How to access the Emoji picker on iPad using a physical keyboard

By | April 2, 2020

Apple’s Smart Keyboard spreads and Smart Keyboard Folio rock a Globe key for rapidly accessing the Emoji picker, however good karma discovering it on hardware keyboards made by other manufacturers. Hell, even Apple’s latest Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro lacks a dedicated Globe key. Things being what they are, how would you access the Emoji picker while using a hardware keyboard with your iPad?

Where did the Globe key go?

I’m a heavy iPad user and my arrangement incorporates the past generation iPad Pro (the 2018 model) and Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio. Up until now, it’s been great and my lone complaint deals with lack of a backlight, which renders the expensive keyboard attachment useless in the dark.

Although the Smart Keyboard Folio from Apple already features a dedicated Emoji key which you can press to get to the Emoji picker rapidly, the company’s Magic Keyboard and most other external iPad keyboards from other manufacturers aren’t nearly as modified.

Track with our bit by bit tutorial to learn how to raise the Emoji picker from anywhere where emojis are upheld while using a physical keyboard with your iPad.

How to access the Emoji picker on external iPad keyboards

This will be the briefest tutorial ever.

To type emoji on an external iPad keyboard, be certain the cursor is in a book field and press the accompanying combination on keys on the keyboard to raise an onscreen keyboard switcher:

Control (⌃) + Space

Now you can use the Up and Down arrows on the keyboard to choose the Emoji keyboard from the rundown of keyboard layouts you recently added in iPadOS.

ios keyboard switcher

Thanks to legitimate mouse, trackpad and pointer support in the iPadOS 13.4 software, you can navigate the emoji picker and select the emoji you want without having to use the touchscreen at all. And with Full Keyboard Access, you can even take advantage of your external keyboard to control your iPad and navigate the sum of the iPad user interface.

I learned about this super-handy tip from Dan Moren of Six Colors, who shared it four years ago in his 2016 post, via Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

Goodness almost overlooked… If you’re not on team Emoji and don’t type Emoji characters regularly, you probably needn’t bother with a dedicated Globe key at all. Be that as it may, if your keyboard has one, how about remapping it to, say, the Escape key capacity? While we’re at it, you can also rebind another hardware modifier that enters in iPadOS 13.4, including the Command, Option and Caps Lock keys.

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Accessing the emoji picker in macOS

On your Mac, you get a dedicated keyboard alternate way that you can hit anytime you want to access up the Emoji picker from almost anywhere a content field could be accessed in macOS.

The accompanying macOS keyboard alternate way raises the Emoji and Symbol picker:

Control (⌃) + Command (⌘) + Space

Pressing this keyboard combination raises the Emoji picker.

Emojis window on Mac

The Emoji picker makes it easy to peruse through the available Emoji categories, see your as of late used Emojis, as well as favorite and search for Emojis using a dedicated search bar.

It is pleasant to see Emoji search functionality added to iOS, no?