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Google Wifi 3 Factory Refurb $120 on Woot

if you have issues with Wi-Fi range around your house, Google Wifi is one of the best and easiest ways to rectify these issues. It’s not one of the newest systems out there, but it is a quick setup and Google incorporation mean that it’s still a great and extraordinary option. Woot is now offering Factory refurbished wifi 3 pack in just $209.99.


Google Wifi expand your home’s Wi-Fi range by making a system Hub of nodes that broadcast the Wi-Fi signal from all around your house. I’ve had one of these 3-packs for over a year now, and it’s still doing a great job. Besides this, if you have a mansion and need even more nodes in it, you can always purchase additional Wifi units and add them to your system network.

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We’ve seen brand-new Wifi 3-packs discounted to $219.99 before, and some people had trouble taking advantage of that deal in the past. Today’s woot is also offering a new deal which is that you can buy new Google wifi 3 pack factory refurb in just $209.99 and this deal is only available for seven more hours, so you’d better hurry if you’re interested in purchasing it. Shipping is free if you’re a Prime member of Woot, and it also comes with a 90-day Google warranty.

Now you can log in here and purchase it with an amazing deal.