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Best Google Chrome Extensions to Download & Save YouTube Videos – Top Four

Download videos from YouTube and other platforms which don’t allow direct downloading. These Chrome extension will let you download videos from most of the top-notch video hosts. If we the best creations of the century in internet world than YouTube will surely among the top tens. In 2006 this platform was formed contains few Cat videos. But with the passage of time this platform started dominating over others. Within few months this videos hosts becomes the most accessed platforms on the World Wide Web. Now YouTube is the database of billion of users.

Why doesn’t YouTube let users download video?

The biggest drawback of YouTube is “No direct Downloading”. One of the most common FAQ about YouTube is why YouTube don’t allow video downloading?

YouTube is just a platform. The content available on YouTube is created and uploaded by the channel holders. Channel owner earns from the views and subscribers. They get paid for each and every view. If YouTube allows direct downloading than the income of entire YouTube family can be effected. According to our point of view this is absolutely right. The person who struggles and create genuine content for viewers must be rewarded the price. For example, if there was a direct downloading option on YouTube, Despacito could not cross even 2 billion views, now its on 6 Billion+.

That’s our assumption not an official statement by the YouTube. Anyhow, still the internet users also have a valid logic. It can’t happen that a user always have internet connection. They want to download songs from YouTube to listen them offline. After reading arguments we concluded that YouTube Authorities are on the right spot.

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Download Videos from YouTube:

Well, Google Chrome Web Store is overloaded with handy and impressive Extensions. These Extensions enable the Google Chrome users to get maximum of Chrome. Also, they enhance our internet usage and Chrome experience. Similarly, there are plenty of YouTube Videos Downloading extensions for Chrome.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Youtube Downloading

Don’t be so quick because none of these extensions are official. Google Chrome don’t like such illegal stuff. That’s why they removed such extension once the algorithm detect these.

We can’t mention the name of those extensions. ATechGuides don’t promote the illegal tools, apps and other stuff. Today’s article is for informational purpose purely. The only thing which you can do is the Save videos offline which channel holders allow.


According to facts and figures collected in 2019, YouTube is the second biggest website ever. After the Google the second click on internet goes on YouTube.

YouTube Interesting Facts & Figures:

If YouTube were a stock than its worth would be more than 75 Billion Dollars.

YouTube was created by the ex-employees of PayPal Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005. Later the Google Bought YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stock.

The First video on YouTube was by Jawed Karim (Co-Founder of YouTube). Video duration was 0:18 and on it was uploaded on April 23, 2005 at 20:26:42 and the rest is history. Video Title is Me at the Zoo.

The iconic dance step Gangnum Style, every YouTube user must know about it. This song by officialpsy was the first video to cross 1 Billion views on YouTube.

Despacito song by Louis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is the most viewed video on YouTube till now. This song is streamed over 6.5 Billion+ times till date. Number of views is twice to the number of world population who have internet access.

There are many more facts, but we can’t explain those all here.

Ok Viewers! That’s all from our side. We hope you will avoid using the unofficial extensions and Video Downloaders later on.