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How to Mirror Your iPhone’s Screen on Dell Laptops

Dell has now updated its smartphone companion app with the goal that it can offer advances highlights like screen mirroring, file transfer and simpler message synchronizing. The updated Dell Mobile Connect app now coordinates Microsoft’s own Your Phone app as far as abilities.

The new Dell Mobile Connect app is now accessible for the iPhone by means of the App Store. It brings some advanced highlights, for example, iPhone screen mirroring and file transfer for photos and recordings. The new version of the app additionally brings execution upgrades. Users don’t have to keep the Dell Mobile Connect app on the screen any longer for sending SMS.

Dell Mobile Connect

Obviously, users need to install the PC customer on the Dell laptops (discharged in 2018 or later) running Windows 10 for the matching up to work. The PC customer is accessible for Dell PCs by means of the Microsoft Store. The screen mirroring and file transfer include deals with iPhones running iOS 13 or more up to date, while different highlights chip away at iPhones running iOS 11 or fresher.

Different highlights of Dell Mobile Connect 3.0 remember the capacity to calls got for the iPhone on the PC, sending and getting writings on the PC, adjusting contacts, and accepting smartphone notifications. The Dell Mobile Connect app takes a shot at Alienware PCs also. The updated app with new highlights was first showed off during CES 2020.

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While smartphone matching up works best between an iPhone and a Mac, there are a lot of individuals who use an iPhone yet incline toward a Windows PC. For the individuals who use a Dell PC, the best solutions are the Dell Mobile Connect or Microsoft’s Your Phone app.

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