Top 15 Google Chrome New Tab Extensions- Customize New Tabs

Google chrome is one of the most famous internet browsers. Almost everyone who uses the internet is familiar with Google chrome. Though it is probably the best option available right now still it really lacks customization. For a long time, we are seeing that same page with bookmarks. No doubt, this approach is comfortable or useful for some people. But it has no option for the rest of the users.

As it is said change is a necessary thing. So there are many different extensions of Google chrome available on the Chrome store. These extensions are also used to customize new tabs of google chrome.  For this purpose will discuss Top 15 Google chrome New Tab Extensions- Customize New Tabs. Through these extensions, you can change the theme of new tabs. You can create a different look, add some functions in it or you can entirely change the page.

Top 15 Google Chrome New Tab Extensions- Customize New Tabs

In this post, we will discuss some best Google Chrome new tab extensions. These extensions can be used to customize a new tab on Google Chrome. Following are the extensions of Google Chrome:

Earth View from Google Earth

View from google earth is liked a lot by users. The main reason for its liking is a beautiful background picture. A beautiful picture of Google earth can be seen on the opening of the extension. The extension has more than 1500 pictures in its gallery. You can share your favorite images as well. Moreover, you can set any picture as your wallpaper as well.

Google Chrome New Tab extensions

You can see images from the last 10 tabs opened. This add-on gives a new image every time on opening the tab. Other than this, you can also know about the image by clicking at the globe on the lower right. For the best performance of this browser, disable any other photo tab chrome extension.

Add Earth View from Google Earth 


The best and unique feature of this extension is social networking. Your tab turns in to a social dashboard based on social networking. In this way, you can bring together all your favorite sites in one place. Other than this, it also gives notification for the efficient management of social networks.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

Browse by categories or click a specific source to discover great items. A personal news feed can be used to run items from your favorite sites and social networks. Along with this, a personal newsreader keeps you updated with your favorite sources. Your time is saved and productivity can be increased by using these features.

Add OneFeed


Dayboard is the best option for those who organize everything before doing it. Because this extension provides you a board where you can add 5 tasks daily. You need to complete these tasks by the end of the day. These tasks will appear again and again on opening new tabs.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

Along with this, there is a built-in ad blocker that will save you from distractions like Facebook, Youtube, etc. It also helps you in getting focused by showing a single task at a time. The extension also has an option of history where you can review your progress.

Add Dayboard

Dream Afar

Dream Afar is another extension of Google Chrome. This extension shows some elegant and fantastic photos. These photos are of different types such as sceneries, flowers, and photos related to travel. In the latest version, you can share these photos on facebook as well.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

This extension requires only two permissions. One is Geolocation to get a location for the weather. While the other is browsing history to show you the most visited URLs. At the right bottom corner, time and location are displayed. Along with this, a Google search bar is also present. It is said that it resembles a lot.

Add Dream Afar

Card Board

The cardboard extension is very similar to Google. If you are not happy with the default new tab, then try Cardboard extension with more material design. On opening the new tab it shows installed extensions, recent downloads, and bookmarks in a presentable way.

Google Chrome New Tab ExtensionsYou can quickly access your bookmarks, history, and apps with style. Moreover, it provides the user the shortcuts of cookies, browsing history and passwords in the new tab. Cardboard uses Google Analytics to collect usage data.

Add Card Board


Currently is also an extension of Google Chrome which gives beautiful looks. On the new tab page, it shows information such as time, weather forecast, and current temperature. This extension has a very intuitive interface. It is liked by users due to its user-friendly use.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

It looks simple and decent but has a great attraction. You can easily change its color and location manually. More themes can be purchased if you want to beautify its look more.

Add Currently


Home is less like a new tab page, rather it looks like some android launcher. Because it has a lot of icons including notification panels, badges, recently closed tabs, and quick notes. The thing that makes it unique is that it is comparatively bigger than other extensions.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

On this extension, you can add shortcuts of different custom apps such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and Facebook. The speed of this extension has improved a lot. You can hide any of the elements you don’t want to show.

