How to Check Traffic to Work or Home on Google Maps

If you want to check before leaving home what is the traffic to work to plan your trip we explain how to do it with Google Maps.

How to Check Traffic to Work or Home on Google

Google Maps has become one of those essential applications for most of us. Thanks to this App, the simplicity and ease with which we can reach the sites is really good. It is enough that we put an exit address and another destination in the application and we will have the best routes configured thanks to GPS. In this way, getting anywhere becomes a simple task.

If you want to quickly see nearby traffic and the incidents that may be in your area just open Google Maps normally. Swipe from the left end of the screen to the center to show the application menu, and among its options click on the Traffic to activate it and leave it selected.

But probably before arriving at the sites we ask ourselves, will there be a lot of traffic? This can change every day and of course, we never know if we should leave before, after or when because the road will have some retention? And these questions surely we do them every morning before leaving home when we go to work because we do not want to be late, or choose the road where there is more traffic jam.

In order to solve these questions, Google Maps offers us the possibility to check the traffic that there is in a certain route so that in this way we can look for an alternative. In addition, you will be able to which sections are more congested and which do not have traffic. Here’s how you can do this.

Step 1. First of all, open the application on our phone. It does not matter if our phone has an Android or iOS operating system since the steps are the same for both devices.

Once here, we must display the main menu located in the left corner represented by three dashes. We select “Your sites”.

Step 2. In the section “Your sites” we must fill in the fields “Home” and “Work” with the corresponding addresses.

Step 3. Once we have this, we can establish our route. Next, we must display the menu located in the right corner and click on “Traffic”.

Step 4. Then you have to select “How to get there” so that the route is created.

Step 5. Now we will be able to see on our map the estimated time of our journey. Also depending on the colors of the sections, we will be able to know the traffic status.

How to Check Traffic to Work or Home on Google

Traffic status based on color
  • Green: Correct traffic
  • Orange: Moderate traffic
  • Red: Congested

In addition, we will also be able to know, if there is an Accident or Works In- Progress or any other Notification on the Roads.

In this way, you will be able to control the time you take the sites, as well as which is the most appropriate route at each time. This feature of being able to know the traffic, we can use it on any route that we indicate in Google Maps.

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