Huawei Committed To Android, 5G Plans And The US Market

Huawei’s trade ban for which I could no longer buy US products, PhoneArena conducted an interview with the consumer business group of Huawei in Western Europe, Walter Ji, and discussed recent events, about how they have influenced the company and what can be expected from the second world smartphone manufacturer in the near future.

No Replacement Of Android And Future Growth Of The Smart Phone Market

Although Huawei currently has access to Google’s Android version and all associated services, the political problems dating back to May meant that the company could temporarily lose access to all this, putting the future of the entire company at risk. Smartphones, Of course, these developments have led to talk of a possible replacement of Android in the near future. Some have even suggested that the company should introduce its operating system despite having recently regained access to the Google platform. However, Huawei does not necessarily agree.

huawei and google

When asked directly about the situation, Walter Ji said that Huawei remains focused and very committed to staying in the Android ecosystem. The company has contributed a lot to Android in the last ten years and always puts the consumer experience as a priority This is why, despite the challenges we face, we are committed to the market and we are committed to improving our brand through innovation for consumers. Last year, as Mr. Ji Huawei pointed out, he invested as much as $15 billion in R&D, more than many of his closest competitors.

While the company’s main goal seems to be to guarantee the best possible user experience, at the moment there is a lot of misinformation that influences the way consumers perceive Huawei. The company has started to fight this through dedicated advertising campaigns and since then it has started to see a good trend when it comes to consumers buying devices. This trend is due in part to the loyalty shown by both customers and the media that has positively influenced the company’s image but is mainly due to the fact that people are starting to make fact-based decisions instead of rumors.

Huawei has recently admitted that it will not exceed Samsung to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. New timing for the goal was asked, Walter Ji said that Huawei is no longer trying to outperform the company in terms of numbers, but hopes to invest in significant innovation that will allow it to stay ahead of the competition.

The Advantages Of 5G And The Next Connectivity Plans

5G and Huawei

Smartphones ready for 5G are still hard to find, but technology is becoming an important focal point for smartphone manufacturers around the world. Walter Ji, of Huawei, has admitted that the company is enthusiastic about all the advantages that next-generation connectivity will bring to the smartphone sector and to the technological space as a whole because it means enormous potential for consumers and it is very important for our daily life.

Other improvements should come in the form of seamless cloud games and the ability to download apps and video streaming without buffering. However, the most important features will take some time to arrive, according to Mr. Ji. Although 5G technology is now available, it costs a lot and will take a long time before it is easily accessible to the majority of the population.

While talking about 5G, the Mate 20 X 5G currently uses the Kirin 980 paired with the Balong 5000 modem. The latter is compatible with all primary 5G technologies, unlike rival offerings, but is implemented as an extra. Huawei has not yet been able to reveal whether its next Kirin 990 flagship line will be available with 5G connectivity as standard but suggested further details could be revealed within the next few months, perhaps at IFA 2019 in September.

Walter Ji claims, At Huawei, we believe technology should be open and available to everybody. So far, we have no plans but if take into account the current scenario it’d be open to bringing products to the US market in the near future. Although Huawei recently regained access to the Android OS and a considerable amount of US technology, the company is still blocked in the country. This clearly indicates, while it can purchase equipment, it can’t sell its own products to US companies or consumers, regardless of qualities.

(Via: PhoneArena)

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