Add Home


Momentum is an extension for Google Chrome which can turn you into an inspired person. It can transform your boring tab page into an informative tab as well. You can use a button present in this extension for unrolling a bookmarks bar (if you don’t want a bookmarks bar on the default page).

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

Other than this, dedicated links, a search box, inspirational quote, a to-do list, things on which you want to focus and local weather can also be unrolled through this button.

Add Momentum

Speed Dial 2

The unique feature of speed dial 2 is that it provides you with quick access to history, most visited pages, and bookmarks. Not only this but also it provides you the feature of the organization of websites you visit regularly for efficient working. A sidebar can also be used to show different things such as applications, bookmarks, etc.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

It enables you to drop large and fat buttons on the new tab page. Instead of writing address in the search bar or clicking bookmarks. This feature saves you time. While applications can also be put on a special bottom bar for easier access.

Add Speed Dial 2

Muzli 2

If you want to stay updated with the latest information and shots then Muzli 2 is the best option for an extension. It was created by InVision which is one of the greatest design software companies in the world. This extension provides you the latest designs, UI, UIX, and news from all over the world.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

Other than this, Muzli also allows you to select different publications and features of your favorite publishers every day. So with beautiful designs and amazing functionalities, it is considered one of the best options for extension.

Add Muzli 2

Blank New Tab

From the name it is clear, it will be having a blank page. When you install this extension, a white blank screen appears on a new tab page. There is nothing on the page to attract you on the new tab page.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

It has no search box, no list of websites. Even it doesn’t display time. Blank New Tab is really a good extension for the people who want to have complete peace. This extension is all about peace simplicity.

Add Blank New Tab


Features that make Taco unique are its speed and privacy. Taco is faster even than the chrome page. While for privacy, your browsing history cannot be accessed. With taco, you can see and set your tasks on priority bases. Taco also allows you to see tasks from 40 other sites such as Asana, GitHub, Trello, Gmail, etc. Other than desktop it can also be used for mobiles and tablets.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

A minimum number of permissions and accesses are required by Taco to perform its job. It includes permission to change the new tab and access to two websites i.e. Taco’s own site and Taco’s image (CDN) site. The most productive feature is that you can easily drag and drop all your tasks, tickets, chats, and other work on one screen.

Add Taco

iChrome New Tab

iChrome tab has a new tab page as fast as lightning. This new tab page supports a dashboard consisting of stunning backgrounds, news, weather, sports, RSS, to do, etc. Its customization option makes it faster and more productive along with the elegant look. You can customize as much as you can imagine or think. The browser contains more than 50 widgets including a lot of amazing backgrounds and excellent features.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

This extension will work anytime, everything even when offline. Its background wallpapers will be ready as well. You can get dark and transparent themes, live wallpapers, maximizable widgets, hourly weather reports, and many other features by upgrading to pro.

Add iChrome New Tab

Figure It Out

The time zones, you work and play in, are displayed beautifully by this extension. A time zone can add up to ten time zones to your screen. This addition of time zones makes it easy for you to schedule meetings, connect with your family and to beat timezone change syndrome known as Jetlag.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

Figure it out extension is also known as FIO. Other than this, you can change the timezone through typing for every location or scroll to enjoy the gradients.

Download Figure It Out


As name shows, this extension helps you in setting your priorities. It emphasizes a lot on setting priorities. Not only this, but it also reminds you of your priorities every time you open a new tab. These priorities can be set for the day, week, and month.

Google Chrome New Tab Extensions

This extension has very beautiful and attractive displays. Also, it is a very easy extension to use. The more you will use this app, the more useful it will become for you.

Add Prioritab


So these are Top 15 Google Chrome New Tab Extensions- Customize New Tabs. These extensions will help you to customize your new tab page. You can customize the themes, colors, and features according to your wish. All of these extensions are available on the chrome store. The user has to just add these extensions to the chrome and enjoy the customization as much as you want.