How to Use Fake GPS on Bumble to Change your Location

Spoofing your GPS on your Android device isn’t something you’re essentially going to need to do each day, however, it is an intriguing option to have accessible for apps like Bumble or Tinder. GPS ridiculing permits you to change your location to someplace fresh out of the box new so as to see dating profiles in whatever territory you set yourself.

It’s not perfect for really getting together with individuals—recall that, you’re as yet many miles or all the more away from them—however, if you’re attempting to get a thought of what the dating scene resembles in your next vacation spot or in the spot you plan on moving, it’s the ideal method to investigate it.


If you’re one of the billion or so individuals who own Android devices, you’re in karma. Spoofing your GPS on Android is extremely simple if you know where to look, and it doesn’t require rooting, modding, or any additional steps you can’t achieve on your phone at the present time. All you need is the Fake GPS Location app from the Play Store.

In spite of a dated icon, the app is by a wide margin the best option for ridiculing your GPS location on an Android device, on account of its solid connection. After you’ve installed the app from the Play Store, disregard it until further notice and open up your device’s settings menu. Despite the fact that we’re using an LG Stylo 4 running Android 8.1 (Oreo), the steps for empowering this setting will remain to a great extent the equivalent paying little heed to whichever application you decide for this progression.

A non-rooting procedure, you do need to empower “developer settings,” a concealed menu inside Android that offers a heap of options and customization menus to browse. There’s no drawback to empowering developer settings in the menu arrangement of your phone.

It just implies that you’ll have an additional menu on your phone occupying room. Developer settings in Android are covered up as a matter of course because there are a few options in there that, while reversible, can truly glitch up your phone. To stay away from a mass requirement for specialized help it isn’t offered out to general consumers. All things considered, we’re only transforming one setting, so empowering developer settings is anything but difficult to do, by and large sheltered and well justified, despite all the trouble.

Open the Settings menu on your phone.

Tap System.

Tap About Phone.

Tap Software Info.

Tap Build Number multiple times rapidly.

Enter your phone’s lock code when prompted.

You now approach the Developer Mode settings page under Settings->System->Developer Options.

Toggle Developer on if it didn’t turn itself on automatically and you’re all set.

The following stage is to install the Fake GPS Location app from the Google Play store if you haven’t as of now.

Now you have to advise your phone to use the Fake GPS Location app as its GPS device.

Open Settings.

Tap on System.

Tap on Developer Options.

Look down to “Select mock location app” and tap on it.

Select the Fake GPS app.

It’s as simple as that.

Setting your new location for Bumble (and some other GPS-empowered app) is simple. Simply open the Fake GPS Location app and explore the guide to your expected location. Hit the green Play button, and your phone now trusts you to be any place you have explored on the guide.

To check whether it’s working or not, power close Bumble from your device by swiping it away from your ongoing apps list, then reload into the app. Check the location of your first match and contrast it with your genuine location.

For instance, when we stacked our fake GPS location as Washington DC, we quickly started to see coordinates in Virginia, making it an accomplishment in our book. Occasionally, Bumble may see that you’ve changed your location and endeavor to return you in a spot that coordinates your IP address. If this is the situation you may likewise need to consider using a VPN to coordinate your locations together. However, as a rule, the app should reset your location to your parodied address each time you reset the app, so if you run into any significant issues, simply reset it.

If it despite everything isn’t working, don’t surrender. Check the app again and attempt to ensure your Spoofing has been empowered. Past that point, you can likewise evaluate using different apps to check whether the first app you picked isn’t working appropriately on your phone. Likewise, make a point to check if your device’s GPS signal is on, it should be all together for GPS caricaturing to work appropriately. Eventually, GPS Spoofing can be somewhat touchy, so it’s imperative to ensure that you continue investigating the device if you run into any significant issues.

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As a working framework, iOS has numerous differences from Android. One of the primary differences is that Apple keeps up a lot more tightly control over the internals of its devices than Android phone creators and OS developers do. What you can do with the flip of a toggle on any advanced Android, requires either a difficult and dangerous “jailbreaking” on iOS or the use of genuinely costly programming. Later versions of iOS aren’t effortlessly prison brittle, leaving Apple in considerably more tightly control of the device that you purportedly own.

What it comes down to is that there aren’t any free GPS ridiculing solutions for iOS, however, there is a strong paid solution called iTools. iTools has functionality other than GPS caricaturing, however, GPS ridiculing is all we will talk about here. You can download and install iTools for nothing, however, the time for testing doesn’t keep going long and if you choose to continue using the product you should pay for a permit.

A single-user license costs $30.95. Note that you really install and run iTools on a Windows PC or a Mac and afterward connect your iPhone to the PC by means of an information link, like the way iTunes works.

Installing iTools is straightforward; simply visit the link and download the free preliminary. Then follow these steps to set up GPS mocking on your iPhone.

Click the Toolbox icon on the iTools board

Click the Virtual Location button on the Toolbox board.

Enter the location you need to parody your location to in the content box and click “Move Here“.

Go to Bumble on your phone and do whatever you wish to do in your “new” location.

To end the GPS caricaturing, select “Stop Simulation” in iTools.

It isn’t as exquisite a solution as the Android stage offers, yet it will take care of business.

Contingent upon your specific needs, you can generally kill the location on your phone or inside the Bumble app, in this manner, forbidding Bumble from seeing your location by any means. You will in any case observe and message those you’ve just connected with. If you’re concerned about security, this is a straightforward method to guarantee the location highlight isn’t telling others where you’re at when you pick.