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How to change the terrible keyboard on your Galaxy S10?

Samsung’s default keyboard on the Galaxy S10 is not as good as other Samsung Galaxy range. Touch response just seems off, words and sentences prediction is also horrible.S9-keyboard-custom Thankfully Android offers everyone the opportunity to choose the keyboard that they want and feels that it’s right for them and with zero compromises. When Samsung’s keyboard starts to annoy you to the point where you want something new then here’s how you can switch your keyboard to others.

Choosing a new keyboard

If you want to get a new keyboard for your Samsung Galaxy s10 there are hundreds of options available on Google Play store. You can spend a lot of time searching for Apps, but if you want to save your time then you can start with the recommendation of our favorites.

Google’s Own GBoard and Ever-Present SwiftKey keyboards are excellent starting points that millions of people use and enjoy. They’re both leaps and bounds ahead of Samsung’s own keyboard. And both of them are free.

How to switch keyboards on the Galaxy S10?

  • Install your replacement keyboard of choice from Google Play Store. It will become available in your setting.


  • Open Settings and scroll down to General management.
  • Press on Language and input and then Default keyboard.
  • Select the new keyboard that you want to use by tapping it in the list.
  • Your new keyboard will have displayed every time when you needed and the default keyboard will never appear.

Now that you have a new keyboard set as the default, there are a few extra things to know about keyboards on Android.

When you install most third-party keyboards, they will come with additional settings that you can use to check how the keyboard looks and acts.

screenshot_20190313-144401_gboardSometimes this comes in the form of an “app” in the app drawer and when you tap that it takes you to the settings. You can also get direct access to these settings quickly from the keyboard where there is a settings icon that’ll jump right to the same place. If all else fails, head back to the “Language and input” settings for keyboard settings.

You can have multiple keyboards installed on your device at once but only one can be set as the default. You can keep several installed keyboards if you’re still can’t decide which one you like. If you have a need to switch between keyboards regularly, by default you’ll see a small keyboard selection button in the navigation bar any time you have a keyboard open.

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Just tap it, and you can quickly switch between any keyboard you’ve previously installed. All of the configurations options stay put.