How to properly clean the AirPods Pro

Many claims are undeniable when talking about the AirPods Pro recently presented by Apple. Among them, how expensive it would be to restore or repair them. Taking into account the above, it is necessary to assimilate that these wireless headphones are accessories that require special care, in every way.

Beyond the precautions of not losing them or not abusing their water-resistance characteristic, there are maintenance routines that are worth including among the care habits not only for the headphones but for the users who keep them in the ears for so long.

Steps to properly clean the AirPods Pro

There are several options to properly clean the AirPods Pro, specializing in the care of each part of headphones, including the charging case.

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AirPods Pro cleaning

To clean Apple’s wireless headphones, it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth soaked in distilled water. Apple recommends avoiding soaps and similar substances for this purpose. Once clean, we just have to make sure they go to the charger completely dry.

Airpods Pro

Cleaning the silicone tips of the AirPods Pro

To clean the silicone tips, it is recommended to remove them from the AirPods Pro. Then, with the help of a swab moistened with water, you will clean them until you eliminate any presence of dirt.

Airpods Pro Top

Before fitting them into the headphones, check that the tires are dry. While to make sure they fit again you should hear a click and take care that the oval shape is aligned.

Cleaning the AirPods Pro charging case

Only in this part of the AirPod Pro, Apple recommends using cotton or a microfiber cloth moistened with alcohol. In this step, it is necessary to clean the case externally and very carefully on the inside, to avoid any contact with the load contacts.

Airpods Pro case

Unlike the previous AirPods, the new version includes new parts that are more likely to get dirty since they are used a little more inside the ear. In this sense, cleaning should be a process that always accompanies the care of these accessories.