How To Change Your Text In Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media on the web right now, and for good reason. The popular photo-sharing service wasn’t just about recreating an experience offered by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Instead, Snapchat has created a whole new way to communicate – limited-time photos and videos that are automatically deleted after being viewed. The idea naturally spread like wildfire, with Snapchat (and parent company Snap Inc.) gaining popularity, apps like Instagram directly copying the app’s various features, and the company became part of it. essentials of the online ecosystem of social networks and environments.

But Snapchat is not a perfect app. Despite its brilliance in execution and functionality, Snapchat has a steeper learning curve than any other social network on the market, even more so than Twitter. Over the past half-decade, the app has grown more and more complex, adding dozens of new skills without ever explaining how to properly use them to the end-user. Snapchat’s scarcity of documentation on how to use the app in its entirety is a serious issue when it comes to gathering new users who will continue to use the app.

So let’s fix what Snapchat won’t do. One of the most basic aspects of the Snapchat app itself is the ability to add text to a Snap, both in photos and in videos. There are many options for adding text in Snapchat including size, color, position, etc., but if you are new to Snapchat, this might be a weird idea for you. Let’s take a look at what everything text can do in Snapchat, so you can make your snapshots perfect before sending them to your friends. A picture might be worth 1,000 words, but your snapshots can take advantage of the extra context that words and phrases provide to a photograph. Let’s take a look at this comprehensive guide on how to use text on Snapchat.

Text Position & Text Size:

If we want to cover how the text works on Snapchat, we should start with the basics before moving on to more advanced tactics and layouts. For new Snapchat users, even putting text on a Snap can be a bit confusing, to begin with. For most users, knowing how text size and placement works are enough to get their feet wet in the world of Snapchat before moving on to bigger, bolder designs. So grab your smartphone, open the Snapchat app, and take a photo. From there, it’s easy to add text anywhere in your image.

Add a text

When you have captured an image, tap anywhere on the screen to open the text box on your screen, with your keyboard. It’s that simple: just enter your text as you normally would in a text message, note, email, or anything else on your device. When you have finished your message, tap the “Done” icon on your keyboard, which is usually located in the lower right corner of the screen. This will center your small but readable text, with a transparent black background that lets you read the white text in any image.

How to Change text size

Change Text Size

But that’s just a scratch on the surface of your text; there are two other options to display your subtitles. Once you’ve entered your text (with the text editor still open), press the “T” in the upper right corner of your screen. This will change your text design from small with a transparent window to bold, large without background, massive design change. This will also remove the text from the text, aligning it to the left. In terms of size, this is like increasing the font size on a computer from 12 to 36 or 48, a huge increase in readability and screen space. Oh, and we have to mention that if you press the “T” without being in text edit mode, the text editor will open. Just press the “T” again to see the text big, bold, and left-aligned.

All right, we have this large font version of our title. What can we do with it? Unlike the first text we saw above, this text can move all over the screen without staying locked in any orientation or position. Enter your title with one finger and try to drag it across the screen. You will notice that the text can go anywhere on the screen. Top left corner, bottom right corner, middle or top, it doesn’t matter. No matter where you want your text to go, it gives you the freedom to move your text there, perfect for placing your text around the subject of your image.

Of course, this creates major problems. First of all, that bigger, bolder font? You can’t include as much text in this version of font as you could with the smaller, transparent text we covered above, so if your title is longer than a few words, it looks like it’s a bit complicated. Also, since the font is aligned to the left, it can create issues with specific photos depending on the framing. Worse yet, white text can be difficult to read against a number of different backgrounds, including gray, white, and brighter photos, and because captions are so large, they can be a bit difficult to read when each line contains only a word or two.

Text color options

Change Text Color

Well, you’ve mastered the art of resizing and editing text and font in Snapchat, but we’re still missing the solution to that other problem with bold text – the color options. While the little white text on a transparent black background can be read by most users, if you want a larger font size, you’re apparently stuck with white text, right? Not exactly. Previous versions of Snapchat had an in-app color picker, but newer versions of Snapchat have removed these predefined color options for the added functionality of a color slider. We will see.

