How To Know if Someone Blocked you from Sending Text Messages

Nowadays, text messages play an important part in our communication. Though with new messenger apps, their use has decreased to some extent. But still, they are the easiest way of communication. Other than this, this method is comparatively cheaper than call or mobile data. In recent times, people have started using it even for marketing purposes. This can be irritating at some times.

Not only these marketing messages but messages from the wrong numbers are also irritating. The last solution to this problem is always to block them. But have you ever thought that anyone ever blocked you as well? Especially in the conditions when they stop replying to you. If the answer is yes then you are not the only person on earth who wants to know this. We will also discuss today How to Know If Someone Blocked You from Sending Text Messages or not.

Can you tell if someone blocked you?

First of all, if you are using SMS text messages then it is not possible to find out whether someone blocked you or not. The only way to know this is that the person tells you himself. Otherwise, there is no authenticate method to find out. Though there can be some guess methods. For example, if a person has blocked you from a text you will be blocked from calling as well.

Blocked from Sending Text Messages

In these types of cases, normally on dialing a number you get a reply like “Sorry it has not been possible to connect your call”. This message changes with respect to the network. So if you are getting these types of replies from one number only and you are still able to call on other numbers then most probably you have been blocked by that person. But as we told you there is no proper method for text messages to know the answer.

Difference between Text Messaging & Chat Apps

Cell networks are never configured in such a way to report back to the sender after delivering SMS. In easy words, we can say that phone networks were never designed for any type of necessary feedback to inform the sender that his message is received by the receiver or not. While sending a text message, you write a message and send it on your phone. Hence the message is sent. The nearest receiving cell tower confirms your message and keeps the record of your sent messages for the purpose of billing. This is the only feedback system available right now in this network.

Chat apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram perform the function differently. They had a proper plan before building their network from the initial stages and ‘feedback to sender’ was one of the main features they all wanted to include. Cell networks introduced SMS texting for the first time. But chat apps or also known as third-party apps took advantage of their experience and designed their apps according to it. This is the reason why we see features like Read, Seen, Delivered, etc only in chat apps. You can use mobile data of your cell company to send messages through chat apps but this messaging is controlled by servers of a chat app.

Are You Blocked by Someone From Texting Them?

For this purpose, you have very few methods to find out. You can use third-party apps such as facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Snapchat or any other chat app which uses the mobile number. Send a message to that person on any of these platforms. If your message is delivered and still gets no reply. It means you are not blocked but they are not replying you due to any possible reason.

Other than this, you can call them. As we told previously that if you are blocked, you will get a taped answer such as “some kind of unobtainable number” depending upon your network. This is the simplest way to check that you are blocked or not. Another trick that can be used for this purpose is that dial the number from some other number. If responses of both the numbers are the same, it means you are not blocked yet. But if both numbers get a different response, especially if your number is unobtainable then most likely you are blocked.


It is getting very common that sometimes you need to block some people and sometimes you are blocked by someone due to different reasons. But we can say one thing for sure that there is no solid method to check that you are blocked or not. There are only different types of tricks available. You may get able to find out using these tricks.