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12 Best Horoscope Apps for Android & iOS

12 Best Horoscope Apps for Android & iOS

The stress of daily routine and the excess activity to which we are often subjected does not leave us much time for ourselves. Work, family, our partner, friends, etc. they are factors that can influence us both positively and negatively and that is why it is always good to know a little better everything around us.

Do you like astrology? It may not be very “Tech”, but every once in a while we all need a few words that boost our spirits.

Today there are many services that allow us, in one way or another, to know what the future has prepared for us in the different areas of our lives and many people make use of them. In this sense, the arrival of smartphones has also been a revolution for this type of services that now allow us to know our tarot and our luck from anywhere and have it all in the palm of our hand.

If you believe that the celestial bodies mark your personality and direction or if you simply see the horoscopes as a source of fun, having the correct application will help you not having to search the thousands of internet pages dedicated to it.

Here we present many different Astrology Applications that we believe provide the best experience for the user.

Chaturanga Astrology

Chaturanga Astrology

Chaturanga Astrology: It’s your direct, personal and completely confidential chat.
With professional Vedic astrologers. Our astrologers will help you and give you.
Horoscope astrology tips and future predictions based on your birth chart or numerology chart.

If you do not believe in coincidences and sometimes you want to have a compass.
For the navigation of life, Chaturanga is here to advise you, be it yours
The question is specific or strategic.

Just share your birth dates and ask the question. It will be forwarded to
our team of astrologers who create and base your birth chart
The table reads the horoscope for you.

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Horoscope allows you to access your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. The application gives you the possibility to chat with a psychic and if you ask questions it will answer in a few minutes. It integrates with the Apple Watch.

Your Horoscope In The Flash
Download our horoscope app now and read your free horoscope for today, tomorrow, week, month or even year on your phone or tablet!

Horoscope In Your Bag
The present, the future … What have the planets saved for their love life, career, health or friendships?
Our astrological horoscopes and readings, written by carefully selected professional astrologers, can guide you daily!

Free Astri Products
Test your love compatibility with other zodiac signs and enjoy our Chinese and seasonal horoscopes! How is the summer for you? What does your Chinese character mean? We have the answers!

Live Chat
Our application allows you to chat live with media!
They will help you discover what the future holds. Ask your question the medium of your choice and get a clear and precise answer within seconds. We guarantee a personalized service that is carried out by authentic media.

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The Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope

If you want an application that provides different types of horoscopes, then Daily Horoscope is the application is perfect for you. You will have access to your daily horoscope, along with the Chinese horoscope and zodiacal compatibility.


  • Daily Horoscope (including tomorrow’s horoscope)
  • Weekly horoscope
  • Monthly Horoscope
  • Simple start Horoscope widget
  • Zodiac compatibility horoscope:
  • Chinese Horoscope for 2018 and 2017.
  • Horoscope of the zodiac for 2018 and 2017.
  • Druid horoscope
  • Possibility to travel up to one week
  • Daily reminders for the daily horoscope that you can set
  • Custom colors and font size (setting in Preferences)

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Horoscope and tarot

Horoscope and tarot

This application gives you access to your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. It also makes a daily reading of the tarot and allows you to communicate with an astrologer. The application even comes with several games, including the mood ring and the magic ball of love. It comes in both English and Spanish.

Horoscope & Astrology offers many free and first class opportunities for you to get valuable insights and wisdom from the above-mentioned stars. Our team of expert astrologers, clairvoyants, and tarot card readers provides information on love, careers, money, health and much more for all zodiac signs:

♈ Aries
♑ Capricorn

Our horoscope app offers a variety of daily horoscopes, tarot cards, links to psychic readings, free and premium games and more. If you need astrological wisdom, cosmic advice, or daily updates to your zodiac, download the horoscope and astrology application now!

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Astrolis Horoscopes

Astrolis Horoscopes

This application uses planetary positions to provide relevant and timely horoscopes. All signs of the zodiac are included: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

You can customize the application so that your horoscope appears when you open it. It also comes with tarot readings that you can share through social networks or your email.

TAROT READINGS: Looking for information on a specific question or problem in your life? Tarot cards can help explain your current situation and anticipate future events. In this application, you will receive a daily tarot reading of three free cards.

DAILY PERSPECTIVES: Are you looking for a brief summary of some key issues in your life? With our simple 5-star system you get individual qualifications for your perspective on money, energy, love and mood.

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Astro-guru: Horoscope + Palmistry

In Astro guru, we have the only application available on Google Play that offers free palm reading and Horoscop predictions for a week. The most interesting thing about this application is that it is able to scan and read the palm of your hand.