Color slider

Most people have probably already noticed the color slider, but others may not have noticed it easily. When you open Snapchat’s own text tool, you’ll notice that when editing your text in bold or on default settings, there is a color slider to the right of your screen, below the ‘T‘ ‘which can resize your source. When you slide your finger up and down, this slider changes the color of your text and the color is displayed in a large circle to the left of the slider. When you release your finger, your color choice will be applied.

Once you’ve applied your selection, you won’t run out of options. You can change your font color at any time by reopening the text editor and sliding your finger across the color slider. Like when you first selected your color, this will change your color selection in real-time.

Text Effects and Fonts

Snapchat implemented the fonts in early 2018, and since then the feature has undergone several changes and updates to help make fonts work better in the app. Changing your font is super easy. Once you’ve taken a photo or video, tap the screen or the Text icon to open the text editor in Snapchat. Below the text entry field, you’ll find your list of fonts to choose from. It also eliminates the need for two dedicated options for Left Aligned Large Text and Centered Large Text. Instead, any “Large Text” is automatically flushed to the left, with no option to center the text. The good news: You can still resize that text by holding the text editor open and using two fingers to zoom in and out on the text.

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These are the only changes to the existing text tool. The colors continue to function the same, with a slider on the left side of the screen. The real good news comes with the addition of text effects and most importantly, text fonts that everyone has been waiting for. Selecting an effect or font option is as easy as sliding your finger across the menu at the top of the keyboard and tapping the icon that corresponds to the effect you want, so let’s take a look. Look at the overall look and effect of each option, highlighting the source effects:


Label was one of the new additions to the app in 2018, and it’s a terrific new font to include in your arsenal. After the change, we saw that Label uses more than any other font in the app, which means it has found popularity among its users. It looks fantastic, and it makes sense that this is now the first decorative text on the list.


Formerly known as Italics, the subtitle is another popular addition to this late 2018 update. The subtitle has a slightly different font style and removes the black background of the italic option above and includes a yellow color for your source by default.


With a bright font in the color of your choice, Glow is ideal for any photos where the text is difficult to see.


While the script may appear to be unchanged from the previous version of this font, it has actually gone through a kind of facelift, with some of its letters looking slightly different. Overall, not much has changed here. It’s still an italic font, but its new redesign works much better than the old version.


One of the biggest issues with the old rainbow font was the difficulty of reading the text written with the design. Due to its lack of shadow or outline, the font often appears washed out on different backgrounds. The new rainbow font addresses this issue by adding a white outline around the text and changing how the rainbow effect works in the first place, making the font look like a bubble. more than ever. It’s not the prettiest font option of the bunch yet, but we’ll take what we can get here. At the very least, it’s a lot more usable.


A fairly basic font, Serif takes the basic Snapchat font and adds … serifs. It’s pretty close to Times New Roman, which some of our reviewers were looking for, so it should satisfy a lot of people.


While Script is designed to give your plugin a cursive look, Brush is designed to look like words in a painting. If you’re submitting a plugin with lots of artwork attached, try a brush.

Special Fonts:

Finally, from time to time Snapchat will add new fonts that appear for a limited time, usually seasonal or on vacation. For example, the summer font is a fun, cartoonish font with customizable colors, although it can be quite difficult to read.

Final Words:

Snapchat is an incredibly useful tool, but it’s obvious to most users that even something as simple as text captions built into the app is much more complex than the app might appear at first glance. Snapchat’s features are incredibly powerful for such a mobile app, and the amount of power behind the service is insane, but with all of that power comes the steep learning curve we mentioned earlier. Snapchat will just keep adding new features, and it doesn’t always do the best job of explaining how those features work, so keep it locked to TechJunkie for all future Snapchat updates and how-to guides.