Google Photos update helps Android users capture receipts, documents easier than ever

google photos

Google Photos, the very known photo sharing and storage service created by Google, is obtaining a small yet important update on Android. There are a lot of users that are taking advantage of the app/service combo and capture receipts or documents and store them for later use.

google photos

Until now, if you want your pictures to look nice and show just the receipt or document, you are required to crop it yourself. Of course, this can be done very easily and simply with the tools provided by Google Photos, however, it took some extra time.

Starting on, Google Photos will automatically crop receipts and documents for all the users of Android. Google has simply declared that an update to the Android app is currently rolling out for all users as we tend to speak.

Every time you capture a document or a receipt, you ought to see suggestions to crop them to get rid of the background and shut down the sides. Everything is completed automatic, therefore you simply ought to press the “Crop & adjust” option and your pictures will look the way you want them.

Naturally, you can further crop and edit your pictures. If the tool provided by Google does not get it right for you, however, this feature is not going anyway. But, for people who simply ought to take away and/or rotate a picture of a document, this update can prevent a lot your valuable time.

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