How to set up and play Spotify on Alexa

If you appreciate tuning in to music on your devices, then you may have more than one app for it. Apple Music is a terrific decision that lets you play songs and playlists on any of your Apple devices. Be that as it may, Spotify is another incredible option for hearing the tunes you love.

With Alexa, you can undoubtedly tune in and turn on your Spotify music. Regardless of whether on your iPhone or Amazon brilliant speaker, here’s how to set up and play Spotify music with Alexa.

Get the Spotify expertise

Spotify has official expertise accessible in the Alexa app. Thus, open Alexa on your iPhone and then follow these steps to get and empower the Spotify expertise.

1) Tap the menu button on the top left of the Alexa app and pick Skills and Games.

2) In the pursuit box at the top, type in “Spotify”. If you’re presently on your iPhone, you can tap this link legitimately to the Spotify aptitude.

3) The primary outcome ought to be the authority Spotify app, however, you may need to look down a piece if not. Feel free to choose the expertise.

4) Tap Enable to Use.

5) Log in to your Spotify account when prompted and accept the terms and conditions if you concur. You’ll see a confirmation that your Spotify account was effectively linked.

You can close that screen and the Skill Settings screen too because you’re good to go!

Then, provide Alexa commands to play music, Discover Weekly, a web recording, or a radio broadcast “on Spotify”.

Use Spotify as your default music app

If you need Spotify to be your default music player on Alexa, this is a speedy change. Open Alexa and do the accompanying:

1) Tap the menu button on the top left of the Alexa app and pick Settings.

2) Under Alexa Preferences, pick Music and Podcasts.

3) Tap Default Services.

4) Below Music, tap Change if Spotify isn’t your default.

5) Tap Spotify in the rundown that displays.

You can follow similar steps to make Spotify your default for Arts and Genre Stations just as Podcasts that are directly underneath Music.

By making Spotify your default, you won’t need to include “on Spotify” to every one of your commands.

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Wrapping it up

If you use an Amazon Echo with Alexa and just so happen to adore Spotify for your music, then this is the perfect method to make tuning into your tunes simple.

What’s your preferred music app? Is it Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or something else? Tell us what it is and why you like it the most!

And if you need to use Apple Music with Alexa, we have you secured there too!