiarization with the system.

Given the moderate cost and a good level of convenience/quality, Nethouse can be recommended for small and medium businesses, as well as novice developers. The system, in fact, has one noticeable minus – poor design customization capabilities.


Site123 is a specific constructor that a few years ago Seopult developers rolled out to the market together with Sape. It is designed to create business cards, blogs, and shops. There is a strong lurch from the influence of development teams: you will be offered a free promotion on low-frequency queries and will give a free domain after filling in 5 pages of the site. You can also order a site audit, contextual advertising, etc. for a fee.

There is just a myriad of templates (about 7,000, they say, but of course we did not count), although most of them are extremely similar. A couple of hundreds of various templates of average quality, probably typed. Opportunities for their modification are small, and the local visual editor looks old-fashioned. The cost of tariffs is affordable and starts at 3 Dollars per month. You can also purchase an eternal rate at double the cost of any of the usual. That is, for the biennial payment you get the site forever. Interesting marketing.

Setup is a platform that is not deprived of attractiveness due to the tolerable functionality, attractive bonuses, moderate cost, and simplicity. This is middling for most indicators that beginners might like. Before the leaders, they clearly fall short, but they managed to get into our TOP.


Jimdo is a German website builder for creating online business cards, stores and portfolios. Good service, but unfortunately there is no language localization. Extremely simple, perhaps even primitive in places. Nevertheless, it makes it easy to achieve a good result.

It has a fairly large set of ready-made blocks that will allow in a few minutes to form the structure of the pages. Then you just have to fill them with content – replace the texts and photos with your own. The service has mobile applications that allow you to quickly make edits and add new materials to the site, even from a smartphone.

Free Website Builders For Small Business

The cost of using Jimdo is 71 Dollars/year for those who want to create a regular website or 146 Dollars/year for those who need an online store. The platform can be interesting to those who create a website for foreign audiences: The English admin panel, design trends and a set of connected services fully comply with the requirements of the western market.

Which site builder is better to choose?

There are a lot of site designers on the market. We tested hundreds of systems, but selected the top 10 and ranked them in descending order of attractiveness of use. However, there is not one among them that will unconditionally suit anyone with any task.

When choosing you to need to focus on the level of skill, budget and the nature of the task before you. So be sure to read the full reviews, select 2-3 services that suit you by most of the parameters. Then test them personally. It will take no more than an hour.

By universality, uCoz bypasses all, because in it you can create any type of site with the same degree of success. Excellent balance, which is beyond the power of most competitors. But to create, for example, a business card site, many more fit uKit or Wix. It is easier to work with them: create pages, customize the design, add functionality.

That’s all.