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How To Hide Your Phone Number In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a notable messaging application that replaces your phone’s fundamental SMS usefulness with an approach to effortlessly talk, call, send photos and recordings, and more with companions from all around the globe without requiring an international phone plan.

Perhaps the main motivation individuals love to use WhatsApp is the straightforward information exchange process. At the point when you initially make a WhatsApp account, you join using your existing phone number, which permits you to connect to users stored in your device’s contacts list. While there are a lot of advantages to using your phone number to pursue WhatsApp, only one out of every odd user is going to need to use their phone number to connect their WhatsApp record to their devices, particularly if you’re interested in chatting secretly with new connections online.

Tragically, there’s no straightforward method for hiding your phone number from WhatsApp—you have to use a legitimate phone number to join with the service. However, that doesn’t imply that we can’t send an optional or exchange phone number to hide your device’s real identifying digits on your device.

Along these lines, you can give out your WhatsApp number to individuals you meet in this present reality without having to stress over them using your genuine phone number for any kind of pernicious purposes. To start, all we’ll require is a service that gives users free numbers to convey and message with, and a new WhatsApp record to continue using on your own device. We should investigate how it’s finished.

Getting a New Phone Number

To start, we’ll have to use one of a few different services and apps to gain you another phone number. This won’t supplant your present number—think of it as an optional expansion to your essential number.

There are in excess of twelve services online that promise to give you auxiliary numbers, either with the expectation of complimentary phone calls and messages or as an impermanent number, however not these services are made equivalent. So instead of relying on an arbitrary service online, pick from these confided in services:

Google Voice:

By far our top pick for optional numbers, Google Voice offers individual and business services and is as often as possible updated on both web and portable, and by making it an extraordinary decision for users of numerous kinds.

  • Google is a confided in the organization, and Voice even permits you to use your number to advance calls, making free phone brings in the United States, and content your loved ones effortlessly.
  • In addition, when you select your Voice number, you’re ready to customize it to ensure you get the number that is directly for you.
  • Your number can be both called and sent instant messages, making it simply like a standard mobile phone.
  • It’s an extraordinary service, particularly for nothing, and it comes as our top suggested service for anybody looking for another phone number to use with WhatsApp.


  • Like Google Voice, Talkatone is worked around providing exchange numbers to call and content US-based users for nothing (and to call and content numbers outside the United States for little charges).
  • You gain another phone number for calling and texting when you join the service, total with the US or Canada-based zone code.
  • Talkatone even lets you change this number when you have to, an incredible element that, apparently, isn’t permitted with Google Voice.
  • The drawback to Talkatone is the advertisements included within the app, yet if you’re just using the phone number to verify your record, it’s not entirely obvious the promotions within the app itself to simply concentrate exclusively on the other number you gain within the app.
  • While Voice and Talkatone are our top two picks because of their absence of cost and usability, if you’re looking for an app with more usefulness past basic calls and messages or an app with the capacity to make more than one number incredibly simple, look at these applications:


  • Named after “burner phones,” or the utilization of brief phone numbers, Burner is an app that automatically gives you another number at whatever point it’s required.
  • You get a genuine phone number that can be used to put phone calls and messages from within the app, and you can set up information about that number automatically.
  • At the point when you’re finished with that number, you can without much of a stretch erase it from the device.
  • Burner accompanies a free number for seven days, yet from that point onward, you’ll need to pay a membership service to use the app or buy a burner using credits. This can get costly quite quick, however, if you see yourself using numerous phone numbers with various WhatsApp accounts, it may merit using Burner over something like Google Voice.


  • With apps for the two iOS and Android, the capacity to use neighborhood, and the capacity to put messages and calls effectively, Sideline is an incredible expansion to this rundown. Not at all like the greater part of the apps on this rundown, sideline uses your typical minutes instead of using VoIP interfaces, saving you information when you’re not on WiFi.
  • There are a ton of advanced highlights here, however, if you’re just looking for a number to verify your WhatsApp account, Sideline may be a piece pointless excess—particularly since it costs $9.99 every month for individual users. There is a free 7-day preliminary, however, which might be sufficient to help verify your record.


Flyp is fundamentally the same as Sideline, in that it’s an app made to supplant your present phone number with a simple method to contact business partners, while additionally allowing you to isolate your business accounts from your own numbers.

  • You can without much of a stretch mirror neighborhood while calling somebody, masking your out-of-state code. Also, Flyp’s sound quality is astounding. Yet, at $7.99 every month, it’s most likely somewhat costly to use only for verifying a WhatsApp account. Like Sideline, this app has a free 7-day preliminary.


