Google Makes An Important Change To The Search App

A look at the updated version of the Google Search app reveals that Google is eliminating its Voice Search feature in favor of the Google Assistant. Voice search can be found in the Google search app and in the app widget. The iconic microphone icon, once tapped, would allow the user to verbally request a search. But now Google wants its virtual digital assistant to take all the voice searches.


You can find a slight change in the Google Search app (also known as Google app) in version 10.24 or 10.28 beta. The microphone icon once located on the right side of the search bar has been replaced by the Google Assistant icon. Also, the previous search bar included the words “Say Hey Google“, while the updated version now says “Ask any question“.

Google Assistant is at the heart of Google’s ecosystem. It is considered the best digital assistant among the top four, a group that also includes Alexa, Siri Apple, and Microsoft Cortana. According to Google, there are now more than 1 million shares that Google Assistant can handle. And with the Assistant available on all Google Home smart speakers and on the smart Nest Hub screens, replacing Voice Search with Google Assistant is a way for the company to synchronize all its apps and devices.

Apple Had An Advantage With Siri, But Google Assistant Passed Apple’s Digital Helper

Google hasn’t finished distributing this update to everyone yet, but it’s easy to see if it has reached your phone. Just open the Google search app and take a look at the icon in the search bar.

The first virtual assistant found on a smartphone was Siri, which debuted with Apple’s iPhone 4 on October 4, 2011. Apple acquired the technology when it purchased Siri Inc. in 2010. At that time, Siri was an app concierge in apple. App Store and its developers have planned to offer it for Android and BlackBerry devices. Although Apple had an advantage in this space, some former employees of the company declared last year that Apple lost Siri’s vision the day after its first presentation on iPhone 4s; That was the day Steve Jobs died.

Meanwhile, numerous tests have shown that Google Assistant recognizes questions and answers better than Siri. A comprehensive test was conducted last year of the four major digital assistants of the venture capital firm Loup Ventures and its analyst Gene Munster. According to test results, Google Assistant responded correctly than its competitors in the five categories tested (Local, Commerce, Navigation, Information and Command). Siri has finished the last one in three categories and has successfully obtained only 12% of navigation queries. Alexa finished second in four of the categories, while Cortana finished third in three of the charts.

The above test was carried out on smart speakers. So, a few months later, Loup returned the participants to the trip, but this time he used several smartphones. The Google Assistant on a Pixel XL included all 800 questions asked. Siri misunderstood 11 questions, while Alexa and Cortana failed 13 and 19 respectively. Google Assistant won four of the five categories (local, commerce, navigation and information) and ranked second in one of them. Siri came second in four categories, beating the Google Assistant in charge. Alexa was everywhere with a second-place (Information), three finishes (Local bond, Commerce, Information, Command) and finished the last in a category (Navigation). Cortana was ranked last in three categories (Commerce, Information, Command) and was ranked third twice (Local-tie, Navigation).

(Via: 9to5Google)

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