How to Stream Audio From PC to Android

I was viewing a video the previous evening on the PC and my remote headphones chose to bite the dust. I would not like to wake anybody up by shooting the audio through the speakers and afterward it hit me. There ought to be an approach to stream audio from pc to Android smartphone. Turns out, there is. It works like Roku’s Private tuning in yet for your PC, All you need is a decent Wi-Fi connection. I discovered 3 apps that let you do this. We should perceive how it functions.

Stream Audio from PC to Android

Stream What You Hear

Stream What you Hear

The first in the rundown, ‘Stream What You Hear‘ is streaming server dependent on DLNA and UPnP. You can use it to stream the media content from your PC to any device which underpins DLNA and UPnP. I can use this application to stream the audio to gaming comforts, TV’s, SONOS speakers, and so on.

Setting up and using the application is simple, basically, download the application from its official site. It works in two sections, first, you have to install the server app on your Windows PC and afterward the comparing Android app on your phone to stream it. This app would work easily if every one of the devices are on a similar system.

You can stream your PC’s audio using two methods, using Bubble UPnP app on your Android Smartphone or using SWYH’s HTTP Live Streaming component. During my testing, the Bubble UPnP app worked with SWYH yet with conflicting outcomes. Media plays easily with little inactivity if SWYH effectively sets up a connection with Bubble UPnP, if by any stretch of the imagination.

HTTP Live Stream on SWYH can be used to stream audio to smartphones and it works with any internet browser. You don’t need to install a different app on the phone which is constantly or more. To run the HTTP Server, right-click on the SWYH symbol in the framework plate, and select HTTP Live Stream from Tools alternative.

Now, Copy the URL on your Smartphone program and hit go to start the live stream audio. It cushions for some time and afterward starts playing the substance.

I attempted this app and it functions admirably for streaming however has a significant measure of slack. If you’re heading out to watch motion pictures with this arrangement, it is most likely not a smart thought. Nonetheless, you can use this arrangement to Stream Audio from PC to Android.

Remote Speaker for Android (WiFi Audio)

Remote Speaker for Android

The following app shockingly works very well with a little inertness. Remote Speaker for Android lets you stream audio from your Windows PC to the Android smartphone.

Install the Android app from the Play Store and the friend server app for Windows from their discussion. It would expect you to information exchange to their board before giving you a link to download.

In the wake of setting up the app on your smartphone and server on Windows, Enter the IP address of the smartphone in the server app on the PC and click ‘Start’.

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When the devices are connected, you’ll get the audio from the Android smartphone. I found a little stunt while using the app. If you use VLC media player, you can alter the audio deferral to coordinate with the idleness in the transmission. Subsequent to changing the audio delay, the audio got in the smartphone was flawless synchronized.


Sound Wire

Next, we have SoundWire, an Android app to play audio from your PC to Android. This apps works likewise to the past app Wifi Audio and has a couple of additional highlights. You can modify the audio cradle size which gives you lower dormancy when contracted and smoother playback when expanded. This app satisfies all the checkboxes, it is anything but difficult to install, takes a shot at wifi, has low idleness, and is free.

To set up SoundWire, install the Android app on your phone and the partner server app on your PC. The buddy app runs on Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi, ensure you install the right form.

After installation, open the server app and SoundWire App, ensure the devices are on a similar system. Enter the Server Address in the Android app. Tap the Soundwire symbol to connect.

When connected, you can choose the audio info and audio recurrence in the settings. The server runs quietly in the framework plate and communicates anything which plays on your PC until you disconnect.

Stream Audio from PC to Android

These were three different ways to Stream Audio from PC to Android. The first app SWYH is best for general audio transmissions like streaming and music playback. It has a significant slack which is the reason I wouldn’t prescribe it for viewing a motion picture. WifiAudio is nice and is totally free and you don’t get any interferences like SoundWire however SoundWire has more highlights. SoundWire enables you to modify the bitrate and recurrence according to the substance you’re watching which makes it appropriate for watching motion pictures. Which method do you use to Stream Audio from PC to Android? Let us know in the remarks underneath.