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How To Reset Your Facebook App Password

There are several reasons why you may want to reset your Facebook password. Maybe you forgot? The ruin of the automatic connection. Maybe your account has been compromised and you want to use a better password. Or maybe you’re just doing it to be sure.

In any case, there are several ways to change/reset your Facebook password on your Android device, inside or outside the app. We show you how to reset the Facebook password on your Android device.

How To Reset Your Facebook App Password

The regular method

If you have not forgotten your Facebook password, here is how. Start the Facebook application by looking for the corresponding icon on the home screen of your Android. Then enter your credentials (username and password) and log into your account. This may not be necessary, as you will probably still be connected.

Now go to the “hamburger” menu, represented by three horizontal lines, located in the upper right corner of the screen. A list of parameters appears. Select Account settings. Then select General on the next screen. A list will appear showing the name, email, phone, password, and network. Select Password and enter your current password in the first field. Then use your new password in the second field and also confirm it in the second field. Now tap Change password.

The website

You can change your Facebook password in any browser on your phone. However, keep in mind that you will probably have to log in to do this. However, some people prefer the browser version of the application. And you don’t need to download the Facebook app to change your Facebook password.

Start by opening the desired browser and go to facebook.com. Sign in with your credentials. From there, follow the in-app method mentioned above. It is almost identical

In case, you forgot the password

Fortunately, there is a way to reset your password without using your old password. People do it very often, actually.

To do this, on your Android phone, use the browser or the Facebook application. If you are logged in and have forgotten your password, you do not need to log out. Access the password menu (as explained above). Will you see the forgotten password? link at the bottom of the page. Click on it.

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Now you will be asked how you want to reset your password. Of course, you cannot do it directly from this screen, for your safety. You can choose the method of confirmation by email or SMS. Facebook will send you a code by email or SMS (depending on the method you choose). Once you have entered the code, select Continue. This will ask you to enter the new password and confirm.

Note that you can access “Forgot your password?” link from virtually any Facebook login screen, whether you are using the browser, the application, or the computer.

The dangers of insecure passwords

As mentioned above, password management can become a nightmare. You can write them all down on a piece of paper, but if someone takes them, your online identity will be compromised.

Alternatively, if you choose to use the same password for all of your online accounts, you risk a lot. The use of variations of the same password is also not recommended. There are methods to resolve these changes.

Defining and memorizing different passwords is the most secure solution. Even if you forget your passwords, you can recover them or find a new one somehow. In most cases, anyway.

However, there are third-party applications that can continually change your passwords and randomize them for you. These services can be synchronized on all the devices you use, allowing fast and secure connections. They are a little tedious to install, but you will get them back quickly. These services are without a doubt the best way to do this.

Take action in the event of identity theft.

Identity theft has never been a danger more clear and present than it is today. The victim may suffer social, psychological, and monetary consequences.


As you can see, there are several ways to change your Facebook password using only your Android phone. You can do it through the Facebook application, you can do it in the browser, you can even do it if you don’t remember the password. To stay safe, it is recommended that you choose a strong and unique password.

Have you ever forgotten your Facebook password? Has your identity ever been stolen? How sure are you that your password is secure? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to ask any questions you may have.