  • What makes this app astounding is its start to finish encryption when talking to different users. This makes it the most secure phone number app on this rundown, and that might be significant if you’re trying to hide your character both inside and outside of WhatsApp.
  • All numbers are dispensable, there’s no charge card expected to make a record, and calls can be sent and gotten from anyplace. All things considered, starter plans begin at $1.99 every month and run as far as possible up to $4.99 every month for boundless calls and messages. There is a free preliminary, and if security is your main concern, this is an ideal app to use to call users outside of WhatsApp.
  • For the motivations behind this article, we’ll be using a number from Google Voice, alongside screen captures from Voice as we set up our new WhatsApp account. Google Voice’s own arrangement procedure is genuinely direct; the app and site will both walk new users through picking another number, and you’ll require a Google record to make your Voice profile.
  • When you have your new Google Voice number convenient, you’re prepared to move onto the following stage simultaneously. Ensure you keep either the Google Voice app on your iPhone or Android device to see the affirmation SMS message WhatsApp sends during account creation, or keep voice.google.com open on your PC’s program.

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Setting Up a New WhatsApp Account

When you’re furnished with your new number from any of the services we outlined above, you’re prepared to begin setting up another WhatsApp account. Then again, you can endeavor to change the phone number on your current WhatsApp account if you would prefer not to lose your discussions.

We’ll explain that further down in this guide, so if you’d prefer to attempt that progression first, avoid down to that area beneath. Additionally, we’re using the Android rendition of WhatsApp to try out this service; your mileage may shift on iOS or other operating frameworks.

Start by logging out of your WhatsApp account totally. On the other hand, you can uninstall the application and reinstall it from the App Store or Play Store to ensure a new install. When you’ve reached the login screen for WhatsApp, WhatsApp will request your phone number to enlist your record and verify your device.

Instead of entering your present phone number, enter the optional number you made through Google Voice or Talkatone (or the elective you picked previously). Hit the “Following” symbol, and WhatsApp will make you aware of the number they’re going to verify. Ensure you entered your number accurately; when you’ve guaranteed the right number has been gone into your device, hit “OK” to continue to the subsequent stage.

After this, WhatsApp will give you a prompt to automatically recognize your verification code through viewing your SMS messages. While this is normally a simple method to avoid physically entering an affirmation code, don’t permit WhatsApp to do this. Because the content is going to your Google Voice or Talkatone number and not to your device’s SMS inbox, WhatsApp won’t have the option to identify the code from within your phone.

Instead, click “Not Now” to send the code. When you’ve gotten your code inside your substitute inbox, enter the six digits into the field on your device. When you type the 6th digit, your device will automatically verify the number. You’ll be approached to input a name for your WhatsApp account (this can generally be changed later; is anything but a username), and once this is done, you’ll be brought to your new inbox.

Regardless of using your other number, you can at present view your contacts automatically from within the device, however, observe that they won’t see your name in your record except if you give them your substitute number or you start messaging them through the service.

Changing Your Current WhatsApp Phone Number

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for a considerable length of time and don’t wish to delete your messages and contacts to start over with an auxiliary number, it is conceivable to change the number inside the settings of your WhatsApp account on your phone.

On WhatsApp own FAQ about the subject, WhatsApp clarifies that your contacts need to have your new number spared in their device for a consistent encounter, so while this will cloud your present number for your new number, it won’t really evacuate the capacity for individuals to have your old number through WhatsApp.

The advantage of changing your number within the app as opposed to just creating another number is that you’ll retain your contacts and messages, however, use the new, progressively private phone number. All things considered, here’s how to alter your old number to your substitute number made in the steps above.

By and by, the steps underneath are using the Android variant of the application, however iOS users ought to have the option to follow comparable steps on their own foundation.

Start by opening up WhatsApp, which should open to your inbox. Tap on the triple-specked menu symbol in the top-right corner (for iOS users, you’re going to head into Settings) and tap on the Profile see at the top of your presentation to stack your profile.

  1. At the bottom of this screen ought to be your phone number used to pursue the service.
  2. Tap on your phone number to open a prompt that permits you to alter your number. At the top of the showcase, tap on the “Following” symbol, then enter your present phone number into the “Old Phone Number” field.
  3. Beneath this, enter your new elective number in the “New Phone Number” field. Additionally, make sure to ensure your nation code is right if you’re using a non-US based impermanent number.

Go to WhatsApp, then “More Options,” “Settings,” “Account,” lastly, “Change number”

  1. Enter your present record phone number in the top box
  2. Enter your Google Voice, and so on the number in the bottom box
  3. Tap “Next”
  4. Here you have the alternative to “Notify Contacts.” This will permit WhatsApp to tell your contacts that you are related to another number. This element offers a couple of modifications, however: you can decide to notify all contacts, contacts with whom you’re as of now chatting, or specifically pick who you wish to notify (the “Custom” alternative).
  5. If you select the “Custom” choice, you’ll have to painstakingly choose the gets in touch with you need to notify, then tap “Done” in the notify screen.
  6. Tap DONE to spare and verify the new phone number