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Google Stops Selling the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on its Store Now

Google launch Pixel 2 phone in 2017 and today it is still a very relevant device. In fact, there are several peoples who currently use it as their everyday phone and they are quite happy with its working. The users of Pixel 2 can also get an early view at Android Q, so it makes a lot of sense why people still want to buy this phone, especially when they can get it for $300 off. But Google thinks it’s time for buyers to consider purchasing the newer Pixel 3 and due to this they are taking the older version of its store’s shelves.

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When you trying to access the Pixel 2 listing on the Google store redirects you to the Pixel 3 page instead. The site’s “Phones” section only shows the Pixel 3, Stand, Buds, and their associated accessories, but doesn’t list the Pixel 2 anymore. The only place where the device is still mentioned is under the “Find the right Pixel for you” section, which compares the three iterations, but only lets you buy the newest one.


Taking into consideration we’re talking about a device released a year and a half ago, does it makes sense for Google to stop listing it on its official store? Recently the company discounted it for Valentine’s day, hinting it was looking at selling the last remaining units.

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Third-party retailers still sell the phone such as Best Buy they are giving a discount of $400 on pixel 2. For those peoples who are considering to purchase the Pixel 3, its price recently dropped $200, so it might be possible to think about buying the newer model instead.