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How To View Old Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have gotten one of the most well-known highlights of the web-based media stage, Like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories just appear on your feed for 24 hours, or until the individual who posted the Story erases it.

However, dissimilar to Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories don’t really disappear totally after these 24 hours. While Instagram Stories do disappear from your feed following 24 hours, they remain Archived in the app. Along these lines, if you post a story however it lapses before you get an opportunity to Save the video, don’t stress, you can even now recoup it.

In the same way as other users, you may not know that this element exists, not to mention how to get to it. How about we investigate how you can view old Instagram Stories.

Access Expired Instagram Stories

As Instagram Stories expanded in prominence, an ever-increasing number of users started approaching Instagram for an approach to get to their stories outside of the customary 24 hour time limit.

Because of this, Instagram included the Highlights and Archive includes in 2017. Features permit you to amass story components and post them on your profile as a normal post. They’re marked as Highlights yet they act equivalent to a standard Instagram post.

The other component, ‘File’, Save your stories for sometime later. It’s essential to take note of that your stories get filed for your use as it were. For others, they will disappear following 24 hours like ordinary.

The filing highlight ought to be turned on naturally, however if it isn’t, you can turn it on in your Settings. Discover the “Stories” board in your Privacy Settings and toggle on the choice that says “Save to Archive.”

Tap the menu symbol from your profile

Insta Settings

To view your older Instagram Stories, explore to your profile screen, and tap on the cheeseburger symbol in the top-right corner to get to the menu.

Tap ‘Archive’

Insta Archive

From that menu, you should tap on the “Archive” to get to your Stories Archive. From there, you can re-offer, feature, and in any case, connect with your Stories. That is the substance of getting to your old Stories, yet observing others’ old Stories is a completely different issue.

Saving Other Users’ Stories

Save Stories

The beneficial thing about Stories is that they last an entire 24 hours. This gives you a lot of time to choose whether you need to Save one.

A few sites are intended to Save Instagram Stories. The most moderate and approachable of these is Stories. You should simply enter somebody’s username and the site will discover all their dynamic Stories. From there, simply select the Story you need to Save and click “Download.” This isn’t the main choice, the greatest number of different sites can do likewise. However, this is the most problem-free approach to do it.

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This won’t give you admittance to lapsed Stories, however if you get them inside the 24 hours since they were distributed, you’re all set. This site additionally chips away at cell phones, yet there is another alternative for your phone. You can get a screen recorder app and basically record the story. AZ Screen Recorder is a decent alternative for both Android and iOS. You should simply start recording, view the Story, and afterward Save the account.

Once more, these methods don’t give you admittance to past Stories, yet they do permit you to hold dynamic Stories on your device for sometime later.

Viewing Stories Saved as Highlights

Insta Highlights

On account of the features include on Instagram, you may luck out and return to your preferred substance as much as you’d like by visiting your companion’s profile. At the point when a story is made, the record proprietor has the alternative of Saving the story as a “Feature.”

The story will stay on their profile until the user erases it. It’s a lasting alternative for showing the best substance. To check if your preferred stories were Saved as a feature do this:

  1. Tap on the magnifying glass symbol or tap on the accompanying choice from your profile to find the record you’re keen on.
  2. Find the story under the ‘Accompanying’ and ‘Message’ symbol – these features are round symbols with a picture
  3. Tap on the story

It’s just as simple as that. If you don’t perceive any stories here they either weren’t Saved as a feature, you’re not an approved supporter, or their record is set to private.

Last Thoughts

That essentially summarizes the assets you have with regards to viewing and Saving Instagram Stories.

Your own stories are documented for sometime later, yet the Stories posted by others are somewhat trickier. You can’t generally observe them once they lapse, however you can save them while they’re dynamic. Use a site made for Saving IG Stories or a screen recorder on your cell phone.

How regularly do you want to Save a Story you see on Instagram? If you could without much of a stretch view old Stories freely, do you figure it would nullify the point of Stories altogether? Tell us what you think in the remarks beneath.