iOS 12.4 Beta Jailbroken, Cydia Up And Running

By | June 11, 2019

A jailbreak for iOS 12.4 beta complete with Cydia has now been achieved on iPhone. Below you can find all the details about it.

PsychoTea is very well-known to the jailbreak community and it has seemingly become the first individual to jailbreak iOS 12.4 beta successfully and show Cydia running on the platform. The developer and hacker have announced this achievement over Twitter.

iOS 12.4 has been available as a beta for only a short period of time, all while Apple is preparing to launch iOS 13 when the time arrives.

12.4 beta

The Cupertino-based company isn’t going to be over the moon to see that someone has successfully managed to exploit and liberate iOS 12.4 to consider the vulnerability that is to be found in iOS 12.4 could exist in iOS 13 as well.

However, with that, a final public release of iOS 13 would not make it into the public domain until early in September and for that, there is still plenty of time for Apple to dig out one more time and close the vulnerabilities which made jailbreaking iOS 12.4 possible.

Similar to the processor iOS versions, iOS 12.4 was not exactly going to be bullet-proof either, but this is something good especially for those who love nothing more but to jailbreak their device and customize it as they want to.

That being said, the timing of this jailbreak tease is being questioned by some of its fans, they wonder if this would give Apple the ability to patch a similar exploit in iOS 13 version and when it arrives as a public beta in July that is if it exists. For all that, we will have to wait and see the things through the next few months how that comes out.

For the time now, that’s another progress for jailbreak, so let’s just enjoy that but keep our fingers crossed for the future details.

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