Thanks to dates such as the date of our birth or the reading of the lines of our hands, we will have the opportunity to know what happiness has prepared us. The app’s predictions cover a wide range of topics: friendship, love, money, success, career, marriage, romance, etc.

Get an idea of what to expect with Astro Guru – a unique predictive application that delivers astrological predictions (jyotishi) through free daily horoscopes and palmistry. We offer daily prophecies from horoscopes and also during the week. With more than 4 million downloads, Astro Guru is the only exclusive application that gives you the best handheld screen scanning and reading experience on the palm of your hand. There is no better application for astrology than us.

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My dreams

My dreams

Who has never asked what a night’s dream means? If you are one of those people who can be curious, this is your application.

The application “My Dreams” connects our mobile device with the largest dream interpretation database on the Internet. In this way, we will have the opportunity to know the meaning of that dream that worries us or our friends so much and that repeats itself so many times.

All we have to do is enter the keywords of our dream and the application will be responsible for explaining what it means.

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Astro Gold

Astro Gold is the professional Android Astrology application you’ve been waiting for!

You have requested and delivered professional software on a mobile device. In addition to high-precision calculations, you can also read professional astrological interpretations. Astro Gold v2 presents the interpretations Natal, Transit, Progression and Synastry, which makes astrology in motion even easier.

The application is clean, clear and concise and uses the latest files from Swiss Ephemeris and ACS Atlas.

If you like astrology and want a professional astrology application, look no further. If you are a PC Solar Fire program user, you can exchange graphics files between this application and your Solar Fire program by importing and exporting emails.

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Venus: Horoscope and Natal Chart

9.Venus: Horoscope and Natal Chart

Read your daily horoscope and create your birth chart with ascending interpretation, planets, houses and aspects.

Venus is an astrology application that calculates your birth chart and provides an interpretation according to the position of the planets at birth.

Understand why not always people with the same sign are necessarily the same, what each planet represents in its life and in what context it occurs.

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Timepassages is ideal for beginners, but also for experienced astrologers and puts astrology at your fingertips! Enjoy free daily horoscopes and discover the meaning behind your Sun Shield, the Moon Sign, and the ascending Shield. Learn more about planetary bodies with the full astrology glossary of the application. In addition, you can buy beautiful color charts with insightful interpretations for just 99 cents each. Read below the many free and paid features:

Free Feature: Calculation of the sun, the moon, and the ascending sign

  • Enables you to enter and save your profiles with photos for friends and family.
  • The sign of the sun, as well as the information of the signs of the moon and the rebellion and the day horoscope are always free.
  • Includes detailed descriptions as well as the location of the house for the sun and moon in your table.

Free Feature – Current Astrology

  • One touch is removed until the last minute of current astrology.
  • If you use your default location or your phone’s GPS, the application centers the table in its current location.
  • Moon phases and the next retrograde Mercury periods are placed on the home screen for easy reference.

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Horoscoper Club

Horoscoper Club

Horoscoper Club: a clubhouse to play with friends, run by professional astrologers, a lot of fun for lovers of astrology.

Horoscoper Club: Enjoy free daily horoscopes of love, careers, health, beauty, and energy, receive instant advice with the tarot cards, and get intuitive inspiration from birth chart, current chart, diagnosis, and passes with a full bodily interpretation.

Discover the most interesting prediction to play our competitions.

Numerology, moon phase, retrograde Mercury and zodiac compatibility are available free of charge

Let us be your spiritual life coach, we make astrology easy to understand, anyone can enjoy horoscopes and Zodiacs unhindered.

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Tarot Card Reading

Want to eliminate all your confusions, doubts and insecurities in life? The reading of tarot cards and the horoscope allow the free reading of tarot cards!

When reading tarot cards and horoscopes, all you have to do is think about a question in one of the following areas of your life and get an immediate answer.

The Categories to choose from Include:

  • Daily Horoscope
  • Celtic cross, a tree of life.
  • Meanings of all letters
  • Is your wish fulfilled or not?
  • life, love, relationships, health, money, family, friends.
  • Dreams, ambitions, travel, work, and career.
  • Focus, success, happiness, marriage, emotional and mental state
  • Marriage, past life, key to your life, help with the decision, yes or no
  • Read Birthday (What’s your next year?)
  • Monthly reading (detailed reading of 5 letters)
  • Is your wish fulfilled or not?
  • Read 2018 (detailed reading of 5 cards)

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