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How To Find Friends On Kik

Kik is one of several chat alternatives that has accumulated many followers. Kik enables users to communicate with each other, share photos, videos, and GIFs, play games together, and more. One of the main attractions of the application is that, although it is an application for smartphones, you do not have to give your number or your Facebook profile to connect. Just choose a username and from there you can start chatting. Kik is not only a good tool to chat with people you already know, but it is also a fun place to meet new people. In this article, I will show you how to make new friends on Kik.

Choose from existing friends

Getting Kik up and running on your device is very simple.

  1. Download and install the latest version of Kik for your phone. (You can also get the app directly from the Play Store or Mac Store.)
  2. Register to create a username. You will need to provide an email address and other information; You don’t have to tell the truth about anything other than your email address.
  3. Select Settings > Privacy and enable “Use phone contacts” to add your existing contacts that also use Kik.

However, you don’t have to stop just with your existing friends! There are several ways to add more friends on Kik.

Public groups

Public groups

One way to explore new friends is to use the built-in “Explore Public Groups” feature which should appear at the bottom of your Friends List when you’re in the Kik app. Tap the # hashmark and a search page will open where you can search for any topic that interests you. Theoretically, these groups are all PG-13s, but even brief research has revealed that this rule does not appear to be closely observed. There are thousands upon thousands of groups organized around each theme … just find topics that interest you, join a group and you are on your way to making new friends.

To meet new people

Meet new people

Don’t want to join a group, but still want to meet someone new? Kik will really do all the work for you! Tap the “Meet New People” bar at the bottom of your Friends List, and you’ll be randomly matched with someone else who’s looking to meet new people. The two will have 15 minutes to chat and can be added as friends at any time if they are successful.

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Kik Friend Finder Sites

If you want to expand your network even further, there are several third-party websites that have Kik users. The problem is, most sites are full of pop-ups, ads, adware, or worse. There are also the usual scammers, as they exist on any network, so while these websites provide a service, be extra careful with the buyer when using them! I was able to find four sites that, while having ads, appear to be free of obvious malware and appear to have decent user communities.

Search for Kik friends.

Kik Friends Finder


Kik Friends Finder is a UK based friend finder tool although it has users from all over the world. The site has an age and country filter that can really help reduce the clutter of people you don’t want to associate with. You can meet girls, boys or more, flirt, chat, search, and more. The site is fast, has no pop-ups, and makes it easy to meet new people and chat.



KikFriender solves the “sexting problem” by allowing you to specify whether you are looking for sexting partners or just to clean up the chat. You can post your own Kik username and profile picture to the site, along with your age, gender, and preferences, so that other users can find it, or you can search their extensive database of Kik users to find the next one. cat buddy.

Kik Friends

Kik friends

Kik Friends is another simple site that lets you search for users by gender or who is online. Then you can narrow your search down by age, interest, or image, and start from there. It’s a very simple site with a minimal user interface that keeps users at the center of their minds.


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