How to Protect Your Privacy on WhatsApp

Everyone has their own favorite instant messaging client. A major competitor in the messaging space is WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging service that is growing in popularity around the world, especially in Europe, Africa, and South America.

One of the useful features of WhatsApp is the online status which tells contacts whether or not you are active and what you are doing throughout the day. Your online status works much like the status capabilities in older instant messaging services like AIM or MSN Messenger, where you can write a brief statement of what you were doing at any time to update your surroundings and current status. . .

When these services were popular, your online status was based on both text and activity, and you could set your status to be online, away, offline, or invisible. Some chat clients, like Skype, still use this feature, although it has largely been replaced by automated systems that tell you whether a person is active or not. WhatsApp is no different: like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp will notify your contacts whether or not you are online by detecting their activity.

It becomes a problem when you don’t want to be seen online. We’ve all been in situations where being seen online can be uncomfortable at best (“why are you on your phone, I told you to go to bed!”) And absolutely dangerous at worst (when someone is on your phone! harasses). If you’ve been trying to avoid someone in your life and don’t seem to want to give a hint, being active on WhatsApp can put you in a bad spot.

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Additionally, there are times when you just want to check your messages and not be bothered by a sudden avalanche of chat requests from people who assume that you are free to talk from within the app, even if you are. have to do other things.

So, is there a way to hide your online status from people who might be following your current activity? Or are all WhatsApp users doomed to always keep their friends and family up to date with their online availability? In this article, we will see how you can hide your online status on WhatsApp.

How to Hide Your Online Status Temporarily

You can temporarily hide the fact that you are online, while automatically reading and checking messages. This is a workaround/exploit, and as such, it is not guaranteed to work after updates to the application or service as a whole. You can hide your online status from your contacts to consult your messages with peace of mind.

Activate airplane mode

It is the key privacy solution for WhatsApp. While this will not allow you to constantly use the app in a hidden online mode, it will allow you to occasionally check your inbox and read messages without alerting your contacts that you are actively connected.

Open Chat > Read Messages > Kill the App.

Change your privacy settings on WhatsApp

Besides using airplane mode on your device, there are two other ways to protect your privacy in the app. The first is to turn off the “last seen” view in WhatsApp, which can be found by loading its privacy settings and making sure that the “last seen” is set so that only your contacts or no one can see it.

whatsapp privacy

The second privacy setting that you need to change is the read message state. This way, even if it is dialed online, no user can see if they have seen a message or not, which makes it possible to hide their activity a little more and not to respond to messages that they wish to ignore. To do this, go back to the same privacy settings (by tapping the settings icon on iOS or the menu button on Android), tap on Account, load Privacy, then uncheck “Read receipts” at the bottom. of your screen. As with the “last seen”, this will also prevent you from viewing other people’s read receipts, so keep that in mind before activating it on your device.